Neil Johnson: Molly Gray does not meet constitutional requirements to be lieutenant governor

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Neil Johnson, of Waitsfield, who was a 2018 candidate for state House in the Washington 7 district.

Our Vermont Constitution is very fair and inclusive. During this election there was some talk about Molly Gray and does she meet the qualification to hold office. Molly Gray is clearly capable, well spoken, ambitious and smart, with the full backing of the establishment in power — all great things for a lieutenant governor. She ran an excellent campaign that garnered more votes any other candidate.

Neil Johnson, of Waitsfield

The question is, however, does she meet the most basic standard to hold office — those outlined by the document upon which this Republic is governed? Does she meet the rule of law?

Here are the qualifications for holding office: “Residence of Governor and Lieutenant-Governor – No person shall be eligible to the office of Governor or Lieutenant-Governor until the person shall have resided in this state four years next preceding the day of election.”

What I heard on the campaign trail was, she is clearly a citizen of Vermont and didn’t’ give up her citizenship, and so is qualified. From the arguments, I must assume that Molly Gray did not live in Vermont the four preceding years to the day of election. If Molly has lived in Vermont four years preceding the election, a citizen of Vermont, then she is qualified. Molly Gray said her stance would hold up in court. But would it?

Our State Constitution is very fair. Let us look at what is needed to run for Senate or House of Representatives.

15. Residence of representatives and senators No person shall be elected a Representative or a Senator until the person has resided in the State two years, the last year of which shall be in the legislative district for which the person is elected.

Wow. All you have to do is be a citizen and reside in the state for two years and only one in district for which you choose to run. How could we be more welcoming and open to people, new people of the state getting involved with our government? It is extremely open and fair. Yet here we are with a candidate who does not meet the very most basic qualifications. The press and those in government have run cover on this topic.

People across the state are not allowed to comment on the most widespread non-profit “press,” VTDigger. Nobody seems to want to pick up or discuss the topic. Vermont, in its traditional way of working within small towns doesn’t want to rock the boat, and this is how people get away with corruption.

Somebody must call the question. Molly Gray does not meet the very generous standard to hold office as lieutenant governor, as outlined in our Constitution. Who will stand up for what is right, just and fair? Molly Gray has not met the standard; she can not be our lieutenant governor as outlined by our constitution.

Image courtesy of Molly Gray campaign Facebook page

32 thoughts on “Neil Johnson: Molly Gray does not meet constitutional requirements to be lieutenant governor

  1. Wouldn’t a candidate who wants to be seen as having integrity and honesty ensure they were within the confines of the law? And if she really wanted to be Lt. Governor, why wouldn’t she have waited until she had unequivocally met the requirements to run?

    I had never heard of Molly before she ran for public office. She also never responded to any inquiries. And yet, somehow it all still worked to her advantage.

  2. So, Vermont is corrupt and will remain corrupt because no one will do the right thing. Time to put the home on the market…not the Vermont I want to live in. Good luck w/the communist take over!

  3. To Molly’s credit she was given horrible advice, absolutely horrible advice. Those who gave it knew they would have complete cover from the press, complete legal back up and were confident that nobody would make take a stand or even challenge. (Based upon the past twenty years of vt politics).

    You can tell by the interviews and how Molly answers the questions that she realized half way through the election she was given horrible, horrible advice. She knows the truth, to her credit she still has a soul, respect for the truth and doesn’t want to lie.

    • Neil, go over to and read the new article up about Gov. Phil Scott, go answer those questions he’s asking Vermonters.. we are doing some wondering ova heeya.

      • I’m having trouble getting onto that site with my iPad. Have you guys figured out what happened with the trump vote over there? Seems like you might have glitchy election software over on your side of the river….

        • When you can get back over there, read “A little Red State with a big Blue Crown-Prologue.” by John P.Christie.
          This writer publishes at American Thinker and he’s doing what is going to be a series of unpacking what he thinks is going on here, based upon data and trends. Very good stuff.

