Podcast: What are our children being taught? States move toward curriculum ‘transparency’

By Douglas Blair | The Daily Signal

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed disturbing trends about how critical race theory and LGBT indoctrination were being promulgated in schools. Parents, infuriated that their kids are being brainwashed, went to school board meetings to express their discontent. Now, some educators are attempting to hide their lesson plans from parents who would take issue with them.

But there’s pushback. Many state legislators across the country are introducing bills that would require educators to be transparent about what they’re teaching kids. The director of education policy at the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, Matt Beienburg, says these bills are simply about empowering parents with respect to their children’s education.

“It’s bringing transparency. These are our public schools, and it’s to say, ‘We don’t think that the content that’s being taught to K-12 students should be materials that are taught in secret,’” he explains.

Beienburg joins the show to discuss efforts by state governments to promote curriculum transparency.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Löwenstein Center

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  1. For parents to educate their kids, does the schooling enterprise, what’s taught by whom, need to move toward an a la cart service?.

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