Podcast: The facts about gun control and homicide rates

By Katrina Trinko | The Daily Signal

Are there really fewer homicides in countries with gun control? Are other countries besides the United States dealing with mass shooting?

John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center joined The Daily Signal at the Conservative Political Action Conference to share the data about gun use the mainstream media isn’t highlighting.


We also cover these stories:

  • New Zealand looks likely to enact gun control measures in wake of the terrorist attack on two mosques.
  • Meghan McCain is furious President Donald Trump is still criticizing her father, the late Sen. John McCain.
  • Delaware’s House voted to make the state gives its Electoral College votes to the popular vote winner.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: The facts about gun control and homicide rates

  1. Right on, watched at the beginning and when she started against Trump, I watched a more informative show, Gunsmoke. She is completely delusional about her old man who has a trail of killing sailors and a history of being a hot head. Left his hospitalized wife for a cute looking younger thing. He tried to set Trump up as not to be relevant. Scum.

    With all i=the info, why is McM so ignorant? She’s riding his coat tails War hero bull!

  2. Everyone in our legislature should watch the podcast about gun control and homicide rates. It is very informative. Not that it will change any of their minds but educate them a little bit for they are voting blind and just following the agenda that has been outlined for them..

  3. Meghan McCain can be furious until hell freezes over, and it will not bother me one bit. This fly by night tootsie would be working at a McDonalds somewhere if it was not for her father. She had the audacity to be extremely critical of The President at her father’s funeral, in the eulogy to be exact. I’ve never ever seen such hatred and vitriol spewed at a funeral no less.
    So everything she is getting, she had it coming, and maybe more will be on the way.She needlessly sowed the seeds for an aftermath, an aftermath that she will not do herself or anyone in her family any good at all. If that “good”could be realized, why are not other members of her family speaking up? Time to put it to bed Meghan, and you can go there along with it.

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