Pelosi delays critical infrastructure vote as bill’s fate remains in jeopardy

By Andrew Trunsky

Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed the House’s vote on the bipartisan infrastructure framework to Thursday, giving Democrats more time as they try to unify behind it and their $3.5 trillion spending package.

U.S. Congress

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi told her caucus in a Dear Colleague letter Sunday that the vote will now take place on the day surface transportation funds expire instead of Monday, the date originally set. However, the House will begin debating the bill today, as agreed upon in August when the House advanced the Democrats’ budget.

The two bills have been the driving forces behind the growing divide between the Democratic Party’s left and moderate wings; while moderates have insisted on passing the bipartisan bill first, those further to the left have said that both bills must move together, even vowing to tank the public works package unless the budget passes first.

The infrastructure bill only needs House passage before heading to President Joe Biden’s desk. The budget, which includes the bulk of his domestic agenda, must get House and Senate approval, an arduous process that includes at least one more vote-a-rama.

“Many thanks to our Caucus for making this an historic opportunity for our Country, as we honor President Biden’s vision for the future by passing his legislative agenda,” Pelosi wrote.

Pelosi also told ABC News Sunday that despite the brief delay, the House was “going to pass the bill this week.”

“I’m never bringing a bill to the floor that doesn’t have the votes,” she added.

Pelosi said that the House will pass the budget this week as well, though it is not yet finished, and her party’s separate wings have disagreements related to its size and scope. Other Democrats have also insisted that the budget contain specific provisions they have prioritized, like a SALT tax cap repeal or a pathway to citizenship.

Congress must also pass a government funding bill before Friday to prevent a shutdown, and it has until mid to late October to raise the debt limit to avoid a potential nationwide debt default.

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4 thoughts on “Pelosi delays critical infrastructure vote as bill’s fate remains in jeopardy

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    ​House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday backed off her pledge to bring the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill up for a vote on Monday, saying she won’t do it if the votes aren’t there.

    “I’m never bringing to the floor a bill that doesn’t have the votes,” Pelosi said on ABC News’ “This Week.”


    • Hopefully Willem neither the pork filled infrastructure bill of which only
      24 Billion of the 1.2 Trillion goes to actual infrastructure and the Mother
      of all Pork spending 3.5 Trillion get passed and the Debt Ceiling gets to remain the same…

      The commie left is salivating at the joy of spending into oblivion without
      one thought of how it’s going to be paid for.. Even our 3 stooges are full
      onboard for this theft of our children money for the commie agenda …

      God save the Republic… there is a ray of hope with the moderate Dems and even a few of the progressives that see what havoc this will cause if passed.. let’s hope they prevail..

      • DBean,

        The communist/socialist, Bernie-led Progressives wanted SIX $TRILLION.

        After many crocodile tears, Bernie reduced it to the “bare minimum” of $3.5 TRILLION

        Senator Manchin has previously stated he COULD vote for $1.5 TRILLION.

        Gee, are not WE lucky to get hit with only $1.5 TRILLION

        Remember, all of this has to do with centralized command/control of the US Government by Dem/Progs, and establishing dozens of new, and expansion of existing government programs, all managed by Dem/Progs, a multi-generational fief; WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT; YOU DO AS WE SAY.

        • What we are looking at is a Heist!
          We are being looted before we crash and burn..
          Ask the Venezuelans about it.

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