New bill seeks to fly only US, VT flags at schools; other legislation would make public transportation free, require electric buses

By Guy Page

A bill sponsored by Rep. Brian Smith, R-Derby, would prohibit flags other than the U.S. flag and State of Vermont flag from being flown on public school property in Vermont.

All the co-sponsors of H.92 are Republicans: Reps. Lynn Batchelor of Derby Line, Patrick Brennan of Colchester, Rodney Graham of Williamstown, Robert Helm of Fair Haven, Mark Higley of Lowell, Marcia Martel of Waterford, and Arthur Peterson of Clarendon.

Michael Bielawski/TNR

Outside Montpelier High School, the flag of a controversial political movement waves next to Old Glory.

“In order to allow school boards to focus on educating students and maintaining school buildings without becoming politicized over flag displays, this bill proposes to prohibit flags other than the U.S. flag and State of Vermont flag from being flown on public school property in Vermont,” the bill says.

Since the killing of George Floyd last spring and the rise of Black Lives Matters, many school districts and municipalities have been asked to fly the BLM flag. In many cases, there has lively and at times acrimonious public debate. The bill does not specifically reference BLM or any other organization.

Bill would make public transportation free, require electric buses

A bill introduced this week into the Vermont House would reduce transportation carbon emissions by expanding public transportation, incentivize electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and require some employers to take steps to reduce internal-combustion commuting.

H.94 is sponsored by Rep. Curt McCormack, D-Burlington, and co-sponsored by 73 other lawmakers (but no Republicans). The bill would:

– fund free public transportation
– offer incentives for Plug-In Electric Vehicles and motor-assisted bicycles;
– require that new buses be plug-in electric vehicles;
– require certain employers to provide level 2 electric car chargers;
– require certain employers to establish a transportation demand management plan, aimed at reducing commuter traffic;
– update Residential Building Standards regarding electric vehicle supply equipment, and Act 250 criteria for transportation;
– require more integration of bicycles into Vermont highways.

The bill was presented at the Climate Solutions Caucus Thursday as one of several climate-friendly bills. Other legislation coming this year:

– more spending on weatherization, possibly with federal pandemic recovery funds, or by allowing utility customers to pay for weatherization on their monthly bills;
– reducing forest fragmentation, via Act 250 reform;
– registering home builders. “We need a way to contact people” in the building trades industry to tell them about Vermont’s mandatory energy codes, Rep. Scott Campbell, D-St. Johnsbury, said.

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9 thoughts on “New bill seeks to fly only US, VT flags at schools; other legislation would make public transportation free, require electric buses

  1. I don’t know. Vermont should let it’s freak flag fly as a warning to any sane person who my be thinking of moving here!

  2. Many thanks to the Republican officeholders in VT State House – keep up the great work! 😀

    Political organizations should be banned from flying flags on *all* public property period. We have a state and national flags which represent us all – no need to dictate to others our personal worldview, belief system or religion.

    End the “rules for thee not for me” mentality of the elitist Democrats – I’d like to see all supporters of H.94 biking to Montpelier, mandatory car pool or use ‘free’ public transportation themselves and also using compact vehicles rather than the customary chariots aka SUVs.

  3. If Democrats want to ‘unite’ our country they need to remember that half of Americans voted for Trump. By flying a flag representing a political organization that states their hatred for Trump and conservative values on their website, they are continuing down the same devise road. Not to mention the fact that BLM is evil to the core and does not have black Americans best interest at heart.

  4. Unfortunately Brian Smith and others like him are the super-minority. The indoctrination centers (public schools) are steered by the relentless left and if the schools leaders dare to speak against the progressive agenda, their careers would be over. Call or email your reps to support this bill! Enough is enough.

  5. A school should be able to fly whatever flag it chooses….

    …and parents should be able to choose the school they believe best meets the needs of their children.

    Choice fixes everything.

  6. PERFECT, the flag pole at public schools is for the US flag…….period!

    If you want to fly the ” BLM ” flag fly it at your own house, not on taxpayer
    funded property ………… If you fly this trash, I want my school tax reduced.

    Thank you, Rep.Brian Smith, maybe there is some “common sense” in the
    statehouse, now let’s see who votes against it !!!

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