Rand Paul says Dems are ‘sabotaging’ immigration debate with racist smears

By Nick Givas

Sen. Rand Paul accused Democrats of willfully sabotaging the debate on immigration reform through racial attacks and an unwillingness to compromise, Monday on “Fox and Friends.”

“I’ve seen the immigration debate, I’ve seen in six or seven years in Washington being sabotaged by Democrats because they are unwilling to compromise,” Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said. “If they’re not willing to compromise, they are going to sabotage it themselves. We can have disagreements based on policy but once we make it attacking the person and calling a person a racist, it kind of destroys the dialogue.”

Paul called out Democrats for always playing the “race card” and believes voters would rather hear an actual debate than see both parties trade insults.

“If Democrats only care about destroying the dialogue and care about playing the race card in the election of 2020, we’re going do this for three more years now — I think people would rather have a civil discussion, have some disagreements, have honest debates,” he said.

Paul said he received hatred on social media for defending President Donald Trump against accusations of racism and said the president had donated money for his humanitarian trip he made to Haiti in 2015.

“When I went to Haiti a few years ago I went on a medical mission trip and we did cataract surgery for 200 people who were largely blind before their surgery,” Paul said. “I asked for donations before I went on the trip. One of them was to a businessman Donald J. Trump. Who not only helped with the trip to Haiti, but helped with a previous trip we took to Central America.”

“Twitter was filled with hatred toward me, wishing me violence,” Paul continued. “I read two dozen tweets wishing me violence. I read a couple dozen more calling me a racist. It really doesn’t make the dialogue any better in our country. In fact, you know I think it makes it more likely to be violent out there if we’re talking about how we hate each other when it is in fact not really true.”

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3 thoughts on “Rand Paul says Dems are ‘sabotaging’ immigration debate with racist smears

  1. The Democrats are the party of racism historically so playing the race card is their stock and trade.

  2. I am so disgusted with these Democrats – bunch of crybabies. So many of them aren’t capable of carrying on a rational discussion, so they pull out the ‘race card’, which I don’t even pay attention to anymore.
    For the Maxine Waters and Turban Durbin types – don’t attend the State of the Union – I don’t want to throw up if I see your ugly mugs there. Go to your brain-dead support groups and keep talking about impeachment.

  3. He’s correct , the Democrooks think they have a hand to play , they don’t . The Republicans
    need to put a bill on the table and then let the Left shoot it down !!

    Then start deporting the Dreamers , maybe then they will convince the left to agree with a immigration reform ( we do need it ) . Dreamers best step up or they’ll be gone ………………………..

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