Opinion: Vermont is not a bipartisan model for the US

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

U.S. News has this breathlessly overlong piece about Vermont. It’s a very blue state with a three-term “Republican” governor. Can it be a template for healing America? Only if more Republicans lay down or act like Democrats. But that’s not bipartisan, it’s surrender.

state of Vermont

Gov. Phil Scott

If surrender is the goal, then Phil Scott might be your guy.

He didn’t endorse a Democrat for president in 2020, but he did endorse Bill Weld. Scott supported the bogus inquiry to impeach Trump. He signed enhanced gun restrictions into law. He’s good with third-trimester abortion (even signed a law to protect them), and he supports carbon taxes.

He was a COVID-Karen.

In 2019 56% of Vermont Democrats approved of his job versus 15% of Republicans. That’s the Vermont Model U.S. News doesn’t make room to explore.

Sure, a real Democrat is always better, but sometimes you stick with the “Democrat” you know, even if he’s registered as a Republican. And this is the only definition of bipartisan Democrats will readily accept.

Aisle crossing is a one-way street from right to left. Anything else is verboten and will be challenged with extreme prejudice regardless of the letter after your name. That was the Marxists’ template for conquering the Democrat Party, and it is their template for conquering America.

“Republicans” like Phil Scott are here to help.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

17 thoughts on “Opinion: Vermont is not a bipartisan model for the US

    • May I ask why? Pls respond with untypical but nonetheless hopefully factual info.
      FYI: There is no daylight between my Patriot Conservative stance and rockstars Steve, Skip and wonderful contributors of GG – hope this helps lol

        • Nor your Dem fanclub – cat got your tongue much. Attempting to tar me as a Rino-supporter doesn’t work as anyone who reads TNR knows I have been harshly critical of Chancellor Scott, Benning and Donahue to name a few. I do not randomly call Rinos out bc I do not wish to add my voice to the tiresome blaming and shaming. I respond to contrarian pov opposing conservative message and in response to published op-eds, but any pique that fits right.

          We can be harsh but respectful and on-topic when we address others esp public officials rather than just hurling garbage. I make substantive arguments and post verifiable info, or would present sources if requested. On blog monitored comment sections ppl are booted for refusing to do so.

          I believe we are the news – and regularly repost Granite Grock stories on Gab, and also TNR both have Gab accounts. As Rob Roper once said 1st Amendment is not a professional class – it’s all of us – even the faceless screennamers who choose not to hand the world a map to our door.

          Bipartisanship = Communism lite as only Rinos and right-leaning Dems could possibly tolerate each other in a group – and you of all ppl should know as it did not work out for GMP, Campaign For VT, 802 alliance which is why they’re all backwaters.

          • We have two parties in Vermont, neither of them love American Ideals…..here’s your backwater leader in charge of the your “conservative party”. There is trouble here in River city.

            Bipartisan ship, two parties that love America, (preferable God above that) would do us well, we have neither. Men and woman are different, different roles, same goal, so to should be our representative government. We shouldn’t be arguing if we have police, if we have freedoms, but how much to spend on law enforcement, and how to prevent censor ship.

            We tried and failed, yup. Completely American platform, not sure there was anything stated that any conservative nor American would object to.

            But I feel the love…..I feel the love. It’s this love that is winning the war for our puppet masters.

            Let me ask you this, when a communist, fascist country takes over another country what is their technique? Unification or Division? Why is it in Sun Tzu the art of war, they state the highest form of war is to take over a country without firing a single shot? How do they do that? How does that mirror or not mirror what is going on within our country?

            Police hate going to domestic disputes, because even when there is a knock down drag out fight, when they get there it’s a unified front, don’t break us up.

            We don’t even have that much love for our country when being played by forces outside our control. We celebrate when our brothers and sister are taken away.

            If we worked on a unified front of building America, vs. building a dominant political party we’d all be better off. Heaven forbid anyone try and bring a new player to this game.

          • First of all – we are all Windham NH. It’s all about the machines. Unless we go back to paper ballots and picture IDs nothing will change. You fail to see why GMP failed and the others mentioned. You are trying to unite ppl to form a collective. I am opposed to collectivism in all of its forms bc the collective always comes first and everyone must agree and go along to get along.

            I joined the party but am not in actuality a ‘joiner’ – just believe that the energy is with MAGA and there is no winning outside of the Republican Party. Not a fan of many members and believe the VT GOP lost its way under Douglas however I’m not doing this to make friends but to support the party and other Republicans. The party is ppl and we need more. Change occurs from the inside out as Patriots all over the nation are doing.

            The Constitution and Federalist form of government should be central to all conservatives – not people or ideas. We should be united around it and that should be the groups core – not making everyone happy.

            it is unhealthy to get along above all else – all groups need to air greivances and it’s not always pretty. I do not give a flying F what the globalists want or don’t want – we are not going to stop the Dems and Republicans from fighting that is just silly and who cares – it’s always been this way going back hundreds of years. The truths inherent in this post say it all. Dems are Communists the real problem destroying our state, nation and world.

            These things take care of themselves as there is little we as individuals can do and blaming, shaming is not it. We’re not as smart as we think we are, my trust is in my faith. Biden is currently Red-pilling the US – Just read that 75% of US is turning on him.

  1. Governor Scott has vetoed more bills than any other governor in Vermont history. What would make a real difference is if there were enough Republicans and Independents in the legislature to guarentee sustaining his vetos.
    You can only play with the cards you have been dealt and Governor Scott has done remarkably well in resisting new taxes, promoting sensible policies, and resisting the more extreme measures being proposed.

    • If he’s violated more bills than any governor – it’s bc the Communists are sending too many bad bills.

  2. There are no real Republicans left in the state. The ones who call themselves Republicans are playing charades. They have this little hierarchy…most unwelcoming to newcomers who want to inject some vigor into this ‘corpse’ of a party. They don’t do a thing for Vermonters; just for their egos. Vermont is gone…….(lowest GDP in the country. Time to leave this little Communist controlled state. And its such a beautiful state. Ruined).

  3. Scott is to the left of blue dog democrats, he’s worse then a RINO.
    Any R who voted for the applesauce brain idjit, knowing he’s been a F… Up for 48
    years is no Republican at all. If he didn’t like Pres Trump he should have just not voted…voting for the enemy makes him a traitor…

  4. Vermont is on its way to become CUBA.
    $Billions of FEDERAL money EACH YEAR, encourages the March towards CUBA.

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