Parents have no rights to student gender identity information, VT Agency of Education says

By Guy Page

Parents do not have a right to any school information about their child’s sexual identity or gender expression, a Vermont Agency of Education directive says.

In fact, school staffers who tell parents information about their child’s gender identity may actually be breaking the law, the directive states.

If a parent asks a school staff member what pronouns he or she is using, or whether he or she is expressing transgender thoughts or reading transgender material, school staffers are not only discouraged from telling parents, but may actually be in violation of the ‘Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,’ AOE says.

“Continuing Best Practices for Schools Regarding Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” was published in February, 2017. AOE published the document because “many questions arise for students and school staff when considering the best supports for transgender and gender nonconforming students. These sample procedures are designed to provide direction for schools to address issues that may arise concerning the needs of transgender and gender nonconforming students.”

The document also says, in bold type, that the direction is not meant to be one-size-fits-all: “No single policy, approach, or accommodation will apply in all circumstances. Schools must determine supports for transgender and gender nonconforming students on a case-by-case basis, informed by the individual student’s needs.”

But in the matter of disclosing information about student gender identity, AOE says telling parents may actually violate the law, and in any case should be left to the child.

“Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only those school employees with a legitimate educational need should have access to a student’s records or the information contained within those records. Disclosing confidential student information to other employees, students, parents [italics added], or other third parties may violate privacy laws, including but not limited to FERPA. Transgender or gender nonconforming students have the ability, as do all students, to discuss and express their gender identity and gender expression openly and decide when, with whom, and how much of their private information to share with others.”

So if a parent asks a school staff member what pronouns he or she is using, or whether he or she is expressing transgender thoughts or reading transgender material, school staffers are not only discouraged from telling parents, but may actually be in violation of the ‘Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,’ AOE says.

Yet the FERPA was written in 1974 to give parents more access to records, not less.

According to CDC information on FERPA, “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law enacted in 1974 that protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA applies to any public or private elementary, secondary, or post-secondary school. It also applies to any state or local education agency that receives funds under an applicable program of the US Department of Education. The Act serves two primary purposes: It gives parents or eligible students more control over their educational records, and it prohibits educational institutions from disclosing “personally identifiable information in education records” without the written consent of an eligible student, or if the student is a minor, the student’s parents (20 U.S.C.S. § 1232g(b)).

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

22 thoughts on “Parents have no rights to student gender identity information, VT Agency of Education says

  1. EVIL. PURE EVIL. That is what Vermont schools and Vermont in general have come to. Look around; See what is going down in this state; this government; these schools, these businesses. The state is evil.





  2. VT Progressives went from morons, to insane…and now just pure evil….to ever think that the “State” has the authority & can control children’s gender choices, and parents have no rights? Pure EVIL.

    Hitler did the same thing…State control of children – attempt to create an Aryan Nation of blond hair and blue eyes….along the way he decided to eliminate the Jews…and sterilize those who disagree….history IS REPEATING….and the “Juden” is now Trump (or anything MAGA)….”State” control must silence the dissenters & deniers……by any means possible.

  3. I think Jay hit the nail on the head:The public schools are in a state of Anarchy.

    I think a big help would be to break up school districts.
    We need to get small and local again.. we can see how being part of anything BIG is working out.

    The townspeople should control everything that goes on right in their own local schools in town.

    Even Mark Steyn has said that we need to bring back the one room schoolhouse model and focus again on teaching the core subjects and this is it.

    I believe that people have done the research and it might be in some cases even less expensive for the taxpayers to do this.. depending on your town and what arrangements can be made.

    Out of the box thinking is now needed and all ideas should be on the table.

    • I recommend a return to county government and eliminate the one size fits all attitude of Mount stupid. 14 smaller governments with authority close to the voters. The sheriff is the elected law enforcement chief of the county. State police can operate on the highways and control large scale investigation through their crime lab and troopers can assist if called in to the county. The general fund model has not worked. It is driven by centralized political power and some corruption. Bringing the schools under county control and eliminating the VT. Department of Education would go a long way in bringing the education of the children back to the parents and reduce the cost by eliminating the outrageous number of school superintendents. The school needs a principal and an assistant and a staff. General fund flowing into the state would be transferred to the counties based on population. And all county business would be conducted by county supervisors and required staff. Until government is brought back under the control of the citizens who pay the bills it will only get worse. Could there be county corruption, of course but it is harder to hide when government is closer to the people. We the people own this state, not the bureaucrats and politicians. It’ time we all remember that fact. Is County government perfect, no but it’s better than what we have now, a central government not responsive to the people or their problems, Vermont’s government is too big, too expensive and out of control. Take your state back, it’s yours not theirs.

