Podcast: How to restore America

Are America’s best days behind it? Or is there a way to return to the values that our Founding Fathers and so many subsequent generations held? Tim Goeglein, co-author of the new book “American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation” is an optimist about the future—believing Americans can rebuild their culture from the ground up, starting in their own neighborhoods. Read the full interview, posted below, or listen on the podcast:

We also cover these stories:

  • Iran announces it has more uranium than was allowed under the Iran agreement.
  • President Donald Trump is mad at New York state, which he says is targeting him unfairly.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz calls for the Justice Department to investigate after a journalist is attacked by Antifa.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: How to restore America

  1. What is Socialism?

    It is a federal/ government dictatorship of EVERYTHING, every aspect of our human lives.

    All choices are made in the Capital Cities, by the “smartest ” people. Seldom by our elected – but by a burgeoning bureaucracy The people who claw to the top..
    For our own good, of course!

  2. Are the best days behind us?To move forward, America needs a serious wake up call to engage the silent majority and drown out the leftist idiot minority who haven’t a clue or don’t care about the sacrifices our youngest, best and brightest have made over the years to insure that all have a right to speak their mind. These folks should take down their signs and STOP complaining!

  3. Are America’s best days behind it?
    It is if we let the ” left ” control the country with all the nonsense like turning the Country
    over to Socialism with “free” everything with no personal responsibility for your actions.

    Are America’s best days behind it?
    I’m not sure, but my best days are, growing up in the Fifties & Sixties, Kids were kids and
    you had plenty of friends not like today with all social media warping their young minds, it’s
    shameful today having kids get involved in political rhetoric, gender issues and they wonder
    why suicide is so prevalent, let kids be kids. My parents ruled the roost, they had morals
    something missing today.

    Are America’s best days behind it?
    It is if we stay on the path we are on, and history always repeats its self, if people think they
    can destroy our History ” Good or Bad”, destroy our Constitution and our way of life, are they
    in for a rude awakening !!

    Are America’s best days behind it? Hell, No, we have too many patriots that have defended
    our way of life ” Freedom ” and will defend it from within. Like the old adage “Give ’em enough
    rope, and they’ll hang themselves.”…….there’re working on it ………..Liberals !!

    Happy Independents Day


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