          We are following what Sidney Powell is doing too and learning about these Dominion Voting machines that were used both here- and in Vermont it appears too. So lets see where that goes too.. I think we are watching a lot play out still… but it’s very clear what what happened does not pass the sniff test..

          • My guess is they are skimming votes everywhere to build up the popular vote for Biden. Even in states like Vermont, certainly seems like it for you guys in NH. Will check it out.

        • Yes it sometimes takes a while – however have added to BB screen shortcut to – and also to ay desktop and it’s pretty fast but slightly buggy. Might be shadowbanned by google? I use

    • How could Ms. Gray be a victim of “horrible advice”?

      Over the past several months, Ms. Gray has told us all about her robust resume indicating that she is a seasoned and sophisticated individual qualified to be Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor and fit to step up to being Governor if circumstances dictated such a need.

      The constitutional issue raised by Neil Johnson is not complicated. There are two questions to be answered: What are the facts of Ms. Gray’s residency and what is the law.

      Based on Ms. Gray’s own description of her education, training as a lawyer, experience as an Appeals Court clerk and extensive life experiences around the world, she should be well qualified to cut through “horrible advice”. See:

      There’s no hiding behind a “horrible advice” excuse…….Based on her resume and self proclaimed qualifications, Ms. Gray should be giving the legal advice in this matter….. not relying on horrible opinions from others.

      If she is unable to cut through “horrible advice” in this case, how in the world will she be able to cut through “horrible advice” as Lt. Gov…….Where there will be plenty of it…….Every day.

    • I for one am not fooled. I give Molly Gray *nothing* but a failing grade in ethics and honesty. This is a brazen attempt by the deeply dishonest and blatantly corrupt Democrat political machine to simply install whoever they like on the fast-track to governor. Oh please – she’s no innocent bystander here and in fact actually had legal *citizenship* in Switzerland. And the best they can come up with is don’t believe your lying eyes??? *facepalm*

      • I think she should be promptly returned back to wherever she came from, her and the horse she rode in on.
        We don’t take kindly to her sort.

  4. I thought we were a Nation & State with laws ?? and I keep hearing that no one is
    above the law, I guess that would include the Lieutenant Governor position ????

    So if Ms.Gray is not qualified, ” out of state residence” then that should be easy to
    prove, then she should step down, so let’s prove it ASAP……

  5. The headline claims “Molly Gray does not meet constitutional requirements to be lieutenant governor,” but the article does not offer any evidence as to why.

    I’m not pleased to see another leftist in Montpelier yet, if we wish to challenge her standing, significant evidence must accompany such a bold statement.

    • In Vermont Digger article she state she lived out of the country for 15 months prior to her 4 years residence of the election date.

      What they did was a skillful word smithing of exchanging the term residence for citizenship. You will find that the beginning of our constitution speaks of inhabitants of our state, ie citizen.

      To further substantiate this, you’ll note in the qualifications to run for representative it speaks of residing in the district to which you hope to represent for one year. We do not have citizenship of, say for example, Washington 7, the district in which I reside.

      I suspect the founders wanted somebody at least connected to what is going on within the state and current events prior to holding the highest and second highest office in our state. Should something happen to governor Scott she would be our governor.

      Having spoken with those connected and in place to make a contest, everybody has assumed the other did the vetting. Those whom offered a challenge or questioned are too afraid to bring up the topic for fear of they are wrong or get a ruling like we have gotten on magazine clips they will have political fallout.

      Nobody even asked for a declaratory ruling from a judge prior to her run.

      It’s so simple a concept, one immediately assumes this stance can’t be correct, because how could people have been so wrong? how could this have been totally overlooked.

      But here it is as plain as day,staring us in the face. Now the question is what will Vermont do? Will we show the world our prowess in covering things up (think EB5, where nobody working for the state even got a needs improvement on their review) Or our defense for our sworn constitutional duty to defend the constitution.

