Professor: Hurricane victims ‘reaping’ their decision to elect ‘climate deniers’

By Michael Bastasch

Does University of Saint Thomas thermal sciences professor John Abraham actually believe Florida Panhandle residents deserved to get hit by a catastrophic hurricane for electing “climate deniers?”

“Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers,” reads the headline an article by Abraham, published in The Guardian Thursday. “Elections have consequences. Denying science has consequences. And we are reaping what we sow,” the subhead reads.

Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle Thursday at just below Category 5 strength. The storm rapidly intensified as it approached the Florida coast, sparking evacuations and emergency declarations. Michael is one of the strongest hurricanes to make U.S. landfall, according to experts.

Despite the lack of science to support for his case, Abraham blames Michael’s intensity on man-made global warming, leading to his subsequent claim that southern voters brought this upon themselves by voting Republicans into office.

“It is a wonder that a state like Florida, which will get pummeled by Michael, could vote for someone that denies climate change,” Abraham wrote, pointing to Florida GOP politicians like Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Abraham’s argument is that unless Republican “climate deniers” are voted out of office, more hurricanes will bring more death and destruction to the southeastern U.S., which tends to vote GOP lawmakers into office.

“Climate deniers will try to say this article is gleeful about a hurricane. It is not,” the Minnesota professor claimed. “First of all, this hurricane and all hurricanes that hit land can cause death and destruction. I pray that people heed warnings and get out of the way. I hope people stay safe, regardless of their understanding of climate change and its effect on storms.”

However, Abraham goes on to write that “elections have consequences and if we as a society want to create a better world and reduce climate change, we have to vote for people who understand science, who believe in facts.”

“Climate deniers are making these storms worse by stopping action on climate change. What the hell do we expect to happen when the deniers are writing the laws?” Abraham wrote.

The main problem with Abraham’s argument, however, is there’s little to no evidence global warming is making hurricanes more intense or frequent.

The United Nation’s latest climate report, released Sunday, found there’s little to no evidence global warming is making hurricanes more extreme or intense.

“Numerous studies towards and beyond AR5 have reported a decreasing trend in the global number of tropical cyclones and/or the globally accumulated cyclonic energy,” the IPCC’s latest report found.

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7 thoughts on “Professor: Hurricane victims ‘reaping’ their decision to elect ‘climate deniers’

  1. The only constant is change. The climate has been changing since the first 2 grains of dust came together to start forming the earth. If it were not getting warmer it would be getting colder (a far worse scenario). This is all about money, follow the money. Carbon taxes.

  2. No one denies climate change. I’m tired of this “denier” crap. “there’s little to no evidence global warming is making hurricanes more intense” AGW is an indoctrinated religious belief and, as such, is a matter of faith not only requiring no evidence but likely to persist even in the face of negative evidence. I don’t seem to recall the AGW cult blaming the dozen year record without a major hurricane on Global Warming. I guess it was too hard to proselytize on that. And the U.S. is the leader in reducing emissions – why is Abraham attacking Americans? How about the Chinese? Governor Moonbeam was going to sue Trump (after he’d been in office for four months) for the cost of “climate change” damage to California, even though California’s weather comes in from the Pacific and what the rest of the U.S. does has no effect on it.

  3. So is he in fact saying that had they voted for the ECO minded candidates Hurricane Michael would not have happened???!!!! Insane!

  4. Climate denier = heretic = not swallowing the dogmas of RE folks.

    So if a lay person is a skeptic regarding some of the garbage that gets tossed at lay people by RE folks, THEY have decided to tar and feather that person with the label Climate Denier.

    Even professors of some sort, who should be more circumspect, throw out the term with abandon.

    The world has been warming since the late 1600s, in accordance with records kept at the time. Remember, about 90% of folks were farmers. They needed to know temperatures, etc.

    Of course, since the 1870s, mankind has been multiplying like rabbits, and increasingly using fossil fuels, mostly coal, because Europe had become and the US
    being deforested as well
    And some folks said it is the fault of the CO2
    And other folks said there are too many people
    The world would be a better place with just 1 billion people, instead of 10 billion by 2050
    And pollution would be a lot less, especially if all of them were vegetarians
    There is NO solution of any kind without a lot fewer people
    The sooner folks face up to that fact the better.
    Look at Florida
    If there had been a mile wide nature preserve along the shore with no manmade items, there would have been no damage.
    Further in a high sea wall is needed with pumping stations to maintain water levels , just as the Dutch are doing in the western half of the country
    I used to live therefor 26 years

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