New Hampshire Republicans gain trifecta control of state-level government

By Mary Stroka | The Center Square

While New Hampshire Democrats retained their seats in federal elections, Republicans regained the majority in the state’s Senate, House of Representatives and Executive Council.

New Hampshire’s incumbent Republican Gov. Chris Sununu also won election to his third term in office against Democrat Dan Feltes and Libertarian Darryl Perry.

“New Hampshire Republicans ran as a unified ticket that put New Hampshire first, and the result is an incoming Republican Majority in the Executive Council and both chambers at the State House,” Sununu tweeted Nov. 4. “I am pleased that Granite State voters rejected the DC style politics that had crept into the State House these last two years, and I am excited to get to work with our new Republican majorities to deliver results for the people of this state.”

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New Hampshire Statehouse in Concord

Republicans across the state celebrated their victories, including the flip of the Senate from a 14-10 Democratic majority to a 14-10 Republican majority.

“In case you didn’t hear yet, we were also successful in flipping the NH Senate from blue to red and the Republicans now hold a 14-10 majority! I could not be prouder of the team that we have put together to help Governor Sununu get New Hampshire back on track in the coming years,” incumbent Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, said in a Facebook post Nov. 5.

The Senate Republican Caucus nominated District 22 Sen. Chuck Morse as Senate president. Morse previously served as Senate president from 2013 to 2018.

The closest Senate races included the battle between Republican Gary Daniels, who won back the District 11 seat against incumbent Democrat Shannon Chandley with 17,457-17,259 votes, and the battle for District 9, which was a narrow victory for Republican Denise Ricciardi, with 17,920 votes over Democrat Jeanne Dietsch, who had 17,511 votes, according to preliminary tallies.

The state’s House of Representatives transitioned from a Democratic stronghold of 230-157 (including Libertarian Rep. Robert Daniel) with 13 vacancies to a Republican majority of 213-187.

“So excited to serve in a Republican MAJORITY! Thank you, New Hampshire!” Republican Rep. Joe Sweeney tweeted Nov. 4 while sharing news of Republicans gaining the majority in the House.

Republican candidate Jeffrey Greeson’s 3,018-2,914 preliminary votes victory over Democratic incumbent Rep. Francesca Diggs for the Grafton 16 district was among the closest races.

In the Executive Council, Republican councilors Joseph Kenney, Dave Wheeler, Janet Stevens and incumbent Ted Gatsas will join member-elect Democrat Cinde Warmington (District 2) in overseeing the allocations of state treasury funds and improvements to the state’s infrastructure, among other duties.

Wheeler narrowly beat incumbent executive councilor Debora Pignatelli in their race for District 5 with 75,287 votes compared with her 74,060 votes, according to preliminary results from the Secretary of State. Prior to the election, the Democrats had a 3-2 majority. Councilor Andru Volinsky, a Democrat, had lost to Feltes in the primary election for governor earlier in 2020.

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  1. Show your fury,




    Organizations that sell out our country don’t deserve outer time or money, spread the word support our president. Spread the news.


    The good people can be hired at OAN news, support Breirbart, What Finger,

    Please spread the news

  2. Lightening follows me wherever I go – I can shake trees anywhere – no need to continue to live on VT soil to shakem lol 😀

      • True NH is a wonderful state, lived there myself. but shall we give up an entire state to communists and socialists?

        That’s what they want, first they take over cities then small states.

        We need to stand our ground, and the truth is worth defending

  3. Imma comin’ Laura – gave up on VT 6 years ago bc I see the only thing I need to see – the writin on the frikkin wall – when ya see this – there’s no going back. Can’t unsee what I see and hopefully agree we cannot unring a bell lol

    • Well we are always happy to have anyone that aims to help us hang onto the Live Free or Die state.. we are the last hope up here.

  4. So question….

    If they ran the table on everything….how come Trump was beaten more in 2020 than 2016?

    In Vermont the most anti-Trump place out side of Washington D.C. saw his percentage go up 0.2 % and number of votes go up substantially. So how come N.H. went the opposite it makes no sense at first blush…none what so ever.

    N.H. Republicans don’t like Trump? Something seems amiss

      • Why thank you, it’s why I’ve been asking this question for days…..

        I’m sure your thinking cap has it too.

    • Great catch Neil.. yes for sure, something is looking fishy.
      We set records here when Trump did that Rally over in Manchester remember?
      And to look at signage, Trump was way a lot.
      I watched his campaign office here in town and the parking lot was over flowing with cars at all times I ever went by- which is a lot because it was on the main road into Keene.

      I asked my guys over at my site here in NH to do some number crunching on this and get an article up over here about this.
      I know people are saying things are looking not right.. my town is heavily Trump and yet the vote did not appear that way so I know my own people around here are asking questions..
      We both know that Voter Fraud is no new thing up here. We all know this.

    • Woooo Hooo…
      I’m doing a giant curtsy here for ya all, we worked HARD and did some serious butt kicking.
      Not only did we win, but you should see the numbers, we won by large margins..
      And how odd that they gave the Presidential race to Biden eh?
      Nothing to see here- of course.

        • I’m tryin’ ta shake yer trees ova theya 🙂
          Lets Goooo Vuhmont!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          All your people are moving over here.. I love them, but I’m not that thrilled with how they vote!

          Lets just fix our states so that everyone can stay put and make a good life where they are from.

          • If or when I decide to move to NH you will like my vote! Freedom and Unity are just words on a flag. I like the sound of Live Free or Die!

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