Redic: ‘Let Miss Balint know how much extra you would like to pay for heat’

How much more expensive can the cost of living be in Vermont? Becca Balint wants you to pay more! She says we should “tax the hell” out of fossil fuels. That’s why she supports carbon taxes, clean heat standards and the various other penalties she believes will make Vermonters change their furnaces. I wonder if she knows how much a furnace costs?

14 thoughts on “Redic: ‘Let Miss Balint know how much extra you would like to pay for heat’

  1. if the large glossy flyers in my mailbox EVERYDAY for at least a month are any indication of who she is…….or what she is…….well Vermont is in BIG trouble as is and it’s going to get ALOT BIGGER if people do not vote for Thayer……
    “Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland”
    write this down so it will be counted…….

  2. For a million dollars she’ll do anything!

    Power and money…..that’s her motive…..

    She is the poster child for all things corrupt. Vermont has got to be the cheapest and easiest place to buy a politician. YET ANOTHER VERMONT FIRST!

  3. Ms Balint , or whatever she is , is NOT for those of us on Social Insecurity. We have to travel to drs. Appointments ang to go shopping because of the nature of the state. Fuel prices have gone out of sight. Do we eat and stay home or go to appointments and For groceries??? What will we do this winter to keep warm? Wear Parkas and gloves in the house to try keeping from freezing?? Most electricity is made with Coal or Oil. will we go to Brown outs when the Grid Crashes as people plug in their ELECTRIC cars to charge and turn up the ELECTRIC Heat to try keeping warm. Maybe its time to RETHINK Nuclear power/.

  4. It must be clear by now. Ms. Balint, bless her heart, doesn’t represent the good sense or the best interests of Vermonters. How did she ever get voted into office? Can we just send her home? Come on neighbors, lets look at the candidates before us.

  5. Balint also supports the war in Ukraine against the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk, which has led to an energy crisis that has driven up prices. And not just for fuel, but for everything, because everything depends on fuel (including making and even using all those solar panels and wind turbines and electric vehicles).

    I received a propane delivery a few days ago: almost 40% higher in price from exactly 1 year ago.

    • Transition to natural gas enabled the U.S. to lower its carbon footprint. First day in office king Joe started shutting down our supply. We were an energy exporter. We now import. Russia, the Arab states now have the global leverage we could have held. Internal combustion cars Principal fuel: gasoline. Electric vehicles principal fuel: coal.

  6. The gender challenged balint who spammed my mailbox with useless trash almost daily leading up to the selection vote should have no say in anything about Vermont
    and what it’s citizens should or should not be doing or taxed on… send her back to Michigan or whatever other crap hole she came here from… just another useless flatlander here to ruin what Vermont was in the name of Marxism…

  7. It’s all really quite shameful and pathetic.
    Life, in this day and age, could be so easy, successful, simple and good for most people actually, if not for all these people in the ever expanding government swamp destroying it all for people; as evidenced by the suicide rates and the rates of people choosing to check out on drugs and alcohol.

    Does everyone get now why some of us understand the need for smaller government- not MORE Of THIS With Larger Government.
    Why on earth do people vote for more of what is broken and dysfunctional?

  8. It is all a fraud – the largest FRAUD in human history, perpetrated by Liberals, Dems & Progressives. Nature causes almost all C02 releases and it has all been accurately measured for decades and decades. Volcanoes.. The Dems spend hundreds & hundreds of billions each year, WASTED…and well into trillions & trillions worldwide over time….FOR WHAT? Fossil Fuels don’t cause the Carbon that Ms. Balint is so fearful of!. FACTS hurt:

    ““…We’ve accurately measured and estimated the amount of carbon dioxide that humans have been adding to the atmosphere through our burning of fossil fuels, but it’s vital to know what the natural rate of CO2 emission is to understand the impact humans are having. Humans emit around 29 billion tons of CO2 each year: a little less than 1% of present atmospheric CO2. A tremendous synthesis of information took place in 2013, revealing our best value yet for the total amount of CO2 emitted from natural release events within Earth:
    • 33 measured degassing volcanoes emit a total of 60 million tons of CO2 per year.
    • There are a total of ~150 known degassing volcanoes, implying (based on the measured ones) that a total of 271 million tons of CO2 are released annually.
    • 30 historically active volcanoes are measured to emit a total of 6.4 million tons of CO2 per year.
    • With ~550 historically active volcanoes total, they extrapolate this class of object contributes 117 million tons per year.
    • The global total from volcanic lakes is 94 million tons of CO2 per year.
    • Additional emissions from tectonic, hydrothermal and inactive volcanic areas contribute an estimated 66 million tons of CO2 per year, although the total number of emitting, tectonic areas are unknown.
    • And finally, emissions from mid-ocean ridges are estimated to be 97 million tons of CO2 annually.
    • When you realize that volcanism contributes 645 million tons of CO2 per year–– compared to humanity’s 29 billion tons per year, it’s overwhelmingly clear what’s caused the carbon dioxide increase in Earth’s atmosphere since 1750.”

    • I am confused by your reply. Humans 29 Billion tons per year is much more than the volcano numbers you make it look like humans produce most of the CO2 annually. What am I missing? Is there an error is your data?

  9. Obviously no one “wants to pay more”, but the real question you should be asking is why?
    There should be a coherent explanation of EXACTLY WHY we should pay more.

    Is there some provable reason WHY?
    No one else has an answer, so exactly what do you know Ms. Balint that no one else knows?

    Come on now, be truthful, you don’t know sh*t from sh*nola.

    Me, I’m getting real tired of this crap.

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