John Klar: Vermont Gov. Phil Scott calls his own party ‘racist’

By John Klar

Gov. Phil Scott recently attacked Vermont GOP leadership for “continu[ing] with what I perceive as white supremacy dominating, racial inequity, and so forth.” That leadership’s sole offense? Refusing to endorse the governor’s call for the president’s resignation. This impugns all Vermont Trump supporters as white supremacists.

Scott, a nominal conservative, habitually grandstands against Donald Trump. He was the first GOP governor to support the Ukraine impeachment inquiry, endorsed Bill Weld, and voted for Biden. He was “first” (ahead of Sanders and Leahy) in the current push to oust the president:

In a stunning statement issued shortly before 6 p.m. that day, Gov. Phil Scott called for his fellow Republican to leave the White House immediately — or be dragged out of it…. “Make no mistake, the president of the United States is responsible for this event,” Scott said. “The fabric of our democracy and the principles of our republic are under attack by the president. Enough is enough.”

Next day, “Flip-Flop Philgallingly proclaimed: “The challenges we face demand the very best of all of us, that we rise above the partisanship and division, the pettiness and political games, to commit to the tough work ahead, to get through this crisis safer and stronger, and to do it together.”

Vermont’s Legislators enthusiastically seized Scott’s cue, producing J.R.H.1 calling for the president to resign or to be removed from office.

Vermont GOP Party Chair Deb Billado condemned the D.C. violence as “wrong, immoral and against the fundamental principles that we hold dear.” This wasn’t enough for Phil Scott.

On Jan. 8, GOP senator Joe Benning published a scathing condemnation of Trump’s followers:

Today I saw a picture of a busload of Vermonters on their way to Washington, D.C. They were Donald Trump supporters who remain convinced his election was stolen. I want to believe that all of them on that bus were heading down for a peaceful protest… I have to wonder whether anyone in that group got duped into joining the assault of that beautiful and historic building…. These thugs were Republicans devoted completely to Donald Trump. They are not “Patriots.” They are not “real Americans.” They are anarchists who believe in mob rule, plain and simple.

Benning declared he “can no longer tolerate extremists posing as Republicans,” and joined with other Vermont GOP to demand that Deb Billado and the Party leadership must sign the Legislative Resolution or resign.

GOP representative Scott Beck complained that the GOP statement failed to accuse Trump of direct responsibility or call on him to resign.

These elected officials share a “guilt-by-association” methodology: Trump is presumed guilty; all his followers are dehumanized using the actions of the few; hesitation to affirm this barbaric indictment is vilified.  Where does this cannibalistic spiral lead?

Gov. Scott called for President Trump to be “dragged out of the White House” on Jan. 6th, declaimed the pettiness of political games on Jan. 7th, called for the resignation of GOP leadership on Jan. 8th, then charged that white supremacy dominates the Vermont GOP on Jan. 15th.

Could this be the same governor who criticized Deb Billado for questioning Robert Mueller’s investigation?

“Activating the base with this type of rhetoric probably isn’t new, it’s being used by both parties in many respects, but I think it’s unfortunate,” Scott said. “We see this political divide, polarization going on throughout our country and all the rhetoric that goes along with it, I don’t think it’s healthy.”

To recklessly declare white supremacy dominates the Vermont GOP is the “type of [unhealthy] rhetoric” that gets innocent people killed.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. This commentary originally appeared at American Thinker.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont/Facebook

54 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont Gov. Phil Scott calls his own party ‘racist’

  1. Wonderful commentary Mr.Klar – thank you for sharply contrasting the Trump-hating Democrat wing of the VT Republican Party with those of us who refuse to follow a pernicious path to the ruination of the party to satisfy those who should leave the party entirely.

    Personally past-tired of routine criticism of Deb Billado and demonization by declaring her as “part of the problem” re Rinos of the party including Rino witchhunt and demands she remove Republicans who fail to conform to party ideals.

