Obama to install massive propane tanks in New England mansion

By Blake Mauro

Former President Barack Obama has ordered three massive propane tanks for his Martha’s Vineyard property as energy prices nationwide continue to surge.

The office of the select board of Edgartown, Massachusetts, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that an application for an “underground propane installment was approved at the 79 Turkeyland Cove Road address,” the location of a property owned by former President Barack Obama. The tanks are to be used for “residential purposes,” the office told TheDCNF, and have a total capacity approved of “2,500 gallons which was broken into two 1,000 gallon tanks and one 500 gallon tank.”

“We’ve never had a private propane tank come to us,” select board member Arthur Smadbeck told the MV Times.

Although propane gas yields fewer carbon emissions than oil and coal, it is still considered a fossil fuel, and the massive installation at the Obama estate is not exactly environmentally friendly. Propane combustion produces numerous waste products such as particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, greenhouse gas, methane and non-methane overall organic carbon.

For the average American household, propane gas is increasingly becoming more expensive. Americans who use propane to heat their homes can expect to spend54% more to run and maintain their homes due to increased energy prices, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Obama has consistently argued for the importance of fighting climate change and limiting fossil fuel emissions, saying that “no challenge poses a greater threat to our children, our planet, and future generations than climate change” and pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025.

In 2021, Obama spoke at the COP26 climate change summit, saying “our planet has been wounded by our actions,” specifically related to rising global temperature trends.

Obama’s multi-million dollar home was also the venue for his extravagant 475-guest 60th birthday bash amid the Delta coronavirus variant outbreak in the summer of 2021.

Obama did not immediately respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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12 thoughts on “Obama to install massive propane tanks in New England mansion

  1. I agree except the statement that propane isn’t a clean fuel. When properly combusted its emissions consist of carbon dioxide and water vapor.
    Both of which are essential parts of our atmosphere, and life itself.
    But obamalamadingdong and the K’s are such hypocrites. They fly jets there. What do they care about the environment? Votes, and $$$.

  2. Can Sen. Chris Bray and Rep Tim Briglin, chairs of the legislative Energy & Technology committees, who pushed the Global Warming Solutions Act or the Clean Heat Standard on Vermonters reconcile their actions to Obama’s installation of propane gas tanks to operate his ocean side mansion?

    Why isn’t Obama installing heat pumps as Bray & Briglin demanded of Vermonters in the name of saving the planet from climate change?

    Is it that Obama is a climate denier or is it that Bray and Briglin have no idea of what they’re doing in pushing climate action policies?

  3. Obama is fully aware of the consequences of his traitorous actions….. he is hunkering down to hopefully survive the results.

  4. I haven’t noticed any windmills or solar panels on the roof of his near sea level
    Mansion’s either… He must be in competition with lurch kerry for most o2 spewer
    now with 3 mansions.. He just needs a couple yachts and a private 737 and I
    think they’ll be even. and we get 5 buck a gal (and climbing) of gas and heating
    bills thru the roof.

  5. looks like he is getting ahead of the price going going going…….
    wish we all could be doing the same

  6. Update for the Non PC Peasants:

    “According to the New York Post, Barack and Michelle Obama together have a combined net worth of $135 million.

    Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard house was bought for a low $11.75 milliom….from a “friend”. It is now valued closer to $14 million…..Obama’s house in DC is said to be worth $9 million. Obama recently bought a house in Hawaii for $8.7 million & is now doing multi millions in renovations.

    All told Obama has around $35 million worth of “houses”. They seemingly run on “fossil fuels”….What about you? And, just to fill his “Propane Fossil Fuel” tanks on Martha’s Vineyard, will cost about $106,250.00. It doesn’t mean a hill of beans to him. He’ll be all temperature comfy cozy…. all the time. …in DC, MA and HI…Many in VT will not be this winter.

  7. All the people who voted for Obama to feel good about themselves should be forced to live in shame.
    The same goes for the resident old geezer currently pretending to be president. In actuality, this is Obama’s 3rd term. That’s where the puppet strings lead to. All of Obama’s political hacks are in office and running or ruining the country. And he also has a swanky mansion in Washington DC and another modest multimillion dollar mansion in Hawaii. Not a bad living for the Manchurian candidate.

  8. Once again, astounding double standards. An, of course false “Liberal Logik”. Obama somehow is now worth maybe $70 – $90 million or more? (books, speaking fee’s?)….he flies around in private jets & expensive SUV’s. He subscribes to “all-things-Enviro-PC-Climate-Change” & has for decades despised the oil and gas industry. For almost FORTY YEARS we have been FIRMLY told the lies that the Artic melt & be gone, there will never be snow again in VT….then, NYC and Boston will be underwater soon. Sound familiar? All lies. Obama TELLS US it is a lie…because he does not believe it!….his $11.75 million Martha’s Vineyard MANSION is RIGHT ON THE OCEAN. if he was devout & Sincere of all “climate change” PC demands…he would KNOIW that his house will be in the ocean, very soon. It’s proof he does not believe it ever will.

    THEN? Obama leads the PC charge to destroy oil & gas industries? But it’s okay for HIM to install for HIMSELF, a massive 2,500 gallon propane tanks? IT’S ALL FOSSIL FUEL TO RUN HIS HOUSE!

    And even worse ? A real “Let-them-eat-cake” attitude”? Propane costs about $4 a gallon in VT now? I hazard a guess it is a bit more expensive in Martha’s Vineyard, because all propane is trucked over via Ferry? Let’s call propane there costing $4.25 a gal? Multiple that by 2,500 gallons – and it will take $106,250 worth of FOSSIL FUELS (almost DOUBLE the average VT family incomne?) to keep the Obama’s all warm, or cool. They will NEVER have to “wear a blanket” them to keep warm…..as VT’s senator McDonald recommends to all the non PC & unwashed…”Peasants”.

  9. Clearly Barry has no plans at all to conserve, use less, live with what we have.
    “Put on a Sweater for Christ’s sake”
    As we are being told to do.

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