Opinion: Children aren’t as precious as politicians (or we’d protect them with guns)

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

It is a simple fact of human existence: People or property that is important or cherished is protected (quite often) with firearms. When more protection is warranted, you add more security, probably armed. This is the way with the government, but not with children in their care.

Are government schools not responsible for them, after claiming ownership before or above parents, or are they abdicating that on this point?

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MacDonald: “You claim that disarming the people best able to protect these children will somehow stop those with criminal intent from doing them harm. If that is so, then you should first disarm the Capitol police and the Secret Service.”

Kids are not only easy targets for the deranged products of the progressive culture; that status is proudly advertised. “This is a gun-free campus.” Not that they need the sign. The Left owns government education, and their position on firearms, policing, and public safety is well known. It is a tool to control people, not protect them. And no one knows this better than the deranged radical leftists who make up the majority of mass shooters.

They drink it in like whiskey, the media bartenders lining up shots as fast as possible. The hate-mongering and division are sowed deeply and often until, like sleeper agents, they are triggered. Tragedy follows.

And then the party responsible for all of that, Democrats, the one that defends murdering millions of black babies in the womb, the one that masked and poisoned children with a pharmaceutical none of them needed, pretends to care about kids.

Suddenly they are precious.

But if that were true, you’d treat them like everything else you claim is important, including yourselves. You’d surround them with armed security. Instead, you advocate for the opposite.

You claim that disarming the people best able to protect these children will somehow stop those with criminal intent from doing them harm. If that is so, then you should first disarm the Capitol police and the Secret Service. No armed security for political leaders or wealthy insiders.

If you can’t even consider treating our future leaders with as much care as current “leaders,” then the first course of action should not be to punish law-abiding citizens because of criminals. It should be to disarm yourselves and your “security.” Lead by example.

Or maybe children aren’t important or precious to you. Not other people’s children. Children you insist must spend their day shacked up in your government schools. Human beings of so little merit that you not only object to anyone protecting them with firearms, you are working to ensure no one can.

And isn’t that precious.

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6 thoughts on “Opinion: Children aren’t as precious as politicians (or we’d protect them with guns)

  1. Schools won’t ever be secure until we identify the people who like shooting kids and lock them up. — Shrinks have identified the warning signs of these people, but the democrats refuse to take action.

    Instead they want to take guns for all law abiding people, and ignore the criminals. The only rational explanation for that is, they intend on doing things to us that American’s would shoot them for if they had guns.

  2. I’ll give up my guns when all of the politicians give up their armed security details.
    I’ll give up my high-capacity magazines when the armed security details give theirs up.

  3. I’m sharing this… It was posted elsewhere

    Facistbook already removed my posts,about Biden and his drumbeat for total gun confiscation..JUST think about what he said .About passing gun storage laws. That you would have to meet government standards to keep all of your firearms locked up..Even making it a felony if you didn’t lock them up. Allowing the government to even confiscate your firearms.And place you into prison. When you didn’t even use that firearm. Place yourselves in a situation. An invader busts into your house. And your life or death is dependent upon a second decision.Does anyone think the invader will give you time to retrieve you weapon ?? I DON’T THINK SO…YOU WOULD BE DEAD. But these laws wouldn’t apply to BIDEN and the social eletes. And Congress.We can not allow Biden and his,assassins to destroy.Our SECOND AMMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION.This is what this gun grab is, about. It’s not for our safety at all..The AR-15 they keep calling an as a assult rifle.Is just a semi- automatic rifle.Just like yor hand guns ..shotguns and hunting rifles. And the AR stand for the company who made it called ARMALITE.Then their push to restrict all weapons to five bullets.Just think of the threats were imposed on the people.When ANTIFA AND BLM were tearing those cities apart for two and a half years. What happens when you are attacked by a gang or a mob.And you only have five shells. Not all shots will hit their intended targets..Guess what…You would probably be dead.AMERICANS need to ask the government.Why they used taxpayers money. To buy stockpiles of ammunition.And military grade automatic rifles. For the IRS?? BETTER READ THIS REAL FAST OR IT WILL BE DELETED BY FACISTBOOK.

  4. “Gun Free Zones” = Vulnerable, Unprotected Population Within

    School Resource Officers are a must and not just one. When I worked at local Franklin County schools as a Substitute Teacher for many years, I observed and valued these professionals on a daily basis. They helped kids, befriended kids, responded to fights in the hallway, and became the 1st police officer a child may have ever met. Many came into the classrooms to teach kids who police officers are and what there jobs are.

    Congress wants police protection, Pelosi wants police protection, and a little birdie shared that the Inclusion and Equity Committee in St. Albans want police protection… all while the “woke folk” defund police from your kids’ schools. Sad – Sad – Sad.

  5. In today’s world, every school should be secure as any fortress, our elected officials
    are protected but our kids are fair game for any nutcase having a bad day and there
    are plenty out there !!

    If our elected officials Federal or State think passing new gun laws will accomplish anything
    they are wrong, we have plenty of laws and law-abiding citizens follow them, it’s those with a
    criminal intent to harm that walk the streets untethered, and laws mean nothing to them.

    Then we have the Federal Government letting hundred of thousand of ” Illegals ” enter the
    country, unvetted………. they all aren’t saints looking for a better life, but we just don’t know,
    well we know, but we have an inept administration opening ” pandora’s box “, Why ??

    If we can spend $50 billion secure Ukraine’s border, we surly should protect our kids “FIRST”,
    and our borders.

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