    Personally not a fan however removing party members is not a real option and only serves as a finger-pointing selfrighteouly silly blame game at the expense of the integrity of Chairwoman Deb Billadom

    Ms. Billado has stood firmly for Trump and the faith of suporters as well as constant barrage of attacks ambushed on all sides. Shame on the bullies who continually attack Deb and the great job she has done which continues.

    She alone is not ‘the party’ the party is people. How about helping Deb and rest of party out by contacting County and local party heads, joining the party to increase membership of those who are Patriots. Small recurring donations can be made and there are items which can be purchased to spread the word. Pls stop complaining about the party if unwilling to offer even the smallest level of support.

  2. Mr. Benning: Thank you for clarifying your appreciation for those Vermonters, in fact the vast majority of Trump supporters, who traveled to DC for the January 6th rally. Everyone agrees that the small percentage of people attending, regardless of their political affiliation, those who ‘actually invaded the Capitol’, were the only ‘thugs’ to which you were referring.

    On the other hand, while I, in your words, “want to believe” your “scathing condemnation” wasn’t about all Trump supporters, I couldn’t be certain given the comparative absence of your “scathing condemnation” concerning the myriad, and far more violent and destructive, BLM and Antifa riots that took place over the summer. You know. The ‘thugs’ that ‘actually invaded’ Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis, where billions of dollars in damages resulted and an estimated 30 people died after supposedly “peaceful” protests.

    In this regard, I can’t fault Mr. Klar for assuming that, while you “… want to believe that all of them on that bus were heading down for a peaceful protest…”, that you, implicitly, until today at least, believed otherwise.

    Again, it is a ‘HUGE’ difference. So, thank you, again, for clarifying your support for all of those Republicans on the Trump bus, including the vast majority of Trump supporters who attended the January 6 rally.

  3. John Klar,

    There needs to be some balance when covering issues.
    I do not condone any violence by both sides.
    It leads to nothing, but divisive witch hunts.

    It is sad both sides know, it is much better to discuss pros and cons of issues, compromise, and move on.
    However, both sides prefer slash and burn tactics.

    When BLM and ANTIFA people were violently rioting, and looting, and burning, and killing in Portland, Oregon, and other Dem/Prog-controlled cities, even trying to burn down beautiful, historic Court buildings, and Police buildings, it was not widely condoned by Dem/Progs, because these people “had grievances”.

    Pelosi and Schumer, with masks, even “took a knee”.

    Several $ billions of damage and a large number of violent deaths were the result.

    There were about 100,000 aggrieved Trump supporters in DC, but less than 1% arrived at the Capitol (it was about a one-hour walk from where Trump delivered a speech), and even fewer actually participated in entering the Capitol.

    On one video, several of them were ANTIFA infiltrators, who were gleeful regarding the violent activities at the Capitol. Some, well-known to the police, were arrested, charged and released.

    On one video, at least 100 entered, unhindered and peacefully, some with flags, through a back door, which was opened by sympathetic Capitol Police, who guided them upstairs into the Rotunda.

    On one video, most could be seen gawking at the splendor.

  4. I grew up in Vermont. My father knew George Aiken for decades and helped both Robert Stafford and Governor Snelling get elected Governor. Dad worked on the Presidential campaign for Senator Robert Taft back in 1952, and despite being a disabled veteran from WWII was asked to run for Governor by BOTH parties back in the 1960’s when people could actually discuss ideas politely and disagree without calling people ugly names. Vermonters should recall Governor Scott just like they are trying to do in California with Governor Newsome. It’s not that hard. We, the people, have to stand up and make our voices heard loud and strong and persistently. Get a petition started, find ou thet numbers needed to succeed at a recall and move ahead forthwith. ANYONE would be better for Vermont. I’ll be glad to help organize the effort. Just contact me. Sometimes restoring and keeping freedom has to start in the small states with patriots like Vermonters. They did that during the American Revolution, and It’s time to do it again. Start now by recalling Governor Scott.!

