Rep. Charles Wilson: The truth of where we are headed

This commentary is by state Rep. Charles Wilson. He is a resident of Lyndon and the House member for the Caledonia-2 district.

Many apparently feel I am negative in all my writings and updates this session from the House of Representatives. I report the truth so that people will know and begin to understand how much debt we are in, and the extent to which we will be in the future due to the power of decisions made by the current supermajority. The true Vermont culture, established over many generations, is quickly disappearing, and may forever be lost.

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Rep. Charles Wilson

H.R.9 — This is a bill that reaffirms the “friendship” between Vermont, China, and (Taiwan). What? Taiwan is a unique and democratic sovereign country and is not a part of China. Indeed, Vermont is a friend of Taiwan, but I question that same relationship currently with China. This is a federal issue and should not be addressed in our state.

S.115 — Vermont has excessive fees, regulations and permits that hurt and disable small farms and businesses. The USDA also leads the way in regulations with penalties for offenses of the agricultural jurisdictions. There is now a Dairy Adjustment Insurance which farmers pay, which again is a tax!

H.270 — The cannabis tax. In the grand scheme, will this help our youth and Vermont?

H.131 — This is a beverage value added tax on alcohol to support and implement three new bureaucratic positions for Green Mountain Recreation.

S.37 — This bill is an unconstitutional provision to deter women who wish to reverse the effects of the “abortion pill” medication to save their pregnancy. Where is the personal right for a woman to choose in this? Also, there is serious talk of allowing the abortion pills to be available through vending machines on college campuses and possibly elsewhere.

And now to S.5 — the “Affordable Heat Act.” Not only is this bill going to cause great financial and personal living harm to many low-income earners and seniors, but the oversight to this monstrosity is going to be in the hands of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), who are not elected officials. This should be the responsibility of and accountable to the Legislature. This is a cauldron of Democrat/Progressive overreach and abuse of power because there has been a huge outcry of rejection. By whom? The people of Vermont! Our citizens (and fuel dealers who will become our new tax collectors) are outraged and the parties in power do not care. They have been untruthful and have ignored their oath of office not to knowingly be injurious to their citizens.

When our President in the first days of his presidency closed the Keystone pipeline and sold off our strategic fuel supplies, he in fact aligned himself with the U.N. and the Paris Accord. Our fuel companies are being blamed for the high fuel prices, but the truth is in the dependency we now have on more foreign oil.

This is all not “hate speech.” This is the truth of where we are headed. If true Vermonters do not embolden themselves and stand up to this legislative lawlessness, there is no voice of the people. More dairy farms will go under, landlords will continue to raise rents, electric rates will rise, as well as fuel, propane, car prices, car repairs, housing, land, food, property taxes, and medical and insurance rates. We will see more lawsuits against the State of Vermont, a doubled salary increase for the legislators, and of course who will pay for all this? You, Dear Citizen.

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5 thoughts on “Rep. Charles Wilson: The truth of where we are headed

  1. Charlie, you are spot on. I look forward to reading your updates. You can count on me for help. If there’s a way to stay up on what’s being voted on, I’ll get on the phone and voice m opinion to any senator or rep. I think others would too if provided a little direction on how to proceed. Keep up the great work Charlie!

  2. Who are you kidding? Without lots of money or being “rich” in the first place, we Vermonters have no chance to change anything. Why, lets see, voter fraud via machines that are rigged. Restrictions on who can enter a courthouse or town clerk and lets not forget out of state PACs handing over millions so who they choose can “win”. This is a very delusional article. We the people do not want any of this but the legislators “decide” this is best so even if illegal, immoral or unconstitutional; they don’t care. In fact they are so apathetic to what normal Vermonters want or need.

    Now look at the VTGOP and their lack of teeth and their absolute inability to collect any form of positive people for the party. It seems as though they are all just RINOs who love the free money they get for sitting in a room doing the whole rabble rabble thing to accomplish nothing. In all my comments not one of the people who say they represent us has taken up the challenge and I believe they never will.

    The challenge is simple. NAME THE PEOPLE WHO WANT THIS GARBAGE! let us know we deserve that and more. They will not, they will just get the checks for them to do their will , meaning the reps not we the people. I stand behind my opinions, my rules and suggestions and am willing to change my mind when shown some real evidence to the contrary, but not any of you . When facing opposition you all double down. Why, to get a kick back in most cases.
    Don’t get indignant, I speak what so many have to say outside of the golden dome. You are the problems with this state, not the drugs , abortion or even the environment, it is you in your attempt to virtue signal that “see, I am better than you” and you will show us what for.

    I have a policy, I do not associate with people who want to screw me or steal from me or make me some kind of slave. That is all being tried here in Vermont and you all should be ashamed.

    When even the party does not welcome new blood into the mix you can see how the wind is blowing here in Vermont. I smell the stink from up the road. Just like in 1945 Germany and I know where it comes from.

  3. This is a culmination that was years in the making. The left infiltrated our government, education system, and the media. Now they have total control and will not relinquish it for anything! Stupid republicans just sat on their hands for decades and let this all happen.

  4. Yes Charles you will sound pessimistic because the leftist commies ARE driving the VT car over the economic cliff.. and they don’t care because it’s in the name of gorebull warming hoax. There will be no optimism while we are ruled by the fascist left as they must thrust their hate on all of us.

    “and sold off our strategic fuel supplies” to add to this the reserve is now EMPTY and nary a peep from the congress critters. potato head biden has sold us out of emergency fuel to china and anyone else he could putting us at risk. He should not only be impeached but hung by the scrawny neck until dead….

  5. I just learned that it will only take one more Senate vote to sustain Phil Scott’s veto of S.5, and at that point the bill dies (and never goes to the House for an override). Who in the Senate will play the role of heroic Rep. Tom Bock this time around and save the people of Vermont?

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