Opinion: There is no ‘right’ to be free from association with unvaccinated Americans

This commentary is by Jim, a retiree who has lived and worked in Vermont for 20 years.

Recently, a clamor has arisen over the right to be free from association with the unvaccinated, and how this increases liberty and civil rights. But, this notion turns the idea of liberty on its head.

Liberty is concerned with the individual freedom to travel and associate with others without state interference, and without showing one’s permission in the form of papers or passports; it isn’t properly concerned with any purported ‘right’ to have the places one travels to, or those with whom one might associate, demonstrate that they are worthy. There is no right to ‘pure’ spaces in America — one takes one’s chances with society, and it’s always been that way. We never know if those we might encounter in society have any number of contagious diseases (they might not know themselves), or might take advantage of us, or are former convicts, or have political views that we consider dangerous. We take our chances and use our good judgment. This common sense notion of public space has served us well.

Some wish to introduce the idea of safe and pure spaces because of a disease with a 99% survival rate, and despite safe and effective drugs that can be used to counter this disease. Moreover, we have measures that we’re told are effective: masking, gloves, face shields, keeping distance, etc.

The ACLU, supposedly the defender of civil rights, has come into the fray on the side of those who wish to turn liberty on its head, stating in a New York Times opinion piece that, “We care deeply about civil liberties and civil rights for all — which is precisely why we support vaccine mandates.” If read in the light of Federalist Paper No.1, one can only conclude that this is merely an insidious mask for despotism:

A dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people, than under the forbidding appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us, that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism, than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics the greatest number have begun their carreer, by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing Demagogues and ending Tyrants.

Now, a fabricated ‘right’ to safe spaces is being brought forward by demagogues who discard tolerance for any Covid-19 risk whatsoever — despite that life is full of all sorts of risks that we knowingly accept and are on watch for, and that Covid-19 is a highly survivable and treatable disease. And as a consequence of this intolerance, such people are willing to deny liberties to those they know nothing of, except that these people are unwilling, for whatever reason, to take experimental vaccines (with no long-term safety monitoring) that have caused an astronomical rise in VAERS adverse event reporting.

There is no ‘right’ to safe spaces free from all contaminants. However, there is every right to wear two masks and a face shield and gloves if one is afraid. Liberty is not on the side of denying travel and association to others, but on the side of taking one’s own personal measures to stay as safe as one wishes. To switch this around and pretend that “liberty” means we must take away the liberty of others in order to preserve liberty is the worst sort of specious reasoning — and as Federalist No.1 warned, it can only end in tyranny.

11 thoughts on “Opinion: There is no ‘right’ to be free from association with unvaccinated Americans

  1. If you think our fearless leaders state and local are comic-book evil you ain’t seen nothing yet – right outta 007. Welcome to our Brave New and murky Kafkaesque World:
    Former Pfizer VP, research scientist, vaccine developer and medical entrepreneur Michael Yeadon warns of vaccine holocaust all ‘vaxxed’ are bluetoothed via electrically charged chemicals (graphene oxide) which will be used for remote mass control of the population that survive the holocaust.

    Waxing ever more desperate as evidenced by fist-pounding Pedo Joe threatening a nation as the perps have done the math and truly terrified of the worldwide outpouring of patriot resistance with Australians locked in their homes. And now know there are enough of us to fight back and invoke Nuremberg 2.0 which must be what’s keeping shiny boot club and DemocratMarxist rage-machine up at night given the unprecedented propaganda.

  2. It’s an interesting turn of events. Earlier, the mask Karins wanted to identify those people who refused the jab so they could distance themselves from them. They called them names and wanted to stigmatize them. Now we see those same people, the one’s that got the jab are now wearing the masks again. Now those who didn’t get the jab can identify the delta spreaders and distance from them. Maybe the people should call for isolation of the Delta spreaders. They can be recognized by the fear they have after they were told by the media fear spreaders that they are the one’s getting infected. Nothing in our world is as it seems. When you hear the government say, trust us it’s safe research the 1976 Swine Flu and discover what happened to the people then who took the government’s word and took the experimental vaccine? The only difference between then and now is that the media is lying to protect the current government. In 1976, the media reported on the devastating results of taking experimental drugs. Also, remember Thalidomide and the horrible birth defects and licensed under the FDA in the 1960s.

    • Check out the 60 Minutes segment with Mike Wallace reporting on the dangers of the Swine Flu vaccine. I believe it’s from 1976. You can see the parallel between then and now. Forty three million people stepped forward to get vaccinated. Watch the CDC director try to weasel out of what he approved. That was a time when the reporters were investigative journalist unlike todays wing of the democratic party.

      • Dano they said Roundup weed killer was safe too and look at what that stuff has done..
        Look at the damage vaping is doing.. the list is so long.
        People that have faith in the government are not informed at all.
        You cannot possibly know what is going on and then have faith in it.
        This is why it was supposed to be small, by the way.

  3. https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/084/436/340/original/ec0fe2eeab661885.png

    My, my abject desperation of the fearmongers is getting louder by the day. They’re facing a Donald Trump landslide-sized group of patriots that will not lie down under the steamroller of their diktat and will not be a part of the depopulation controlo group.

    The vaccinated are the ones getting sick and spreading Covid and in some cases hospitalized – but no one is dying lol. I see the TDS Rage Machine aka the DemocratMarxist Party of tyrants are attempting to shift blame to the unvaccinated who are curiously well, not sick from Covid and not wearing masks – exposing selves to these nasty bags of bacteria without complaint.

    • At least some holocaust survivors will be left to rebuild our world and kick the remaining tyrants out of office after the lemmings all head over the cliff.

  4. Actually we should be protecting the UnJabed from the Vax’ed who’s bodies encourage the chynaflu to mutate to a stronger strain…it’s now being said that Shedding is occurring from vax’ed to Unvax’ed.. be careful who your rubbing on..

    Your correct Neil, if we shut out the fake media there would be no scamdemic…
    along with political government health departments that have no problem lying to us like xho biden and his handlers..

    The cdc just a couple days ago changed the meaning of “Vaccine” as the vax their pushing didn’t meet any of the criteria of the old meaning…

    • The covid injections are the only product in the world who’s failures

      are blamed on the people not using the product….

  5. If we turned off our TV and Propaganda phones, suddenly we’d find the pandemic has ended.

    bernie is not talking about the Scandinavian countries anymore, curious people know why. The propaganda outlets would rather you not know, also don’t look at what those pesky Japanese are doing in their hospitals…..you might get ideas.

    • We are being subjected to forced medical experimentation..
      Does anyone remember what we are also dealing with with the antibiotic resistant strains of everything from head lice (now a strain called Super Lice) then we have bed bugs, the AIDS virus mutates and we can’t chase that one down either. Things MUTATE, they adapt to survive and we can’t just make people into human experiments looking for “cures”.
      Not everything can be cured or even managed.
      The coronavirus has been around for a darn long time now and we’ve never had an immunization for it, or a vaccine against it really, because remember that they take a shot in the dark as to what one we are going to get, vaccinate the masses for that and then we all learn that wasn’t the one we had this year.
      Do these people think we have no brains or memories?
      What on earth sick science experiments are they forcing humans to become? (all to profit by the way).
      This is forced systemic state sponsored murder.. and just like Stardust said, this is a Holocaust.

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