  5. Contact your local RNP if you want to take action and have him removed from the party.

    Here are the County Chairmen and women and their emails ;
    Addison – Thomas Hughes.
    Bennington – Carol Dupont.
    Caledonia – Rick Cochran.
    Chittenden – Janet Metz.
    Franklin – James Gregoire.
    Lamoille – Ken Hoeppner.
    Orange – Carol Frenier.
    Orleans – Chet Greenwood.
    Rutland – Terry Burke.
    Washington – Rob LeClair.
    Windham – Rick Morton.
    Windsor – Richard Parry.
    *** Chet Greenwood is the committee Chairman
    at this time neither Essex or Grand Isle Counties have a Chair person. ***
    Step up, make your voice count. Right now.

    • Thanks Mr. Bombadier for posting useful info and pointing the way to the true path of removing Democrat infiltrators to the GOP who have gamed the system to stay in power and are destroying the party mission from within. Hopefully this will result in true conservatives and patriots to join the party and get involved.

  6. If Scott had put more effort into promoting fellow Republican candidates, in promoting Trump, we would have a better chance of avoiding the chaos he now decries. On second thought, the Democrats have kept it up for a year and their noted political leaders have been promoting its continuation – some that it should intensify – and the Progressives are even finding themselves under assault by their own Sturmabteilung. I doubt Trump made much of a ripple with his “Peacefully gather to demonstrate” call.

  7. Hi,

    I made a comment which described, in chronological detail, a major fraud that involved many more Pennsylvania ballots, than the Biden/Trump gap.

    Please be so kind to post that comment.

    Later, I added a second part to that comment, which also has not been posted.

    It would be educational for people, because it has videos and a copy of the
    FBI interview of the USPS driver.

  8. Oh come on John. You know very well my “scathing condemnation” wasn’t about all Trump supporters. Your reading comprehension is perfectly sufficient to know I was referring to those who actually invaded the Capital. There’s a HUGE difference. And you know it.

    So why the spin?

    • It sure feels like you, Sen Benning and the media are portraying all Pres. Trump supporters with the same brush, GUILTY. We have had to endure 4 years of nonstop hate for Pres. Trump. I don’t care who Gov. Scott voted for President. His vote was no more valuable than my vote. It was not the Trump supporters that voiced all the hate. All the Trump supporters I know would not participate in violence and all have condemned what happened at the Capital. The hate will continue but it wont be the Trump supporters. The media is predicting the demise of the Republican Party. Conservatives are being silenced. Doesn’t that concern you?

    • So Senator Benning….why vote the way you did? Honestly you might want to consider the Democratic party, it seems to be a better fit.

      Seems that perhaps 225 of the invaders may be from Antifa, oh, we’re supposed to believe they are present just to observe? Yet they were burning and looting across Europe for decades and across the United States all year?

      Might you have waited until some facts came in?

      I have no idea why they allow you in the party. You would make a great Democratic representative.

    • Mr. Benning: Thank you for clarifying your appreciation for those Vermonters, in fact the vast majority of Trump supporters, who traveled to DC for the January 6th rally. Everyone agrees that the small percentage of people attending, regardless of their political affiliation, those who ‘actually invaded the Capitol’, were the only ‘thugs’ to which you were referring.

      On the other hand, while I, in your words, “want to believe” your “scathing condemnation” wasn’t about all Trump supporters, I couldn’t be certain given the comparative absence of your “scathing condemnation” concerning the myriad, and far more violent and destructive, BLM and Antifa riots that took place over the summer. You know. The ‘thugs’ that ‘actually invaded’ Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis, where billions of dollars in damages resulted and an estimated 30 people died after supposedly “peaceful” protests.

      In this regard, I can’t fault Mr. Klar for assuming that, while you “… want to believe that all of them on that bus were heading down for a peaceful protest…”, that you, implicitly, until today at least, believed otherwise.

      Again, it is a ‘HUGE’ difference. So, thank you, again, for clarifying your support for all of those Republicans on the Trump bus, including the vast majority of Trump supporters who attended the January 6 rally.

