Obama says he can’t have a discussion with people who say the ‘climate is not changing’

By Michael Bastasch

Former President Barack Obama said he can’t have a debate with someone who thinks man-made global warming is a hoax while speaking at a summit in India on Friday.

Obama is in India as part of a three-country tour to promote the Obama Foundation. It’s the first speech Obama has made in India since leaving office earlier this year.

“I can sit down with someone and have an argument about about climate change, and in fact, when we were working on the Paris accords … there were some folks within the Indian government who would say to me, ‘Look, we’re a poor country. Our priority has to be getting power and electricity to poor people, and so we should not have to do X, Y, Z.’ And I said, ‘Well, I understand that,’” Obama said at a summit in New Delhi.

Obama added that “it’s hard to have a conversation if somebody says, ‘Well, climate change is a hoax.’”

“I don’t know what to do with that,” Obama said, adding, “If you’re saying it’s a hoax, then there’s no way for us to bridge our differences in a constructive way.”

Obama referenced his unwillingness to speak with man-made global warming disbelievers in a town hall session with young Indians later that same day.

“I could have a discussion with somebody who says, ‘OK, yeah, there is climate change, but it is more important to alleviate poverty and get electricity to people so we should use coal, it is cheaper,’” Obama said.

“I have trouble with a conversation with somebody that says the climate is not changing,” Obama continued. “You know, that becomes almost like a theological argument. It just has to do with somebody has decided this is what I believe as opposed to looking at evidence and facts and the process of reasoning that signifies things like the scientific revolution.”

Obama also made veiled jabs at President Donald Trump, including noting how many more Twitter followers he had than the current White House occupant despite using the social media platform less.

Obama also said there was a “pause in American leadership” related to fighting global warming, without actually coming out and saying he was talking about Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Paris accord.

“It’s an agreement, even though we have a little bit of a pause in American leadership, that is giving our children a fighting chance,” Obama said.

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7 thoughts on “Obama says he can’t have a discussion with people who say the ‘climate is not changing’

  1. He can’t have a conversation with man-made climate change deniers because the deniers usually have the real facts at hand and not the agenda supporting created data that Obama uses to flim flam his groupies.

  2. Former Resident,who is now nothing but a Communist mouth piece,now if he were to learn Nobody cares what he thinks or in the language of his fellow travelers feels.

  3. By the way—who needs to have any conversation with????? WHO—earth to Obama—our President is Donald Trump–he rightfully pulled us out of the greatest swindle scam in history–‘the Paris Climate Accord–and you do not count anymore—go retire and leave us all alone—8 years was far enough to tolerate of your mismanagement of our money and resources.

  4. Of course the climate changes. It has throughout the entire existence of the planet. There’s nothing we can do about that. Why is anyone having a discussion with Obama, anyway? He’s not a scientist – not physics, not chemistry, not biology, not climate, obviously not economics. He’s now Citizen Obama.

  5. The hoax, of course, is not the tracings of daily temperature. The hoax is people who claim that if we cede total control of the world economy to their enlightened management, the tracings will change.

  6. Former President Barack Obama said he can’t have a debate with someone who thinks man
    made global warming is a hoax while speaking at a summit in India on Friday.

    Well he was in one of the problem countries , did he even look around or one can only hope he
    took a deep breath .

    Did he ask what they, India have for regulations , nothing they don’t care and neither do Japan Russia or any other countries outside the US .

    You would think with all the world traveling he did, he would know where the problem lies, but
    he was only looking for donations …………….

    To All the Prius owners , you not making a difference !!

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