Nearly half of Democrats think disarming teachers makes schools less safe

By Laurel Duggan

Nearly half of Democratic voters believed preventing properly trained teachers from carrying firearms made classrooms less dangerous, according to a May survey.

Of Democratic respondents, 48.2% believed that preventing properly trained teachers and school staff from carrying firearms made schools much more or somewhat more dangerous, a poll conducted May 25-29 by the Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group found. The survey sampled 1091 likely general election voters.

Only 41.3% of Democrats in the survey thought disarming teachers made classrooms less dangerous.

Republicans were even more likely to think disarming teachers made classroom less safe, with 67.5% reporting that preventing properly trained teachers from carrying firearms made classrooms somewhat or significantly more dangerous, and 19.4% saying it made classrooms less dangerous.

Of the general pool of respondents, 57.5% thought disarming teachers made classrooms more dangerous.

Democratic politicians have vocally opposed proposals for arming teachers in schools in the wake of the May 24 Uvalde shooting, viewing the ideas as a distraction from gun control legislation.

“I’m a gun owner. Do not tell me our Founders conceived of this carnage when they wrote the Constitution. Do not tell me they would have tolerated this madness. Do not tell me that teachers must be armed,” Democratic Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips tweeted.

“As a combat veteran, I can tell you: I would never want to be armed with only a pistol against an assailant with an AR-15. We can’t just arm our teachers. We need to pass common sense policies like an assault weapons ban to stop these attacks,” Democratic Colorado Rep. Jason Crow said.

The poll had a 2.9% margin of error.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Education

3 thoughts on “Nearly half of Democrats think disarming teachers makes schools less safe

  1. The combat veteran certainly understands the difference between an AR-15 with Select Fire (fully automatic military assault rifle) and the semi automatic AR-15 available to the general public.

    Instead of clarifying the issue he conveniently overlooks the difference and proceeds to belittle those who are trying to do the right thing. Properly trained handgun owners can easily take down an armed assailant, especially in close quarters. The same for proactively trained students who are taught how to jam a pen/pencil into the ear or up the nose and into the brain instead of cowering on the floor waiting to be shot.

  2. Dont buy any of the arguments of the demoprogs regarding how to prevent school violence.
    In a close combat situation, like in a school building, a handgun is every bit as lethal and effective at hitting a target as an “assault rifle”, so the demonization of the so-called “weapons of war” is completely disingenuous. Teachers who are qualified and willing to carry are a huge defensive factor, as they wear no uniform and an assailant who invaded the school from the outside would have no idea which ones to target. A uniformed resource officer is easily identifiable and would typically be the first target of a terrorist.
    One proposal from demoprogs is to “better scrutinize background checks” but they have been on a program of expunging past criminal offenses so what will that accomplish?

  3. I wonder if nearly half of the Commiecrats think that the politicians should give up their armed security details if it makes them less safe?

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