Opinion: A disturbing movement is gaining steam on the left — letting noncitizens vote

This commentary is by Jason Snead, executive director of Honest Elections Project Action.

Voting has long been one of the privileges of American citizenship, but perhaps not for much longer. Left-wing activists are going all-in with their demands to let noncitizens vote, and Washington, D.C., just took up the charge.

The D.C. City Council advanced a bill to let anyone vote in local elections, regardless of citizenship and immigration status, as long as they live in the city for just 30 days.

The measure is so extreme, even the reliably liberal Washington Post editorial board called it “radical.”

If Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser signs the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022, an estimated 50,000 noncitizen residents — including those here illegally — would be free to cast ballots in local elections.

But that’s not all. As the Post pointed out, there is nothing in the measure “to prevent employees at embassies of governments that are openly hostile to the United States from casting ballots. Or foreign students who are studying abroad in Washington for a semester.” There you have it: our nation’s capital is ready to hand ballots to people working against our nation’s interests.

Why is the district taking this reckless step? Pure politics.

The Left is looking for ways to shift the country’s politics by fundamentally changing who can vote. Even the Post concedes that “progressives hope that reshaping the electorate will allow them to reshape local politics, prodding [D.C.] further to the left on issues such as rent control and spending on social programs.”

D.C. is hardly the only place where the left has realized the power that can be gained by changing the electorate. Under the euphemistic tag line of “expanding democracy,” left-wing activists across the country are working to hand the vote to imprisoned felons, children and noncitizens — all groups they calculate are more likely to be liberal. After all, why let the people choose their government when you can have the government choose its people?

And there are plenty to choose from. Consider that over 5 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States in just the two years since President Joe Biden was elected. Enfranchising them in local races creates a powerful perverse incentivize for politicians to excuse, or even demand, an ongoing humanitarian crisis on the border so long as it feeds a steady stream of transient voters willing to back a far-left agenda.

When the left is accused of backing open borders for the prospect of new voters, they of course retort that it is illegal for any noncitizen to vote in federal elections. True enough, but races for Congress or the White House are hardly the only ones that matter.

Americans have seen first hand the great damage that can be done when the woke left captures school boards and town councils. As the old saying goes, all politics is local.

At least 15 municipalities nationally have enfranchised noncitizens to vote in local races, including major cities like San Francisco and New York. The Big Apple’s law is virtually identical to Washington’s pending measure: anyone in the city for 30 days can vote, including illegal aliens.

That measure was challenged in court, and earlier this year a New York Supreme Court judge struck it down for violating the state constitution. Had it gone into effect, 800,000 noncitizens would have been handed the vote in New York City.

Unlike those other cities, however, Washington is a federal district answerable directly to Congress. Under the Constitution and the D.C. Home Rule Act, Congress can block bills passed and cleared by the City Council and mayor.

The question is, will it?

Conservative lawmakers in the House have denounced the measure, while Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has already pledged a resolution to overturn it. “Allowing illegal immigrants to vote is an insult to every voter in America,” he said. “Every single Democrat should be on the record about whether they support this insane policy.”

Absolutely. The American people deserve to know where their leaders stand on an issue this important. For two years, Democrats in Congress preached about the need to “save democracy.”

Now, with the nation’s capital city preparing to hand the vote to illegal aliens and foreign operatives, will they stand up for fair and honest elections? Or will they look the other way while progressives erode the foundations of our republic?

As long as Democrats control Congress, expect the latter, even though polling shows that only 9% of Americans think noncitizens should be able to vote.

Perhaps there is a silver lining, though. Washington, D.C., is showing the modern left’s true colors. The left believes that democracy belongs to them. The rest of just live in it.

Image courtesy of Bruce Parker/TNR
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9 thoughts on “Opinion: A disturbing movement is gaining steam on the left — letting noncitizens vote

  1. Vermont was lost when out of state college students were allowed to vote where they were attending college and not where their permanent residence was located. They vote for the liberal causes and programs and then in 4 years leave the consequences and the funding of these programs to the locals. What a deal.

    Are college students too ignorant or lazy to request an absentee ballot from home to vote in their home districts or maybe they vote in both places.

    Now we have certain jurisdictions allowing NON-CITIZENS to vote in local elections. How long will it be before they try to extend that to all elections. VOTING is a privilege of citizenship everywhere in the world. Are their other nations where non-citizens are allowed to vote?

    If we allow a student to vote locally s a resident maybe the college should allow them to pay resident tuition and fees as well.

    • And we can all thank Bernie the marxist communist for having initiated local voting by college students in Burlington!

    • Don’t forget, when these (many out of state ones) graduate…they are “partied out” and just packing their stuff up to leave….so the LAST thing on their mind is to take the time and extra effort to trudge down to any City Clerk to remove their names off the voter rolls. They could care less, they are DONE with VT. So the cities/towns will just keep mailing valid ballots to whatever apt address…forever even…if unchecked… and ANYONE can use it. BTV does not actively seek to scrub the voter rolls I bet, or check real residency…why should they !….it is how progressives get votes needed to always win. It needs to be ILLEGAL – and a felony, for kids who live out of state, pay out of state tuition, pay NO VT income taxes or even file one, and have their cars registered OUT OF STATE. They are NOT VT RESIDENTS.

  2. Subversion of America is going along as planned. Don’t ask any questions, just go back to sleep the marxists will wake you up when it’s all over……

  3. This is particularly disturbing in VT with its small demographic. Voting rolls are so easy to stack.

  4. I’ve come to observe over the course of my life that the Left does whatever the heck they want to do until the Right stops them..

  5. It’s been the plan all along – a “Democrat Saul Alinsky” plan to gain control…via illegals and voting.

    1. First the open the borders and Biden has allowed 4.9 million illegal non citizens in since he came to office..
    2. Most all Democrat states enacted a “Motor Voter Law”.
    3. Next? Dems push hard saying that for driver “safety” reasons that they can issue drivers licenses to illegal non citizens.
    4. Then to seal the fraud, most Liberal states enacted a motor voter law….so with an issued drivers license they automatically register you to vote. They claim there are safguards, but it is ignored.

    Job done….4.9 million (and GROWING FAST) non-citizens potentially able to vote in USA elections, which is probablly enough to ensure Democrat victories everywhere…perhaps forever.

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