New Hampshire weighs protections for vaccine refusers

By Christian Wade | The Center Square

New Hampshire tops the nation when it comes to vaccinating its population against COVID-19, but there are still some who are reluctant to take the new drugs.

Whether for medical, philosophical or even personal objections, a yet unknown number of Granite Staters are choosing not to get jabbed when their turn comes up.

While there are no federal or state rules requiring vaccinations, some Republican lawmakers are nevertheless concerned that people who choose not to get vaccinated could face discrimination in the workplace, schools and civic life.

House Bill 220 would prevent the state from setting rules that prohibit access to schools, childcare and other congregate settings from people who haven’t been vaccinated. It also would prohibit private employers from requiring vaccinations, unless there is a “direct threat.”

Gov. Chris Sununu Facebook

The Sununu administration opposes House Bill 220, arguing that it is unnecessary and could hurt the state’s efforts to vaccinate its population.

“Every person has the natural, essential, and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion that the person accepts any medical intervention, including immunization,” the text of the bill reads. “No person may be compelled to receive an unwanted medical intervention, including immunization.”

The bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. Timothy Lang, R-Sanbornton, told members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee he has been concerned about the potential for people to be forced to get vaccinated long before the coronavirus pandemic. He cited a state policy that “impinged on personal freedoms” by requiring foster parents to get certain immunizations.

The proposal is opposed by the New Hampshire Medical Society, which testified against the bill during the committee hearing last week.

“This will create a major limitation on our ability to manage a crisis,” Dr. Gary Sobelson, a family physician and member of the medical society, told the panel.

The Sununu administration also opposes the legislation, arguing that it is unnecessary and could hurt the state’s efforts to vaccinate its population.

“We believe that under existing law people already have a choice to be vaccinated,” Dr. Beth Daly, director of New Hampshire’s Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, told the committee. “Their limitation is only if they want to participate in activities where their decision not to be vaccinated will put other individuals at risk.”

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ranked New Hampshire the top state in the nation for per capita vaccine distribution.

As of Monday, 645,424 first vaccine doses had been administered in the Granite State, with 334,270 people fully vaccinated. The state has about 1.36 million residents.

The state opened up vaccinations to anyone 16 and older beginning Monday and is allowing people from other states to visit New Hampshire to get vaccinated.

As of Monday, the committee hadn’t taken action on the bill. It has until May 13 to make a recommendation on whether it should pass or not.

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8 thoughts on “New Hampshire weighs protections for vaccine refusers

  1. I will post from the citations we are filing in the fed suit vs the executive branch, pub med studies that give or should give everyone pause. These are not independent scientists, but those of our own government warning us.
    Consensus summary report for CEPI/BC March 12–13, 2020 meeting: Assessment of risk of disease enhancement with COVID-19 vaccines,
    “However, a major challenge during rapid development is to avoid safety issues both by thoughtful vaccine design and by thorough evaluation in a timely manner. A syndrome of “disease enhancement” has been reported in the past for a few viral vaccines where those immunized suffered increased severity or death when they later encountered the virus or were found to have an increased frequency of infection.”:
    “One of the challenges facing rapid vaccine development for SARS-CoV-2 is the need to adequately assure the safety of these vaccines. One such safety concern is disease enhancement syndrome that occurred in the 1960s with inactivated RSV and measles vaccines. Vaccine-mediated disease enhancement is characterized by a vaccine that results in increased disease severity if the subject is later infected by the natural virus. ”


    “There is evidence for disease enhancement in vaccinated animals after challenge with live virus in multiple studies with SARS–CoV-1 vaccine candidates as summarized in Table 1 ”
    “Non-human primate models have also produced evidence of enhanced disease after SARS-CoV-1 vaccine immunization. Chinese macaques immunized with a modified vaccinia virus expressing S protein then challenged with SARS-CoV-1 did not develop clinical disease, but histopathology showed lung injury. This injury was characterized by decreased wound healing, and increased pro-inflammatory macrophages expressing IL-6, IL-8, and CCL2 [38]”


