Electric rates about to double in New Hampshire

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

Local utilities serving the Granite State are preparing to adjust what they charge for electricity. The cost of natural gas has skyrocketed, and that pain is about to find ratepayers’ pockets.

Talk about energy policy chickens coming home to roost. As the New Hampshire Bulletin reports:

In a Monday filing with the Public Utilities Commission, Liberty Utilities proposed increasing the per kilowatt hour price of electricity from 11.11 cents, the rate in effect from February to July of this year, to 22.23 cents starting in July.

That means a typical household would see a 47 percent increase in its electric bill, according to consumer advocate Don Kreis. (Other charges on the bill would remain unchanged.) A household currently paying $150 per month would see their electricity increase to $220 per month.

Unitil and Eversource are right behind them — their rate adjustment periods are different, but they will all file the changes before winter comes, and winter is coming. And so was this problem. We’ve been discussing the need for more natural gas in New England for years (one example), but the default setting has been no new infrastructure.

Not that this would affect the price. The Democrat’s war on domestic energy and Biden’s promise to end fossil fuels has raged since ‘Brandon’ sat behind the Resolute desk. The price of that policy has come calling, and as with all acts of Democrat destruction, the poor and middle-class will get hit hardest.

And no, the prices are not going to go down: “Projections show that cost more than tripling to $30 per Btu.”

That means your electric rates will need to be adjusted upward again, and no, it’s not Putin’s fault you could be paying three to five times or more than you do now to charge that electric vehicle they insist you’ll have to drive — to cook, use lights and appliances, and even heat or cool your home. Those costs are all going up exponentially thanks to the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels. Their war on prosperity. A war on you. Costs that everyone from small business owners to health care providers to your government won’t be able to absorb, so you’ll be paying for that too.

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8 thoughts on “Electric rates about to double in New Hampshire

  1. This price will hike will reduce the “cost benefits” of EVs by 50% as well. The EV advocates don’t like to admit that electricity doesn’t magically appear out of the end of a charging cable. They presume there is some fairy dust creating electricity.

  2. Historically, energy issues and solutions all ready exist. Yet, the solutions are not profitable to the Masters. Same with medicine. There are cures for cancer, but there is no long term profiteering in cures. The answers all ready exist, the populace decides to run that hamster wheel until death because we don’t demand any different. Until the day humanity rises up, we will continue to see this constant fear mongering and death threats. We live in their reality – not on our own.

  3. It’s too bad we didn’t enter into fixed rate long term Hydro Quebec contracts when we had the chance.

  4. All We get from the leftist commies No Fracking, No Oil, No Nukes is No
    Energy or very little at high cost buying from others, not American made..
    On top of that the other energy providers are doing it at a greater co2 production
    then would be done here causing more gorbull warmmongering… instead of
    shooting themselves in the foot perhaps if they aim higher we can get back to
    More Oil, More Fracking, More Nukes and 13cent kwh electricity and 2 buck a
    gallon gas..

  5. It will get worse…cost of electricity…simply because of Liberals, Enviro’s, The Conservation Law Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club etc. These places & virulent people are the front lines, for decades, to shut down all nuclear electric plants, coal plants….in New England. What was then needed for ever increasing demand, was natural gas. But what do all these SAME virulent enviro activists do? They went go all in to halt, stop, prevent any new natural gas pipelines to EVER be built again in New England again. They killed Nukes. They kill coal. They kill natural gas – by halting it’s pipeline (lifeline!) & distribution. They shut down oil. That leaves wind, solar and hydro? It is NIGHTMARISH! Read this:

    “In New England, it is very difficult to build energy infrastructure. Major proposed natural gas pipelines have been shelved, including Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct and Spectra’s Access Northeast, due to financial and political (environmental-legal) challenges. New England has become heavily dependent on low cost natural gas, which accounts for about half of its power generation as the region has retired many of its coal and nuclear plants. However, because of a lack of natural gas pipelines, New England has difficulty getting sufficient supplies of natural gas from nearby areas, such as the Marcellus Shale formation, especially during the winter months. This past winter, the region had to use dual-fuel power plants, consuming about 2 million barrels of oil during January’s deep freeze, which is over twice the oil consumed in 2016….
    Because the demand for natural gas is growing faster than the infrastructure to deliver it to the region is, electricity prices will need to increase. As it is, the six New England states have the highest regional electricity rates in the lower 48 states—53 percent above the national average. If the infrastructure constraints remain in place, electricity consumers can expect a good deal of price volatility during the winter months.”

  6. I believe, that in the big picture, we are looking at what is an Evacuation Plan of New England.
    How can it not be?
    Do I need to make the list of the essentials that we now cannot afford?

    I feel like we are all being herded up and driven into the South like cattle- and it you don’t want to pack up and move there where the cost of living is less, we are forced to live in here dire poverty on park benches- or in Tiny Houses.

    The propaganda machine taught us years ago that we needed McMansions.. and now look at where we are at- babies that weren’t aborted are now having their formula rationed.

    Now they want us to vote for more of this complete disaster.

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