Peter Welch joins Texas lawmaker to vent about GOP election integrity bills

Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., joined Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, in a web event Wednesday to discuss what the two congressmen described as overly restrictive election reforms across the country.

In Texas, GOP lawmakers are advancing an election reform bill that would put an end to 24-hour polling locations, ban ballot drop boxes, and ensure that poll watchers from each party have a clear view of all election processes.

Castro sees such proposals as an attempt to “point-shave” elections.

“In a place like Texas, they are no longer trying to win elections by governing well or proposing new ideas,” he said. “A big part of their strategy is to win elections by point-shaving, by making it harder for the people who ordinarily vote against them to actually cast a ballot and vote against them.”

Welch was bewildered that so many Republicans nationwide do not accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Bruce Parker/TNR

FEDERAL CONTROL OF ELECTIONS: U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., has again gone on the record saying he opposes state election security measures that could limit some voters’ ability to vote.

“The majority of them have taken the pledge, basically, that an article of faith for re-election is that the election was stolen from President Trump,” he said. “I’ve seen, I think according to the 700 or so Republicans who have announced their candidacies for Congress, well over 60 percent have made it a major issue that the election was rigged.”

Castro shared his surprise that people are upset.

“It’s something like 55 percent of Trump voters believe that this insurrection that happened on January 6 was justified. Basically, they thought it was a fair thing, which is amazing to think about,” he said.

Both politicians endorse the For the People Act, or H.R.1, which would put into federal law much the opposite of what the Republican election reform bills propose. H.R. 1 would expand vote-by-mail systems and the use of drop-boxes, as well as implement other policies that would make it easier to vote. Critics say the bill would severely weaken election security.

Castro said H.R.1. is important because it could help control efforts by individual states to put forth their own election policies.

“That’s why passing this federal legislation is so important. It would require some of those proposals to be run by the federal government,” he said.

Texas currently requires voter ID, while Vermont is one of several states in the nation that does not. Democrats argue that requiring an ID makes it harder for minorities to vote. Blacks and other minorities, Democrats say, lack the ability to obtain an ID.

According to a recent survey by the Honest Elections Project, a strong majority of Americans — 73 percent — want voter ID implemented. That number includes 92 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of independents, and 63 percent of Democrats.

Welch was also very surprised that some GOP proposals aim to let people from each party watch the counts and monitor how ballots are managed.

“They would be looking over your shoulder almost when you are voting,” he said. “It could be some real intimidation.”

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14 thoughts on “Peter Welch joins Texas lawmaker to vent about GOP election integrity bills


    Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita told Breitbart News on Friday that H.R. 1, if enacted as law, would:

    1) Prohibit voter ID laws nationwide
    2) Automatically send ballots to all persons on poorly maintained registered voter lists

    NOTE: Vermont has no ID requirements and universal mail-out of ballots, and makes minimal efforts to remove 1) dead people and 2) moved-out-of-state people, from registered voter lists

    H.R. 1 basically codifies everything that was irregular or outright wrong, and let stand all the opportunities for fraud perpetrated during the Election of 2020, and makes it the law of the land. It takes out the balance between integrity and accountability and access to polling places, Rokita said in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

    Rokita explained, H.R. 1 makes photo ID illegal in the United States. Meanwhile, it allows mails-out live ballots to everyone on the voting list, dead or alive, moved away or not.

    It would make it much more difficult for states to remove dead people, and people who moved away off of voting rolls.”

    Rokita noted that H.R. 1, aka, For the People Act, would nationalize and legalize ballot harvesting, and would extend voting deadlines for ten days after an election.

    H.R. 1 says you can still turn in that mailed-out ballot, or your ballot harvester can, i.e., the third party, such as VPIRG volunteers, going around various places, such as nursing homes, collecting them — up to ten days after the election.

    So, if you have a close election, you can have harvesters out there collecting more ballots, and they would have time to manufacture them as well. If turned in before the 10-day deadline, Dem/Prog-controlled counting centers would gladly accept these ballots.

    Rokita stated,

    There’s no sane Third-World country that engages in such shenanigans.
    Everywhere you go in the world, a photo ID is required to vote, and the vast majority votes in-person.
    That’s how you can maintain “one-person-one-vote”, because the person, with ID, actually appears before you.
    We’ve had reasonable exceptions in this country, such as: 1) being an invalid, i.e., you cannot travel to a polling place, 2) you planned to be outside the jurisdiction on the election day; you have to attest to that fact to obtain an absentee ballot, 4) military service personnel

    Rokita stated:

    Mail-in balloting is where the most fraud occurs, and Pelosi has thrown out the thin guard rails.
    He highlighted the US Constitution’s decentralized framework for national elections.