    • Previous studies with SARS candidate vaccines have suggested a risk of enhanced pathology in NHPs after viral challenge. Eosinophilic infiltrates were not prominent. The mechanism is still incompletely defined but there is evidence for a role of non-neutralizing antibodies. Non- or incompletely neutralizing antibodies may contribute to:
    the formation of pathogenic immune complexes and
    Fc-mediated viral capture by monocytes/macrophages that may favor excessive T-cell activation and inflammation.
    • Enhanced pathology was seen following passive transfer of IgG from immunized NHPs
    Vaccines for COVID-19: learning from ten phase II trials to inform clinical and public health vaccination programmes
    “There are concerns that a COVID-19 vaccine could cause antibody-dependent enhancement on exposure to challenge or community exposure to the virus.30 Previous trials have indicated that Ad-5 vector vaccines might increase the risk of HIV infection in men in particular,31 and this will need close monitoring.”
    “Such side-effects are likely to be acceptable to those in the most vulnerable age and comorbidity groups, but possibly less so in previously healthy children and young people, especially as no trial has recruited people younger than 18 years, AND BECAUSE the disease is usually asymptomatic, mild and self-limiting in young people (aged 18–25), although serious morbidity and even death does occasionally occur.23, 24, 25, 26 The common side-effects mimic COVID-19, with one report of hospitalisation with possible COVID-19 after vaccination (Johnson and Johnson vaccine),20 raising questions about differentiating cases of the disease from vaccine symptoms shortly after vaccination. The implications of transient neutropenia and lymphopenia need monitoring.”
    Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease – PubMed 4/20/21, 9:37 AM excerpts:
    Aims of the study: Patient comprehension is a critical part of meeting medical ethics standards of informed consent in study designs. The aim of the study was to determine if sufficient literature exists to require clinicians to disclose the specific risk that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating virus.
    Methods used to conduct the study: Published literature was reviewed to identify preclinical and clinical evidence that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating virus. Clinical trial protocols for COVID-19 vaccines were reviewed to determine if risks were properly disclosed.
    Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.

    Look up the studies yourselves.

  2. Shingles is now a thing with the afflicted sharing photos following experimental gene editing depopulation weapon vax imposter

  3. They never explain how the unvaccinated can put the vaccinated at risk.
    It’s one of the absurd lies we are supposed to accept.
    There is no logic. Do they ever wonder if their irrational commands create skepticism about their purposes, or sanity even? Oh yes, a medical condition called “vaccine hesitancy”. There’s a cure for that. If not, force is OK, for the greater good. Think of the children!
    It’s so blatantly obvious. As a kid, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was a silly story, I thought. No, it’s the way of the world.
    I wish people still had functioning brains. It’s a bad science fiction movie. But it is in color, which takes all the charm away. I feel like the guy in “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” sometimes… everybody went to sleep, now their minds are gone.

    • How will WWIII be fought? A war involving the entire world– like what Covid did?
      With tanks and guns arriving at our shores with supply lines thousands of miles long?
      Or through gaslighting the population: Covid will kill us all, here are a few vaccines that are perfectly safe …

      Months later …

      Time for a booster to ward off those variants.
      People start dying, terrible symptoms.
      Must be the variants! (Not the predicted, deadly reactions to the boosters through a mechanism that has been described in some detail, and which is being ignored. It’s the variants! The booster isn’t working!)
      The only way we can go forward is the Great Reset … we can never go back to normal and will always be in a state of perpetual fear of Covid-19 and its variants.

      Authoritarian/totalitarian government: China will demonstrate how collectively we can build back better a brighter, greener, safer, more just world. And beat global warming, to boot. BLM is on board; Antifa too. We’re all in this together. Surveillance is a small price to pay to stay safe.

      The main players who went along with this are at the top of the heap and richly rewarded, as usual.

      Global police state triggered by the need to control Covid variants (the medical police state) and global warming (the save-the-planet police state.) It’s for the greater good.

      Who won?

  4. I have a friend in NH who took the Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine and contracted a case of Herpes zoster reactivation — a.k.a. Shingles soon thereafter. He said he knows several people with the same experience. Yes, this is an anecdotal assessment, anything but scientific. But forewarned is forearmed (no pun intended).


    Dr. Bhakdi is part of a group of European doctors who wrote a letter to the European Medicines Agency requesting clarification on concerns about the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. The letter had many scientists endorsing it; answers from the EMA weren’t forthcoming. Bhakdi gives a good explanation of what the concerns are in the video.

    The basic issue is that the mRNA vaccines, after being injected, find their way into the bloodstream, and the first cells they encounter beyond the injection site are the cells lining the blood vessels. The mRNA enters those cells and induces them to make spike proteins, which the cells show on their surfaces (that is, facing the interior of the blood vessel.) In the process of making these spike proteins, cellular debris is extruded. Platelets become attached to the spikes, and white blood cells attack and destroy not only the spike proteins, but the cells that produced them: your own cells. In all, a backlog of cellular debris/platelet aggregation is created that leads to clotting. If the attacked cells are located in the vessels of the brain– and there’s nothing to stop the mRNA from travelling to the brain– this could lead to clotting in the brain (stroke.) This clotting might be minor and manifest as a headache, which many people report after the second shot.

    According to Dr. Bhakdi, these mRNA vaccines are dangerous because after the second shot your immune system is especially primed so that the next encounter with a spike protein (such as with a normal coronavirus) could elicit a rapid, intense immune response that goes beyond protection and causes severe damage or death. This is called ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement.

    Suppose you get a booster vaccine in the future. Then, your blood vessels will produce spike proteins but this time, your immune system will go after them full-force and this could lead to widespread clotting.

    In any case, the video is well worth taking some time to absorb.

    No forced vaccines, and no vaccines passports, ever. These vaccines haven’t been approved by the FDA; they only have EUA, emergency use authorization. There’s no reason in the world for young people to get them, as young people are at very low risk for Covid-19 in the first place.

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