Podcast: How the left upended our election laws in 2020

By Rob Bluey | The Daily Signal

The integrity of our elections is under assault from Democrats in Washington and left-wing forces across America. Using the pretext of COVID, a web of well-funded organizations, working with Democrat lawmakers and friendly judges, systematically changed state election laws in 2020.

Cleta Mitchell, who has spent a lifetime fighting for free and fair elections, is calling out the left’s tactics and encouraging Americans to take an active role in their local elections. Mitchell, a senior legal fellow at the Conservative Partnership Institute, leads the Election Integrity Network and hosts a podcast, “Who’s Counting?”

With high-stakes debates taking place in Washington and state capitals, Mitchell tells The Daily Signal that it’s a crucial moment to champion election integrity.

Listen to our conversation on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: How the left upended our election laws in 2020

  1. DemocRATs, work in the dead of night or change policy on the run, and it’s not
    for the better……………..

    Just like J Condo ( SOS ) stating that the ” Clearing House ” style ballot handout
    is a good and honest process………from the lips of a Dem……………..

    • Scott called Condos the “election expert”
      I have no idea why.
      In my view, he is a Dem/Prog party hack, towing the “line” at all times


        The Democrats taking over the federal government in 2020, and the out-of-control spending, has and will cause huge damage to the US, from which it will be difficult to recover

        A good example of damage is the outrageous, country-destroying, “just walk-in, anybody-from-anywhere-is-welcome” southern border, to purposely change the demographics of the US in favor of Dem/Progs

        The electricity black-out problem Texas experienced, due to a cold spell a year ago, lasting just a few days, compared to FOUR years of open borders, is like a mouse to an elephant.

        It is absolutely imperative to vote these incompetent, socialistic, communistic, un-American imposters out of office in November 2022

        We have to:

        1) Turn out EN MASSE, to offset any and all election shenanigans, perpetrated by desperate Democrats, to hold on to power, plus

        2) Enough people must turn out to witness and record, on audio/video, any and all suspicious election events, AROUND THE CLOCK; give them no breathing space.

        We have to:

        1) Ban ballot drop boxes to reduce fraud opportunities, as was done in Wisconsin. See URL

        2) Ban universal mail-in voting to reduce fraud opportunities

        3) Sanitize the registered voter lists, to eliminate counting votes of people who: 1) are dead, 2) who never existed, 3) who moved out of state, 4) who are illegal, 5) who are underage, 6) who are convicted felons, 7) who are registered, but almost never vote. Just make up a whole lot of fictitious names. and vote them as well, as was done in Arizona. See URLs


        4) Ban universal ballot harvesting by shady Dem/Prog operatives, at a cost of $10/ballot, and deposit the harvested ballots in unsupervised ballot drop boxes.

        “Elected” Democrats would be seated, before any entity could find out what happened to have a proper court case, several months later

        5) In Democrat-controlled cities “vote counting” is done primarily in Democrat-dominated vote-counting centers, staffed by “trusted” Democrat operatives.

        6) Require official voter photo ID, and unique voter number ID, such as driver license, social security number, etc.

        7) All “vote counting centers” must be staffed with an equal number of Republican and Democrat vote counters and observers.

        These are the most egregious election system flaws, that enabled the Democrats to get “elected” in 2020, and likely in prior elections as well.

        This THIRD WORLD sordidness of US elections has to end, before it will totally ruin democracy in the US

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