Opinion: Joe Biden’s plan for government to replace the family

This commentary is by Terry Schilling is the executive director of American Principles Project.

The American family is in a state of crisis. Nobody in Washington really disagrees with this, Republican or Democrat. Marriage rates are cratering. Birth rates are in a total tailspin, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is unsustainable. America can’t function if the most basic building block of our society is collapsing. Clearly something needs to be done.

Last week, the Biden White House released what it called the “American Families Plan,” a $1.8 trillion spending package that includes a laundry list of woke leftist priorities, including major giveaways to the education establishment, which has become perhaps the most favored Democrat constituency. Many conservatives are understandably concerned about the price tag. But even if the package were something we thought America could afford, the details of the plan should make conservatives extremely worried. Rather than help the family, the Biden administration has something more disturbing in mind: a big government takeover of the family.

Consider, for example, one of the plan’s most controversial proposals, which calls for $200 billion for two years of free universal preschool. What does that mean? Instead of giving this money to parents to help them address the educational needs of their children as they see fit, this plan would push kids into our failing public school system two years earlier, effectively replacing in-home daycares and preschools and most benefiting the credentialed class that voted President Joe Biden into office.

If Democrats were serious about helping working families afford the costs of childcare and early education, they’d recognize that parents would prefer direct assistance to government programs. As University of Virginia Professor Brad Wilcox recently pointed out, “Poor and working-class families are more likely to prioritize the parental freedom of cash more than child care, whereas the educated and affluent are more likely to value child care… By contrast, the message sent by the push for universal child care is that, ultimately, work matters more than family — and that government knows best how to arrange work and family choices.”

So why are the Democrats pursuing this big government expansion of preschool and childcare if that’s not what working-class families want or need? The obvious answer: because they want to divide the family and conquer, indoctrinating our kids at an early age with wokeism, critical race theory, and gender ideology. It’s quite literally the only thing they care about.

In the document outlining their plan, Biden’s team argues that “everyone knows that 13 years [of education] is not enough today.” So in addition to bringing your kids into school two years earlier, they want to keep them two years later, promising $109 billion for two years of free community college. This won’t help students struggling through our ever worsening K-12 system, nor will it help families who have to deal with that system’s failures. Instead of throwing more money at a broken system, we should be returning tax dollars to parents to give them maximum choice for their children’s education.

To make matters worse, amazingly not a word — literally not one word — in this document was dedicated to “trade” or “vocational education,” which is so important to working-class Americans. Not everyone excels in college; why should we be putting people with different strengths and abilities in a position to fail? Oh, of course — because it’s a boon to the education establishment. Got it.

Here’s the bottom line: Biden’s “American Families’ Plan” will incentivize further delays in family formation and lead to parents spending less time with their children. Parents don’t need more child care so they can pick up more hours at work. Parents need better paying jobs and lower taxes so that they can provide for their families with one parent working 40 hours a week, instead of both parents combined working 80 hours a week.

Joe Biden’s problem is that he fundamentally misunderstands the purpose of work. We don’t work in order to make more profits for Apple shareholders or to pay more in taxes. The purpose of work, as understood by so many Americans, is to provide for oneself and one’s family. We work hard so that our families can have a good life. Real support for families means policies that will lead to parents spending more time raising their children, getting married earlier, and having more children. Biden’s plan would encourage the exact opposite.

America’s families need real relief and support to help parents better provide for their children, not an expansion of government to further erode the role of parents and put bureaucrats in control. Policymakers concerned about enacting truly pro-family reforms have no choice but to reject it.

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Joe Biden’s plan for government to replace the family

  1. This is one more nail in the coffin of the American family and a continuation of the disastrous “great” society policies hatched during the Lyndon Johnson administration. 55 years and $20 trillion later, the “war on poverty” is over, and poverty has won. Poverty has now been spread upward to working, taxpaying Americans through excessive taxation and regulation. The majority of the Ummerican population is right where the demoKKKrat party wants us to be, either dependent on government or one paycheck away from it. What used to be called babysitting turned to “childcare” and now has morphed into “early childhood education”, which must now be instituted by a professionally trained, licensed and public-sector-union represented workforce. As long as the Ummerican people and Vermonters in particular keep voting for demoprogs, this once-great society and envy of the world will continue to circle the drain and the Biden “administration” will keep doling out the full Venezuela treatment on us.

  2. In 1971 the Socialists Democrats were able to get the right to vote for 18 year old’s passed in a constitutional amendment. It is a scientific fact that the adult brain has not been fully formed on average until the mid twenties. The last area of the brain to fully form is the frontal cortex. This is the section of the brain involved in assessing risk/reward scenarios, problem solving, aggressiveness, impulse control, behavior, emotions, social control etc. Basically it allows us to think things thru and determine how to use information located elsewhere in the brain.
    We can all recall risky dumb things we did as a kid and think how did I ever survive that! I hold myself forth as exhibit “A”. Here in lies the problem with children voting. Who in their right mind would turn over control of the family’s financial decisions to their 18 year old child? We can all only imagine how that would turn out! Yet we are supposed to be at ease with children determining the future course of our nation. Whatever could go wrong?
    In truth what has happened is the Socialist Democrats have by design through the education system which they fully control, are in fact the primary parent of your child. The genetic parents, in today’s society, are merely sperm and egg donors for the State. The State will instill it’s values and social concepts in the child and not those of the genetic parents. This manifests it’s self in the fact that so many of today’s children are disparaging and scornful of their genetic parents views.
    Hey kid! How would like some candy? How would you like legalized drugs? How would you like someone else to pay for your college education? You know what to do kid, you vote for us, right?

    The die has already been cast.

  3. I don’t think any of the plans coming out of the Biden administration are the creations of Biden. Biden is The Sock Puppet President.; he has no original thoughts. Someone else creates everything Biden says or does. And therein lies the deep danger, because we’re not exactly sure who the denizens are…

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