    • Dear Sen. I posted a comment requesting your comment relative to whom you blame. My comment is relative to others that also asked of your position. There’s no spin. You should let what you write sit a bit, readdress and correctly modify what you really think as you state. We’re not illiterate individuals. Why did it take 2 comments to clarify? We can’t second guess you as to what you “might” mean. So you got the reactions you did. Simple.

    • There is no taking this back Senator. Have forever cemented self as hater of Trump supporters demonizing us forever.

      Comments are in fact beyond scathing and astonishingly hyperbolic. Pants on fire much Senator…pure unadulterate bs sir…ya joined your voice to the blaming of Trump supporters for the ‘riot’…which turned out to be Marxist Democrat Party terrorist wing AntifaBLM aided and abetted by Capitol Police.

      Tho guiding *some* of the legitimate protesters *away* from lawmakers letting them in added to the confusion by giving appearance that it was ok and allowed to breach House floor…complete with Horned creature sitting in Nasty Nancys seat surrounded by MAGA-clad imposters?

      Allowing communists free-reign in the capitol…AntifaBLM rendering US seat of power a Three Ring Circus…shame!

      Soo…City and Capitol Police were unable to protect the most powerful city in the world…too funny. Was planned in advance – sad part is you knew and jumped on TDS bandwagon before the truth came out. Disgraceful!

  9. Here’s my post from the other day. You’re all on to it! Good comments.
    Litmus Test?
    If the “Never T rump” crowd has their way. membership in the “new” VT GOP will require a sharp pivot left, as has become painfully obvious with adoption of our Legislators’ ridiculous resolution. Shame on all RINO officials who took GOP money to get elected, only to now betray the core values and principles that inform our preferred way of life. Despite Trump’s many good works – e.g., border security, roaring economy, improved trade treaties, lowered taxes, reduced tensions in the Middle East. winding down war in Afghanistan and MAGA, etc. – the rabid left has opposed his every move. Is President Trump perfect? Of course not! Are any of us? But now that he is denied a second term via a very suspect “election,” why pile-on with condemnation and scorn just when he’s on his way out? For whose benefit? been around since FDR and have observed many presidents come and go. History will be the judge of how well he did, but I wager Trump has been better than most! I can’t say the same for Phil Scott!

  10. “Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?”
    ― Thomas Sowell

  11. Shame on Phil Scott, and shame on all the other quisling Republican representatives and senators that don’t have the courage to face down the socialist left. Prideful and sanctimonious, they are a most disgusting lot.

  12. If Scott changed party affiliation today, it would surprise no one. It might bring cheers from both D’s and R’s to finally align himself with his party’s views. He has drunk enough of the Kool-Aid in his “Coronavirus” bubble to render himself void of the ideals he once expoused. The swamp engulfed him- if he wasn’t part of it before. I’m not sure. I certainly have not heard him speak of the current fortification of DC, nor any comment about the lack of “armed protests” last weekend. What is occurring now- in DC and Montpelier should alarm every Vermont citizen. That the Vermont GOP is a white supremacist racist group? No, Phil. They are not, even as you change the definitions.

    • “If Scott changed party affiliation today”

      Sadly Frank,, he wouldn’t be changing to a moderate Democrat but to a full
      blown leftist progressive. His spew is in line with the swamp running DC and our state governments. President Trump was the only leader in my life time who detested and fought the swamp and all it’s inhabitants every day. I doubt we’ll see another like him. I thank you Pres Trump for all you did for ALL Americans regardless of party or thought. I detest you Scott for being a sell out in the image of Jumping Jimminy Jeffords..another squirrel RINO.

  13. if only Frank Cutler was still alive…he stood at State Republican convention several years ago now when James Jeffords was about to speak and shook his fist and declared,” You’re not a Republican, you’re a Democrat if I’ve ever seen one!!!” He sat down and everyone applauded!!!

  14. By Scott’s not very well thought through logic, all 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump are racist.

    Let’s face it, Phil isn’t ever going to be bringing the potato salad to the annual Mensa picnic and would make a far better shop teacher than governor. But like it or not, Vermonters are stuck with him and sadly we will continue to suffer as a result.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go contemplate my vote for DJT, while burning a cross on my neighbors lawn.