    Rokita remarked, the one thing that you can count on, and why our US Constitution is so brilliant, is that it preserves that one-person-one-vote, at least to the states, the idea that the 52 states determine the time, manner, and place of an election, not the federal government,”

    Rokita concluded, “If the people do not think and do not have reasonable confidence, backed by facts and observation, that they still are in power, that they have the power, through the electoral processm to put in place who they want, then this country is lost.

    Rokita joined 19 state attorneys general in a letter to congressional leaders laying out “constitutional vulnerabilities” within H.R. 1.

  2. What an embarrassment, trying to be relevant. Time to step up and earn the honor bestowed upon him, serving the people, not Pelosi and Schumer. Why assume minorities are too stupid to get an ID? We need to be an advocate for our children. We need to stand up for our country and get new blood in DC.

  3. — Exclusive —
    An Intel Committee Congressman Who Pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax Is Invested In Chinese Communist Party-Led Companies
    “The eight-term Member of the House of Representatives is a member of the Permanent Sub Committee on Intelligence, and the Committee on Energy and Commerce. He also sits on the Defense Intelligence and Warfighter Support subcommittee.

    Despite holding these critical national security positions, Rep. Welch (D-VT) has purchased shares in companies owned by America’s most dangerous adversary: the Chinese Communist Party.”
    July 13, 2021 · Natalie Winters

  4. Wake up Vermont, the “Three Stooges ” we have representing us in DC are only interested
    in their own well-being, rhetoric is all they have, listen to them and learn……pretty pathetic.

    Just look a the condition the state is in Hgh Taxes, Failing Infrastructure and no relief in sight
    except for foolish liberal nonsense

  5. Peter took a page from Nancy Pelosi’s manifesto on how to make millions on the measly Congressional salary. She gave him the know how and off he went to purchase CCP backed business stocks. Well done Peter – you are in the club and making big money for selling out your constituents to the Marxist Communist, Muslim Brotherhood hybrid Uniparty. Congrats on your windfall and locking up the dead vote for your party of heathens.

  6. In Texas, GOP lawmakers are advancing an election reform bill that would:

    Put an end to 24-hour polling locations,
    Ban ballot drop boxes.
    Ensure that poll watchers FROM EACH PARTY have a clear view of all election processes.

    These are very smart measures to minimize fraud, and other shenanigans, such as, in Georgia, running THE SAME MAIL-IN BALLOTS through the counting machines 3 to 5 times, after observers left, because they were told about a non-existing break of a water main.
    All was shown on surveillance videos, unbeknownst to the hand-picked perpetrators.
    The ballots had come out of suit-cases, hidden under shrouded tables.

    Here is a long list of shenanigans going on in ARIZONA, revealed by the forensic examination of the Maricopa County.

    Preliminary Results of Forensic Examination of Ballots of Maricopa County

    Increasingly, Arizona folks, Democrats and Republicans, are becoming aware of the extent Arizona election officials have gamed the 2020 Election.

    Apparently, those shenanigans were also used in other states, based on reports that are trickling in.

    A deep knowledge of the many ways to game the election systems should be PUBLIC information, because ALL future elections could be adversely affected. That deep knowledge can be obtained only by having forensic audits in every state.

    Here is some preliminary information from the FORENSIC examination in ARIZONA.
    The weirdness of it all is beyond belief.
    No one could make this up.
    Where in hell was the FBI and the US Justice Department?

    The Arizona dysfunctional 2020 Election was “decided” by 10,457 votes


    – 3,981 voted on Election Day, November 3, but were registered AFTER THE OCT 15 DEADLINE, in violation of law

    – 11,326 voted, but were NOT on any registered voter list on November 7.
    They were added to the lists on December 4.
    They were marked as “voted” in Election Day, November 3.

    – More than 30,000 registered voters are shown as “voted” after the state deadline.
    Were those voters the kind of people who almost never voted?
    Were they needed to increase the total votes for Biden?

    – About 18,000 are shown as “voted” (dead people and out-of-state people, etc.)
    They were removed from the registered voter lists AFTER the election!!

    – 74,243 mail-in ballots were counted, but showed no clear record of having been requested, or having been mailed out.

    That surely is a “miracle”.
    It is highly likely those ballots were for Biden
    Had this “miracle” not occurred, Trump would have won by 74,243 – 10,457 = 63,786 votes

    This miracle could have occurred due to:

    1) Clerical errors, i.e., very sloppy bookkeeping

    2) DEM/PROG operatives delivering the 74,243 mail-in ballots, prepared prior to the election, to vote-counting centers, staffed by mostly DEM/PROG operatives. See Note

    NOTE: Under normal circumstances, the number of mail-in ballots returned would about be 30% less than the number sent out, for many reasons. However, election records showed 74,243 MORE mail-in ballots were counted, than were sent out.

