Pro-police, pro-life, gun-rights advocate Jim Sexton running as guv write-in candidate

An Essex Junction advocate of gun rights, pro-police rally organizer, and opponent to abortion announced Oct. 13 he is a write-in candidate for governor.

Jim Sexton, organizer of the July 25 Respect for Law Enforcement Rally on the State House lawn, realizes he hasn’t a chance of getting elected, he said on his Jim Sexton for Governor Facebook Page. But he wants to provide an option for Vermonters who – like him – see little difference between Democrat David Zuckerman and GOP Gov. Phil Scott.

While he supports many Republican candidates for the Legislature, he criticizes Scott as no better than Zuckerman.

Jim Sexton

“I have read hundreds of comments and posts about how many of you will vote for Scott again because Zuckerman is worse,” he said. “Zuckerman would surely force vaccines on you, would surely force mask mandates, would surely defund Police, hates our military and would continue to support domestic terrorist. Can’t vote for him, right?”

Yet he has this to say about Phil Scott: “Scott has spit in the face of conservative Vermonters in numerous ways. He has crippled the State with illegal and unconstitutional mandates that have caused great financial and physical harm to hundreds of thousands of Vermonters. Scott has taken away 2nd Amendment Rights. Scott has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood, ensuring your tax dollars will go to ending the lives of babies even if you think it’s wrong. He supports cities that refuse to uphold immigration law.”

Sexton, 63, has never held elective office. “The only political experience I have is from dealing with weak and corrupt politicians,” he said.

“My goal is twofold. First, to give you the option of voting for someone who would not lie to you, who has Love for our State and Country, who supports Law Enforcement and our Military, who supports Life from the moment of conception, who is sick of watching our country burn while doing nothing to protect our State and all Vermonters, who understands the Constitution is the foundation of all we need to live free.

“Second, to get you all motivated enough to make sure the many great candidates for State Senate and Representative get elected, you must vote for these people if you want anything to change. If you don’t vote for the people willing to fight for you, you have already given up.”

He can be reached via email at

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6 thoughts on “Pro-police, pro-life, gun-rights advocate Jim Sexton running as guv write-in candidate

  1. “When we let our guard down — we become complacent, we don’t mask up, we travel from different areas or go to different areas that we shouldn’t be traveling to, be gathering [in the company] of people that are unsafe — that’s when things happen,” Gov. Phil Scott

    Daddy speaks, all of us children should listen to the petty tyrant, this is but one of the many reasons Mr. Sexton is running as a write in candidate

  2. The man will win. I won’t be voting for Phil though. We didn’t need to agree on everything, but future candidates need to know that being a half hearted conservative won’t garner republican votes. It’s a matter of principle and there ought to be a point where a man like Phil will know he crossed the line. Going to do my little part to make a point with the him and the next republican candidate. Sorry.

  3. Jim, you’re a day late and a dollar short, maybe get out and promote yourself
    in the next go-round !!

    Vermont is between a rock and a hard place, and this state cannot afford a
    Zuckerman Governor.

    Better luck next time

    • I won’t tell you or anyone what to think or who to vote for. I decided to do this was because of the hundreds of people that have written in comments that they will vote for scott because zuckerman is worse.
      ***** News flash, he isn’t. And you know it. How many more times does he have to betray everything you stand for before you stand up for yourself ?
      Let me correct the line that ” he realizes he hasn’t a chance of getting elected. ”
      What I actually said was I have no expectation of winning.
      Semantics ?
      Absolutely not. It’s the realization that I have no money or time to run campaign.
      It’s the realization that so many Vermonters are angry about scott and the lack of leadership by the Republican Party in Vermont.
      There are good people that are in the legislature and this year there are many great candidates for State Senate and Representative, get educated and vote for them.
      I have proven that standing up for what I believe isn’t a slogan or a flat out lie.
      Scott has lied face to face to thousands of us, since then he cowers, steps back without signing Bills and allowed condos and the legislature to force their agenda on Vermonters.
      He will keep pushing the mask mandates because he knows when Vermonters get back to work and our normal way of life thousands will not suddenly die and it will be proven all to be lies. He will try to force an untested vaccine on you and your family.
      So, if I’m a day late and dollar short for trying, what are you for not trying ?

  4. Plan was to write in John Klar as I will *never* vote Scott evah! Hoyt did not make the Republican cut but is running as Indy. So far has run a dirty campaign including entourage of troll-like supporters doing his wet-work and based solely on attacking John Klar – so he’s out.

    Vote would be better utilized for someone who is actually running so ya have my vote fwiw.
    SEXTON2020 – Go Jim! 😀

    • In the future will only vote a conservative Indy challenge or Republican who commits to go Indy if failing to secure nom – that is presupposing placeholder and closeted Democrat Chairman Scott continues his reign of terror and ruination of our state.

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