Paul Dame: No parental consent on puberty blockers? Prog Dems try to strip parental consent

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

You won’t believe it until you read it yourself, but a group of 10 Progressive Democrats in the Legislature have sponsored a bill that would take away the rights of parents to decide whether or not their kids would receive hormone blockers as young as 8 years old!

state of Vermont

Rep. Tanya Vyhovsky, P/D Essex

House Bill H.659 proposed to remove the requirement for parental consent for major life-changing treatments like puberty blockers or “other treatments” without consulting the parent at all. Vermont needs a strong and united Republicans Party now more than ever to stop this kind of crazy!

Even in suburban districts full of highly engaged parents, like the one Tanya Vyhovsky represents, Democrats are on the attack to make sure that someone other than parents get the final say on what happens to our elementary school kids.

As a parent of young kids, this hits me especially hard! Maybe you are a parent or grandparent too. Every parent I know cares deeply about their children and wants what is best. But this bill would take away the right of the best parent in the state to say what was or was not appropriate for their kid! The parents are not even required to be notified that any treatment has taken place — even after the fact.

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16 thoughts on “Paul Dame: No parental consent on puberty blockers? Prog Dems try to strip parental consent

  1. If physicians gave prescription drugs to children except in a bonafide emergent life/death situation to save a life, in lieu of parental consent that physician would be subject to criminal charges of assault.
    Separate from malpractice, this would literally be criminal assault !

    Here, these wokesters are attempting to transmute morality and ethics and replace what was interference with parental rights, children’s rights, and society’s obligation to protect the young, innocent and those who can not protect themselves with the casual, mundane, and arguably indecent.
    Who is to stop them? If not us, then who? They use our tax money to accomplish these disagreeable acts. No money, no bad actions.

  2. I want to put out to you that the teacher educators are not making the decisions to teach what they teach they are not given a choice people .
    .Its horrendous to be a teacher in this day and age.I do not like that you demonize teachers. They have very little control over what’s being taught . You need to direct your angst at the administrative and government .

  3. So they are hoping to frame the VTGOP as anti LGBTQIA+, and this legislation will work perfectly, as any sane person would object to medical treatments, regardless given to their children without consent.

    This is sexualization of children. It is grooming. If it were a normal citizen doing this with children, showing them pornography, talking privately, secret conversations about sexuality and the exploration of it, they would be put in jail for pedophilia. But if you are in the school system not so much.

    Sexual forces are very strong in humans, more so than any species of animal. It can be used for good and evil. It can be used for love and lust. It can be liberating or enslaving. It can be used to build a relationship or tear it down. It can be used to build a society stronger or to tear down the very essence of civilization, which has been done and brought up in history. It is also used to deliberately subvert a country.

    It didn’t just “happen” that everywhere across the united states and even the globe this discussion happens on the same day, week or month. Even Covid can’t spread that fast!

    It’s the mark of planned, coordinated, highly orchestrated and massively funded efforts.

    Don’t be fooled.

    • Neil,

      You mean Communistic, Socialistic grooming, so they will NEVER be exposed to independent, critical thinking for themselves.

      They will become easily managed robots and drones
      Ring a bell, and bark, or eat, or do whatever the program calls for.

      I am sure, that is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind.

      • Actually it’s both. There is a huge difference between lust and love. Our present educational system seems to have lost its way. That would be the outward appearance, however it is planned. Wouldn’t believe it myself except for the fact you can easily find the information and plans on the Internet.

        Sex is a drug, very powerful. It rewires the you set a course early in life you can make neural pathways that are very very strong. Humans are basically hypersexual, they’ll do most anything left to their own lustful desires, nature seems to have a far less forgiving attitude on this than the word of God. One offers forgiveness the offers a genetic dead end.

  4. Children are being medicated in schools, so they will become more receptive to brainwashing, CRT, COVID, Infata, gayness, etc, instead of concentrated on academic education, which is much more challenging to teach.

    The brainwashing set-up is a cop-out regarding critical THINKING, as part of dumbing down.

    It is absolutely imperative to vote these incompetent, socialistic, communistic, un-American imposters out of office in November 2022

    We have to:

    1) Turn out EN MASSE, to offset any and all election shenanigans, perpetrated by desperate Democrat, to hold on to power

    2) Enough people must turn out to witness and record, on audio/video, any and all suspicious election events, AROUND THE CLOCK; give them no breathing space.

    • Willem. Do you wonder if the “Free food programs for all students” will be medicated food? It would not surprise me…..

  5. The Vermont school board association largely dictates the curriculum direction and environment at the public schools. It is a partisan organization with deep ties to the far left. It operates much like a union, centralizing power, creating an environment where board members and administrators are afraid to go against the grain, regardless of public sentiment. If we want this stuff to stop, we have to prioritize deligitimizing the role this organization plays in structuring our schools. Start by electing people that aren’t afraid to fight and speak up for the people of their communities and for what is right.

  6. Ron DeSantis took this on w/ his recently passed bill in FL. K-3 children cannot be “Groomed” by their teachers, but MSM is misinforming the public (surprise -surprise) calling it a “don’t say gay bill” it’s not an anti gay bill it’s a “Parental rights bill” Please Gov. Scott step up and protect the children of VT!!

  7. We’ve essentially empowered the public school system to school…no, to raise our children for us. Now we have a crescendo of complaints about HOW they are doing it. Surprised? Wouldn’t it be appropriate to just admit our mistake and re-assert out prerogative to rise our own children? Return the educational resources to the families. They’ll buy the schooling, teachers, curriculum services they want to educate their kids.

  8. Ok folks. First let’s look at the surveys that led to this proposed legislation. Validity/Accuracy/Size of Sample/etc. The 2019 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey (VYRBS), national survey by the Trevor Project. Where can we find such information?

  9. The regressive democRATs, understand that a child’s mind is easy to manipulate so
    if you force their gender nonsense on them daily they will soon believe it is normal!!

    Kids should be kids and any parent that goes along with this nonsense being promoted
    in our schools, they are no better than those indoctrinating our kids……….Child Abuse and
    they need to be held accountable !!

  10. Per Rep. vyhovsky’s official biography on the State of Vermont Legislative website, Rep, vyhovsky is a licensed independent clinical social worker in Essex and lists employment at the Charlotte Central School as a social worker.
    In days past this might have raised eyebrows, at a minimum.

  11. Honestly, what is the matter with these people ? Where do they get off thinking that they can make major decisions for a child and excuse the parents. This is the final EVIL of socialism. May I suggest that the young representative try it herself first.

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