New Jersey kids could be taught puberty blockers and frequent masturbation are good

By Kendall Tietz

Sample lesson plans for New Jersey public schools include videos that promote masturbation and puberty blockers for students as young as 10.

NJ Senate

New Jersey state Senator Holly Schepisi: “New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”

Elementary aged children in the state’s public schools could be taught that puberty blockers are a good way to “manage” adolescence and masturbation “a few times a day” can help “relieve stress,” according to state sample lesson plans shared by Republican New Jersey state Senator Holly Schepisi on Dropbox.

“Today I reviewed all of the model school instruction materials and I truly think New Jersey has lost its damn mind,” Schepisi posted to Facebook.

Several lesson plans were given to parents at the Westfield Board of Education’s meeting on Feb. 22, according to Fox News.

As part of a proposed homework assignment for fifth graders called “It’s All about the Hormones,” students would be shown a video called “Puberty and Transgender Youth” by the organization AMAZE.

“Whether you identify as male, female, gender queer or something else, you’re perfectly normal, and there are lots of ways to manage puberty so that it can be a fun, exciting time rather than a scary or stressful one,” the video says.

“After some discussion and counseling, you may be referred to an endocrinologist,” the video adds. “Endocrinologists specialize in hormones, and they’re the most likely to prescribe puberty blockers for someone who wants them. Puberty blockers are medications that will stop your body from changing.”

One AMAZE video in a fifth grade sample lesson called “Masturbation: Totally Normal,” tells students that masturbating up to “a few times a day” is a “physically safe way to express sexual feelings.” Another AMAZE video “Females and Masturbation” explains masturbation as “a way to relieve stress.”

“While some of the lessons I agree with, many are completely overboard with cringy detail for young kids and some go so far as unnecessarily sexualizing children further,” Schepisi said on Facebook. She highlighted one AMAZE video titled “Is It Normal To Watch Porn?”

“One of the very first videos posted normalizes porn as ‘something everyone watches’ and ‘Hey it’s Free!’” she said. “I encourage all parents to take a look and decide if this is something they deem appropriate for kids this age.”

The teaching materials are a “sample list of resources” that line up with state policy, but are not official policy of Westfield Public Schools, a spokesperson for the district told Fox News.

Students as young as second grade will be taught about gender identity under New Jersey’s new sex education guidelines, which go into effect in September.

The New Jersey Department of Education and Westfield Public Schools did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. So yes that is true, sex is a great stress reliever…..and it is also true with…..

    Drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, food, alcohol, weed, gambling, etc,

    And this also explains why America is obese, drug addicted, family violence, addicted to pornography, drugged up, falling in all statistics as a country…..



    This is not helping anyone solve lifes problems, there is a great source of information, of every problem and situation known to man. But we’ve strayed from that source and you can see the results. We only need to look in a different direction……

    • God has a much better plan for everyone.

      The bible has some wonderful answers, Proverbs alone would do a soul good. Nobody has read the book so nobody even knows….too bad. Really good stuff, even the 10 commandments on it’s own…powerful stuff.

      I’d put the Bible and Jesus Christ against anyone….guaranteed to get better responses.

      Want to stop racism and hatred? Should we fight?

      How about loving your neighbor. (hint there are no qualifications)

  2. All this perverted nonsense will give the kids of NJ a “hand” up in the job
    market at cnn and disney… how about just getting some knowledge to compete
    in the world of much smarter kid’s before you even think this crap up..ijits we’re
    surrounded by ijits..

  3. New Jersey state Senator Holly Schepisi: “New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”
    The whole damn Democrat party has.

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