    NOTE: Item 2 is similar to the “manufactured” 288,000 ballots-in-envelopes, prepare SEVERAL MONTHS prior to the election, in Bethpage, Long Island, NY, for use in Pennsylvania, in case Trump would be too far ahead. See URL for detailed information

    – Dominion voting machines can be configured with wireless AND cellular access.

    – Confirms there was a breach on election day regarding unauthorized access to servers.

    – 11 hard drives of cloned data were received by the forensic auditors, but information had previously been altered by the Maricopa County “audit” process.

    – Duplicate ballots lacking chain of custody information for thousands of such ballots, many without serial number.

    – Thousands of ballots with serial numbers, printed lightly and obscured, i.e., forensic matching was very difficult.

    These URLs are provided to support the above statements and for additional information

    Much More Forensic Information to Come

    There is much more to come during the next few weeks.
    Stay tuned

    Biden “won” by 85 million votes
    If you believe that, then you likely also believe the moon is made of cheese.

    Widespread Fraud by Election Officials

    Across the country, voters were requested to use sharpies to fill out their votes. If sharpies were used on thin, un-coated paper, the marks would bleed through. Almost all of these ballots may have been altered, away from prying eyes, during the “adjudication” process.

    The US Media repeatedly mentions “no evidence of widespread VOTER fraud”. However, this was not VOTER fraud.

    This was WIDESPREAD, PRE-MEDITATED, FRAUD BY EXPERIENCED ELECTION OFFICIALS, who likely had been doing this for decades, on whatever scale needed, to “tilt” elections.

    This is especially the case in Dem/Prog machine-run cities, such as Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, etc., that are notorious for running fraudulent elections.

    The 2016 and 2020 Elections

    In the 2016 Election, Dem/Progs were caught by surprise.
    The US Media had told them, Hillary was projected to win by a comfortable margin, but she did not, much to HER surprise.
    Dem/Progs vowed to not let this happen, ever again. Hundreds of $BILLIONS OF FEDERAL DOLLARS were at stake.

    Trump came in as US President, and threatened to “drain the swamp”
    This resulted in a troika of opposition, i.e.,

    1) the entrenched federal bureaucracy, loaded with Dem/Progs, curtesy of 8 years of Obama,
    2) the Democrat Party, and
    3) the legacy US Media.

    Russia-Gate, Ukraine-Gate, two impeachments, on and on it went for 4 years.

    COVID was a godsend for desperate Democrats, because the shutdowns and mask-wearing threw the Trump-inspired, rapidly growing US economy into a tailspin

    Dem/Progs eagerly promoted MAIL-IN voting, aided and abetted by their handmaiden US Media, and Facebook and Twitter, etc., to hype and to scare-monger the people with COVID. The rest is history.

    • Someone should ask him why he has investments in communist Chinese businesses! Congressman Welch is the poster boy for the Peter Principle. He has been promoted to his level of incompetence. For those who never studied the Peter Principle, google it!

      The Peter Principle is a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “maximum level of incompetence”: employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another.

  7. That Welch is “bewildered” that Americans question the integrity of the 2020 election is indicative of the lack of understanding he has of the people he “represents”. That there are Republicans and Independent voters in Vermont that do not see Welch, Leahy and Sanders as representing them. And these three don’t. They represent themselves, their interests and the interest of those that contribute to campaigns long before any consideration is given to those that elect them- and no thought to those that did not vote for them. There is a significant population of Vermont that is unrepresented, both in Washington and Montpelier.

  8. Peter ” Follow the Crowd ” Welch, is just another stain on VT, if you listen to this buffoon
    talking about voter integrity, he’s clueless !!

    Welch is just a puppet, his strings are pulled by the DNC, what a shame, Vermont deserves
    better, If Welch thinks having to show an ID is wrong when voting, then he needs to find a
    new career and we should make sure e finds one.

    Wake up Vermont, they don’t care about you it’s all about power to control and crooked
    elections to achieve it

  9. No voter ID
    No observers of the counting

    You have to kidding me

    Almost every country in the EU requires both
    Germany does not even use any machines, because they think it is more fraud free not to use machines

    In the EU, almost every one carries a photo ID, as required by law
    If you show up to tell without an ID, you do not vote.
    Mail-in should be abolished, because it creates vast opportunities large-scale fraud

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