      • Remember, prior to the forming of the state police they were motor vehicle inspectors. The State Police is an agency not mentioned anywhere in our constitution. The sheriffs are constitutionally the only police officers outlined in our constitution. The Dept. of Education is unconstitutional also. There is so much wrong with the way these agencies have been developed that it can’t all be addressed here. The focus of power is to dumb down the citizen so power can be expanded and retained by those who have it. Does that sound insane? Look around, we the people have been and are continuing to be forced out of most decisions pertaining to our lives. The state doesn’t own us or our children. As long as we are law abiding citizens, we have every right to express our opinions and to question everything that those we vote for, do.

  4. The Vermont Department of Education has no right to DENY parents any knowledge about their own children.

    In fact, the Department should be legally required to promptly inform parents of any information as soon as it is obtained.

    This will need to be adjudicated in Vermont Courts

  5. A big improvement would be to return education to the states with no more
    federal control… a better solution would be less nea control schools with more
    charter schools and home schooling..Couples don’t have kids for the government to control.

  6. The commies are using federal law and threatening to cut off federal dollars for schools who disobey them. Such a move in VT, would destroy the school funding process and cause budget after budget to fail due to high taxes. So the state is giving in, instead of taking the feds to court. Personally, I think it might be a good way to reduce staff and cut out all the stupid regulations. And force schools to focus on education.

  7. When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already…What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

    Adolf Hitler

  8. The only answer for most all educational problems is for legislators to end the state and federal public school monopoly. The rally cry of “Paid School Choice” will settle all objections by allowing the public to gain control over where to send children for education. It’s the parents choice, not the government’s mandate.

    From now on include the phrase “Paid School Choice” in the salutation of emails, on lawn signs and banners as it will take time to open up the ears of politicians and candidates.

  9. What lunacy is this ? The 1974 “Family” Act prevents teachers from telling family about their children’s behavior ?. No, Secretary French. You are dead wrong and if you continue to believe in this decisive language, you should resign. You are dancing in evil territory. You are sick !

  10. Parents have no rights to student gender identity information, the ones that have no
    right is the leftist gaggle of fools within the school system !!

    Every parent should demand, the firing of all those teaching this trash within the public
    school system.

    Wake up people, they don’t care about you or your children it’s all about the agenda to
    indoctrinate your children, save your kids and there fragile minds before it’s to late.

  11. “I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.
    Martin Luther

    “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,”
    The Apostle Paul (2 Tim 3:16)



  12. And revealed here is the seedy little truth about Prop 5…….

    It has very little to do with abortions and everything to do with getting your child to become a sexual deviant, slaves to their lusts at a ripe of age of 5. What could possibly go wrong?

    Your child will not be a child of God, created in his image, but a slave of the state.

    Make no mistake, it’s not a coincidence.

    There is a way, one way only, and this ain’t it. Not sure if this is the right ditch or the left ditch, but it’s a ditch, make no mistake and we are off the path, for sure.

  13. Our public schools are in a state of anarchy, reflective of the elected and appointed government in general. Rules, such as they are, are discriminatory no matter how and to whom they’re applied. Public school staff are protected no matter what they require of their students. As a former public school board member, I can assure anyone contemplating an internal reordering of the public schools that ‘getting your butt in the school’ is akin to jousting with windmills. It may seem difficult to homeschool at first blush. But parents must homeschool their children to avoid this chaos. And that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and teach the children yourselves. Do some research. Think outside the box. Be imaginative. Be innovative. Learn. Most of all, be safe. Sink or swim. Your children are counting on you.

  14. There needs to be a “Defund The Schools” Movement started in Vermont Fast!!

    It’s YOUR TAXDOLLARS that are paying for THIS!!

    They should also not be stolen from us to fund this.. you can see now why they take the money from us against our Will.


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