‘Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton blasts Welch investments, says Gerald Malloy may help GOP regain U.S. Senate

On his program this week, “Next Revolution” show host Steve Hilton criticized Vermont U.S. Rep. Peter Welch for his investments and said military veteran Gerald Malloy could upset the incumbent congressman and help the GOP secure the U.S. Senate in November.

In introducing candidate Malloy on the program, Hilton said:

“There is one more race we should keep an eye on. How about Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders? The Democrat running to replace retiring octogenarian Senator Patrick Leahy is Peter Welch, who has been Vermont’s at-large congressman for the past 15 years. Of course in his campaign he is trying to make out he’s a man of the people, palling around with Bernie and all that. But wait a minute Peter Welch, how exactly did you amass a multi-million dollar net worth despite earning a congressional salary of $174,000 a year?”

Watch full video:

5 thoughts on “‘Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton blasts Welch investments, says Gerald Malloy may help GOP regain U.S. Senate

  1. Peter Welch, ambulance chaser to Vermont senator to Vermont congressman to democrat rubber stamp to inside stock trader to blaming his wife for making a fortune for them on the stock market. They won, Vermonters lost just like Bernie of Brooklyn. Vermont also had to endure Phil Hoff, Tom Salmon, Madelyn Kunin, Howard Dean, Peter Shumlin all democrats and Phil Scott, democrat-lite.

    So, we look now at the shape Vermont is in after all these years of democrats and some how it’s the republicans fault, how does that work. The legislature has been dominated by dem/progs for decades now. One would think that rational people would demand a change from their government. Nothing has gotten better for working Vermonters. The state is broke, we are over taxed, we are over run with drugs and crime is on the rise to levels not seen in Vermont and our young people are leaving. The schools are an over expensive mess and students are falling behind. This is only the short list.

    Vermont has an opportunity to send an educated, experienced man to the senate of the United States. Peter Welch is not qualified for the Job. He’s rubber stamp for Schumer and a yes man for the dem/prog party. This is the opportunity for Vermont to shine on the national level and an opportunity to quit being the laughing stock of Washington and the nation. Be woke, go broke. Time for a change!

  2. Welch voted to allow 16-year-olds to vote in Federal elections. 16-YEAR-OLDS!! I’m sure that Welch has voted for plenty of other crazy stuff in Congress.

  3. Vermonters need to pay attention to this. If Peter Welch is elected we’ve got this do-nothing- taking up-space character for 6 years. My calculations put him at age 81 in six years. Vermonters have been dealt the short end of the stick with Leahy, Sanders and now Welch. Lets get the troops mobilized for a massive turnout for Malloy, Vermont sure needs it and we have an opportunity that may never come around like this again. Let us pray that this works.

  4. Yes, the anointed one, Peter ” the follower ” Welch, well that’s what he thinks, hell
    what’s a little insider trading, it’s just business as usual, in DC, being a career
    politician ……” the follower pete ” knows how it works, just look at his portfoilo !!

    Vermont has a real chance with Gerald Malloy as a ” leader ” that can lead Vermont
    out of the debacle, it’s in, the state is in, and save Vermont’s face in DC along the way.

    I don’t care what party you follow, ” the follower ” is a ” cancer ” for Vermont’s political
    field, all show ” $$$ “, no go………………….wake up people !!

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