    • VERMONTERS may be stuck, but the VTGOP doesn’t have to be. Would I vote for him over Zuckerman, sure. We would all do that if he was a democrat too.

      People need to get out of Vermont every once in awhile, because we are in a protected bubble for propaganda and Marxist/socialist ideas he thinks it’s safe to say utter garbage like this.

      We need to have civics classes come back in our state too, I thimk the Governor skipped his classes in school.

    • Very true. Hoping for a brave Indie or conservative Patriot to take him on as the party ousting him is fanciful and unrealistic. Outstanding comment Ms. Franklin – nice to see independent thought voices – a bit different than the usual humdrummery of same-old boring baloney sandwiches – different day. 😀

  15. John Klar writes “To recklessly declare white supremacy dominates the Vermont GOP is the “type of [unhealthy] rhetoric” that gets innocent people killed.”

    This comment deserves a closer look at the use of the terms “White Supremacy” and “Systemic Racism” as the issue goes well beyond the Vermont GOP. These terms are too easily and sometimes dangerously tossed around alarming both people of color (POC) and white people while accomplishing nothing but increasing anger among all. These terms are too frequently hurled based on emotion as opposed to documented and qualified statistics.

    If these terms are to be used by our leaders or others, their words must include an exact definition of what the terms mean, identify where they exist and describe how wide spread and serious the problem is……..All of this backed up by objectively documented proof.

    Whether on television, the internet or words coming directly out of politicians and others mouths, we seldom hear what the actual problem is, only that it exists in some form of a poisonous and deliberately constructed pathology. This is a serious problem in this country that needs attention if the problems, real or imagined are to be ever remedied.

    On September 1, 2020, the Vermont Racial Equity Task Force submitted a report to Governor Scott outlining issues of racial inequity. The report covered a myriad of issues ranging from the impact of Covid-19, transportation, school disciplinary issues, incarceration rates, traffic stops, language problems, access to technology, housing, workplace, technology infrastructure.

    Some or all of these issues raised in the report do impact POC…….Many of these issues also impact white people and in perhaps far greater numbers simply because there are far more white people in Vermont.

    My take away from the Racial Equity Task Force Report, which has to be the States’ official position on racism, is that the primarily issues identified reflect economic as opposed to racial issues. For the most part the issues impact both races especially those at the lower end of the economic ladder.

    At a minimum, the Vermont Racial Equity Task Force Report should be a loud message to politicians and others to ease up on using incendiary terms such as “System Racism” and “White Supremacy” when describing Vermont.

    Take a look at the Task Forces’ report and decide for yourself.

    • Agreed.

      ‘Many of the greatest horrors in the history of humanity owe their occurrence solely to the establishment and social enforcement of a false reality.’

      In a ‘collective’ environment, it’s always the ‘collective’ responsibility (the other guy’s fault). Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear Scott, for once, say that he failed to lead his party to redemption and explain the details of that failure in order that we can all learn from his mistake?

      As are most people who want to be politicians in order to save us from ourselves, Scott exposes himself as a pretender when he too plays the ‘race card’. On this day, of all days, I strive to set the example to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

      Apparently, given Scott’s ‘pseudo reality’, I too have failed and will, rightly, suffer the consequences, such as they are. Hopefully, there is a lesson in that for all of us.

    • Who has more opportunities?

      A young white male born in a Vermont town of 500 in say North East Kingdom?
      A young POC born in an inner city within walking distance/bus/subway of the richest, smartest in the world?

      As I’m writing this….I’m thinking well neither really. But certainly more worldly things for the you POC, perhaps they do have it worse.

      No, perhaps the most, best advantage is for the child to be born in a loving family that is centered around the foundational truths of Western Society.

      Yeah, I guess that would be the best advantage any child could ever hope for. It doesn’t have anything to do with color, it does have to do with character as Rev. King spoke about, and it does have to do with what he got his Doctorate about. They love to call him Dr. King….he had a doctorate in Systemic Theology….

      I guess that would a great way to celebrate this holiday too. TGBTG…..

