Podcast: What you need to know about contact tracing, privacy and COVID-19

By Rachel del Guidice | The Daily Signal

Contact tracing is seen as one way to fight COVID-19. But does the tracing, which would mean tracking a person who had been physically near in recent days, involve giving up too much privacy?

Klon Kitchen, a senior research fellow in technology at The Heritage Foundation, joins The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss how contact tracing works and whether it could be used to stem the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

He also discusses who would have access to the resulting information, privacy concerns, and more. Listen to the interview on the podcast.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast: What you need to know about contact tracing, privacy and COVID-19

  1. Contact tracing is only effective @ the onset of a disease to prevent it’s spread – is the best opinion have heard yet – not a coronavirus which has no cure other than holistic remedies and/or HCQ/Z-Pak regimen which the state of VT rejected including DOH head and sidekick Benedict Scott and including stenographers for the Governor and VT Democrat Party our very own Pravda aka state-run leftwing media. Blood is on their hands and any medical professional who also rejected it.

  2. I’d rather bend a bit on privacy and find out if I’d been exposed. If your dead, privacy matters little.

    • But you don’t want to “bend” on privacy. You want to subjugate every single citizen to the whims of those in government. But then you whine when it runs over your own interests. In general, you are running PR for the current administration and refuse to admit it.

    • I further challenge you to come out of your hole and deny that you work for Phil Scott, Let everyone here not that this person has never posted a comment criticizing Scott even a tiny bit.

    • No one is forcing you or anyone to leave home as clearly you don’t need to earn a living as most ppl do. Stay home wrapped in blankets so ya don’t get hurt but your steady drumbeat of submission to our greatest enemies is an insult to ppl who have lost jobs most of all service employees whose income is mostly from direct customer payments such as tipping. And those of us who recognize our life and strength as a state and nation is codified in framework of Constitution which you clearly have no respect for.

      • He actually works for the federal government and identifying himself would jeopardize his job.

  3. Sounds more like an exercise designed to get us in the habit turning in our or rounding up people we associate with!

  4. This is the biggest hoax ever attempted on the American people. There is no way you can trace respiratory infections like Covid-19, this is according to scientists and doctors. How are you going to trace when somebody walks down a NYC street, subway, party?

    Yeah they want us to be like the Chinese, submissive to an over intrusive government. This has nothing to do with disease, but complete control by those of the nwo mindset. (I use small case for nwo, because they are….small)

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