MacDonald: If anti-grooming bill is ‘anti-LGBT,’ does that make pedophilia a feature of the LGBT community?

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

Florida said you know what? There’s no good reason to be talking to any 5 to 8-year-olds about sex in public school. They don’t understand it all that well, and there’s no academic value, so don’t do it. The Left lost its hive mind.

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Their position is that preventing adults from talking to small children about sex is anti-LGBTQ+.

But there is, literally, no good reason to talk to kids that age about anything having to do with sex or gender unless you are trying to sexualize them. And not at all the way some of these schools have introduced it into the lesson plans. Talking to little kids about sex is grooming.

It is also predatory and creepy as hell. If an adult did that in any other environment or under any other circumstance, they’d be questioned by police. They might be detained or arrested as a likely child sex predator.

And schools have been hiding these conversations from parents — even creepier.

So, here’s the question. If it is anti-LGBTQ+ to object to the predatory sexualization of young children, does that mean the LGBTQ+ and political Left are admitting that grooming and pedophilia are an essential part of their community?

It’s just a question.

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7 thoughts on “MacDonald: If anti-grooming bill is ‘anti-LGBT,’ does that make pedophilia a feature of the LGBT community?

  1. They dont call child sexual predators pedophiles anymore. Now they’re “minor attracted persons” or MAPs. Control the language, control the narrative. Sad times.

    • Oh, they are only educating and enlightening the children, so they will be better prepared for intimate relations when they are older. They aren’t pedo’s they are teachers.

      aka groomers.

  2. We openly keep talking about the mental health crisis that we have here in America.
    The answer to that is not to normalize the fallout of it.

  3. In FL Ron DeSantis and the legislature passed a bill that forbids K-3 students from being “Groomed” Gov Scott could do the same…..if our legislature is AGAINst keeping K-3rd graders safe from sexualization we know our future is dim at best.

  4. There are reports of young people entering college without the ability to construct a coherent sentence. We have, recently more than ever, seen this inability in our elected officials. Even worse, many don’t display the logic of a fifties junior high debate. It is not infrequently seen that they base conclusions on an irrelevant or clearly invalid (often disproven) premise or irrational economic absurdity. Maybe more time ought be dedicated to essential education. In my school days I and my compatriots were able to figure out (admittedly with some angst) our sexuality without the help of class time. I can’t but wonder what the examinations look like…

  5. If there was ever a time the Conservatives needed to stop being too polite and draw the line in the sand, this is it. School is for learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. Oh, and apparently a little history should be tossed in as in how our country was formed on moral principles.

    The thought that the immoral left now has now decided to indoctrinate our children to their filth and degeneracy is appalling. The fact that the good moral people are sitting back and letting it happen while we fund this abomination is unconscionable. The fact that our state and local representatives condone these actions is once again proof that their agenda is geared at the destruction of We the People. They should all be held accountable.

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