      • MLK leap-frogged the 9th and 12th grades of high school, and because of his high college entrance exam scores his junior year entered Morehouse College in 1944 at the age of 15, without ever graduating from high school. He graduated from Morehouse with a degree in Sociology in 1948.

        As 1 of only 11 black students, MLK then earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Crozer Theological Seminary (now the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School) in 1951, while also studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

        MLK began doctoral studies in Systematic Theology at Boston University in September of 1951 while also studying at Harvard University. He was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in 1955.

        Think about it. Three college degrees from reputable institutions before the concept of ‘affirmative action’ was a glint in the eyes of JFK… and all by the ripe old age of 26.

        Yes, they loved to call him Dr. King because he earned the title.

        • Appreciate all these comments about Martin Luther King Jr. The quote of his I like the best is: ” I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

        • Great information Jay. Wasn’t trying to imply he be denied the Dr. title, my point was that they avoid talking about what his doctorate was in. The part about him being a man of God seems to be left out frequently.

          Great fill in as usual.

  16. I can’t believe that no one saw this coming.

    Who was pushing for Phil Scott to become governor?

    We have been blinded in the state of vermont backing people who claim to know what the hell they are doing when in reality they don’t

    Many warnings were given but nobody wanted to listen.

    Well here we are again stuck with a governor that voted for Joe Biden and selling out vermonters.

    We supposedly had a bunch of candidates that represented the republican party…

    Obviously wrong about that too.

    We need to get some real conservatives to run for office in the state of vermont and clean out every one of these people that voted to oust our great president Donald Trump.

    And let’s not forget that some that are complaining didn’t pay attention to those that admitted they didn’t support our great president.

    Time for vermonters to wake up.

  17. History will show that Joe Benning [and more so Phil Scott] will go down as among the greatest “Useful Idiots” for Vermont’s socialist movement.

    • Seth,
      No, no, Bernie Sanders is the imported “Buffoon.”
      Phil Scott is the home grown “Useful Idiot.”

  18. Brian, CHenry, J.McCandles, Neil I agree with all of you. For that low life Flip flop so-called gov Scott calling us ” white supremacy dominating, racial inequity, and so forth.” Well, I got something to call him but I won’t say it on here. but I will say to him don’t expect to win the next race because I will do everything in my power to show everyone who kind of an idiot you are.
    For him to say that Pres Trump is responsible for the attack on the capital. Where was big mouth traitor when the rioters burn and destroy DC when President Trump became President. Did anyone hear Scotty boy say anything then.. Nope not at all, he called them peaceful protesters.. The destruction of buildings and statutes, burning of buildings, shooting the police, attacking citizens for wanting to protect their businesses. . RINO Scott kept his big mouth shut..he just doesn’t want the left to get mad at him.. the coward.
    Mr Scott, ( I refuse to call you Governor) I honestly believe you need to put a D after your name because you are a member of the swamp. You’re making a complete fool of yourself. and that goes for Benning too.. You are a disgrace to Vermont.
    I’m a true Republican and proud of it. I come from 7 generations of Republicans in my family. I hope Scott you are reading this and understand what true Vermonters think of you.

  19. Gov Phil Scott said “to commit to the tough work ahead” Your track record shows that you are not up to the tasks ahead. ie Gun laws, environmental boondoggles, taxes, poor school results…

    We are entertaining changing our affiliation to Not Democrat/Not Republican… Maybe Greg Gutfeld new party!

    John Klar please keep publishing here, because we can comment here – CAN”T DO THAT ON AMERICAN THINKER anymore since it was emasculated

  20. To Joe Benning,

    I’m pleased to report that I helped pay for three Vermont Patriots to make that bus trip to DC.

    It would appear that YOU, and not Vermont GOP leadership, need to leave the party. Please take the rest of your fair weather, spineless friends with you.

    I find it quite telling that you have been completely absent while real conservatives are being threatened, silenced, fired and more for supporting President Trump.

    You should spend the next couple of days reading our Constitution before you spout off again.