      I’ve given too much personally and financially in trying to steer our state in a different direction and need to recoup my losses over the next couple of years. A few people could take this ball and run, it’s been exposed, it’s simple and clear, what will leadership and those in power do with the truth.

    • Might makes right much lol. Story is incredibly detailed, goes thru the entire process carefully laying out with evidence that Molly Gray absolutely does not meet the unambiguously detailed clearly stated requirements stated in our state constitution – “shall” means this aint “maybe”. Hence election needs to be invalidated – we need a do-over.

      Anyone who actually reads the story can clearly understand what took place here – plain and simple election fraud a Democrat Party specialty. Failure to understand = unwillingness to accept plain truth and declare whatever the hell they decide should happen by monarchical fiat – as evidenced by their party members and supporters.

      Another Democrat in Bennington pulled this by fleeing home state to the safety of the VSSR and it’s fiat system of governance and corrupt AG w/o completing sentancing requirements. Nothing was done – surprise.

        • Cris Bates from Bennington was under a cloud for coming from IL as a felon. There are / is TNR article(s) on this. His not suppose to have a firearm, but a pic of him in VT with a rifle. He also introduced a bill banning air rifles. I had correspondence with him.

          This was 2-3 years ago. I have the article and can post it, if desired.

          • Ya don’t need my permission – justy a lowly commenter. The more posting the merrier – bring it on glad to see you’re still here – and I have some unreported theories about the guy lol 😀

  6. When will Vermont be Vermont again standing up for the law and honor and the truth? I grew up there and I am still waiting. Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served and alsp their families. My Dad fought in WWII and was a disabled vet who then served VT for decades proudly. Today I honor them both. Mom died on Veteran’s Day some years back, and I believe she chose that day to pass to honor him . He predeceased her. God bless them both and America as well during these very troubling times.

  7. Should the Vermont Republican Party or someone with standing sue to determine if Ms. Gray meets the constitutional requirements? Has the State Republican Party even expressed an opinion on this matter?……..How about Scott Milne?

    This seems like an issue ripe for litigation.

    • nobody wants to get their hands dirty…. would not be the politicly correct thing to do. This will be over looked as was the EB5 scandal.

      • People in high positions have stated they don’t want to touch this for fear of political fallout.

        This is how people in small towns get such favoritism and exactly how this will be swept under the carpet. I’m hoping by bringing this to light, that somebody in a position of power and authority will take the ball across the goal line. My hope was by coming out and writing about this, we would have at least brought the ball to the 3 yard line. Should at very least be field goal.

        • What do you all pay these people to do anyway?
          If she is not qualified, which it plainly appears she is not, she should be shown the door.
          This is not hard stuff.. we pay people to get their hands dirty and do the work of the people.
          Good Grief, does anyone know how to do their jobs anymore?
          It speaks volumes of the womans character to try and pull this baloney anyway- she’s not worth a vote based upon that alone. She is a fraud right outta the gate.

    • Yes!
      Nicely done.
      My question is how does the Governor go along with, and doesn’t this make him an accomplice to the crime?

      • Maybe because she’s cute and he’s old. We all like to be around the beautiful people.
        If Molly Gray got bad information as outlined here and she is an upstanding honest person, she should call for a review of her status as it pertains to the VT constitution. If she just goes along with the illegality suggested, then she is not honest and will never be considered for higher office and is just another egotistical politician not worthy of any leadership position!

        • She’s after his job – or is this plan – more corruption brought to you by Tammany Hall, VT? Keep moving ppl nothing to see over there. Whats a few constitutional violations among fiends *not a typo*

          • They are attempting to condition people into accepting things that are not right.
            Next thing you know Michael Bloomberg will run for Governor of Vermont, he’ll say he can do it from New Yawk just fine. He’ll do it on Zoom and you’ll love it… I can see it now.
            You give them an inch and they take a mile.
            Happens every time.

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