Podcast: What’s with the left’s attempt to abolish work?

By Douglas Blair | The Daily Signal

In the midst of the so-called Great Resignation, the far left is calling for the abolishment of all work. Leftist politicians and activists call for the government to step in and create a massive welfare state to eliminate the need for Americans to work at all.

Robert Rector, The Heritage Foundation’s senior research fellow for domestic policy studies, joins the podcast to explain that work is crucial for a functioning and flourishing society. The left’s proposals to replace work with government handouts, Rector says, can have only bad consequences.

“We’re now violating that contract when you [eliminate work],” Rector says. “Those who choose to work [will] have a double obligation to support themselves and their families and the families of those who choose not to work. Society will fall apart under that, and there’s no way of stopping it.”

Listen to podcast below:

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: What’s with the left’s attempt to abolish work?

  1. Anyone that has attempted to conduct business in countries like Italy, Spain, Greece..
    The get how stupid this idea is.
    The level of frustration dealing with them is off the charts… they are so broken.
    Does anyone remember the aid being left sitting on the docks in Puerto Rico as the people died?
    THIS that is article is about is what created THAT.

    It’s sad and scary that so many people in America don’t seem to get all of this now.

  2. The less people work, the more they will rely on government programs. The more reliance, the more power. More power, more tyrannical dictators. Why do you think they decided to send out half your child tax credit to you monthly? Its a very large step toward universal basic income. I tried to unenroll from this program because i believe socialism is dangerous and because im a small business owner that uses that money at end of year to offset my self employment tax and income taxes. In order to unenroll from this program, one must upload a pic (front and back) of a valid state id, military id or passport as well as a short video for facial recognition tech to the irs website. Does anyone else see hypocrisy in this? I thought having to provide proof of identification was racist?

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