  21. When we were faced with choosing between Comrade Scott and the dope addled hippy with the ponytail, Scott scored .001% higher. Now it’s apparent that Scott has turned into a kisser of the leftie’s arses and isn’t qualified to carry Donald Trump’s water. Scott showed what a horse’s ass he is when he declared that he and TJ Donovan were the only two white guys in Vermont who weren’t irredeemable racists. He needs to resign immediately, if not sooner.

  22. I think we can safely say his name is no longer flip flop Phil, he’s pretty consistent now.

    So if the VT GOP has more NWO pimps than people who love America and want to defend our constitution, how are they ever going to get anything done?

    So Trump, he’s working in Washington D.C. Let’s say for conversation sake, it’s 50% Dems and 50% Repubs……or so they tell us. So the RNC tells us. The people voting roughly 50-50….(for conversation sake)

    Yet in Washington DC, 96% of everyone voted for …..JOE BIDEN.

    See we’ve been conned into thinking the RNC is any different than the DNC….and this shows clearly that the establishment is really the uniparty, the NWO pimps, doing the bidding of Lobbyists, PAC’s, moneyed people, other countries for God sake!

    Can you see why it was so hard to change? He is still trying to find out who is on the side of America, the numbers are really slim.

    So is true in Vermont. The socialists for the most part have taken over the Vermont Democratic party and people unknowing, perhaps a majority go along with it in the VTGOP…..course leadership, part of it fosters this…

    To be …melodramatic….

    If the tent is so big, you become overrun with say…communists, how can you be a party that is for America? How to you expect to get any support? How do you expect to get anything done, they are totally undermining everything you do?

    If you have three or four kids yelling and screaming, playing music so loud on the bus nobody can hear, when are you going to stop and let them out? When is the coach gonna wake up? The parents support the bus driver.

    It’s time to stop the bus and let the trouble makers off.

  23. I voted for Scott again for he was the less of two evils but he will never get my vote again. His actions have shown that he is not a republican and a disgrace to the party. He should just declare himself a socialist by his actions. He should be removed from office.

    • Just remove him from the party. It sends a signal, he can no longer hide and be the perfect foil for all the other trouble makers.

    • Yes he should be removed and could be if there weren’t so many in the party who are no different and in fact supporters. On the realistic side we need someone to take him on and primary him out of office. Biggest problem in VT is that Dems can vote in Republican primary and has Dem vs GOP support 2:1. Unsure of the rules however it likely takes a vote – if so – I do not see the party voting him out.

  24. Agreed Neil. No more Turncoat.

    After what he did in his first term it was very hard for me to vote for him again. Amazingly enough Zuchermann was even worse.

  25. So I have been a Republican my entire life, and because I supported our current
    President our Republican Governor now considers me a ‘racist’ …… time for him
    to go what an appalling statement.

    I hope the Vermont GOP has a candidate lined up for the next election as I will never
    vote for Scott again…………… what a spineless buffoon, he’s definitely not a leader !!

    Vermont GOP, we are going to vote out any RINO, no matter what office they hold
    that includes the GOV.

  26. Not surprising,par for the course as ole Benedict Scott besides being a worthless liar,is in No way a conservative,hell he may just a well join the rest of the merry band of Marxist’s in Montpelier.

  27. You wanna know what is worse than this?


    They let him and others remain in the party. If you don’t have the back bone to say, “Hey, we’ve had a good ride, but we’re thinking it’s time to part. Perhaps the Democratic party is more to your mind set. It’s been good, but you are no longer recognized as a Republican.”

    If you don’t have courage to say that, perhaps the same could be said to Benning and his sensless rant.

    Choose now, or say good by to the Republican party because they want it to be a collection of NWO pimps…..rinos……lackies of the New World Order…..just like Bushie senior.

    It’s time for a bit of house cleaning folks. Party can’t survive when it’s dominated and overgrown, overthrown with rinos and pimpls.

    There are 112,704 people who will stand behind the brave 17. You will grow. You will get money.

    Nobody likes supporting pimps.

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