NBC anchor says it’s ‘astonishing’ Biden is doubting US elections, and VP Harris gets testy

By Laurel Duggan

Vice President Kamala Harris sparred with “Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie Thursday morning when asked about President Biden casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 midterm elections.

“[It is] astonishing to hear a president question whether our elections will be legitimate,” Guthrie said to Harris. “We’ve heard it before, but not from this president.”

When asked whether the upcoming elections would be fair at Wednesday’s press conference, Biden said “it all depends on whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to try and alter the outcome of the election.”

Guthrie asked the Harris whether Biden is actually concerned that we may not have free and fair elections.

Harris responded with a 40-second explanation of the two voting bills Biden referenced in the press conference, which some Congressional Democrats favor but can’t manage to pass. She also claimed that state-level voter integrity laws were “purposely making it more difficult for the American people to vote.”

“If I may finish,” Harris said twice, interrupting Guthrie’s reminder to answer the question at hand. “Let’s not conflate issues. So, what we’re looking at, and the topic of so much debate last night, was that we, as America, cannot afford to allow this blatant erosion of our democracy,” Harris stated. “That is the topic of the conversation.”

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8 thoughts on “NBC anchor says it’s ‘astonishing’ Biden is doubting US elections, and VP Harris gets testy

  1. Maybe, just maybe, the truth of the last election is beginning to hit home.

    Time will tell.
    Scripture tells us that when truth prevails, truth will set us free.

  2. 58% of a recent poll said they think the 2020 vote was fraudulent.. Leftist Commies, aka
    “Democracy” claims that vote was fraud free…

    With applesauce brains and Veep throat’s 30’s approval and 0 production the mid terms will be a landslide “R” victory hence the need to promote the R’s will be cheating to win… The two clueless low IQ ijits think the country is filled with stupid voter’s like their base..

    This is what you get when you order your leaders thru the mail… Vote in person with ID and order a mail ballot if unable to.. No more secret counting, stopping counting, or
    accessible counting machines.

  3. “…America cannot afford to allow this blatant erosion of our democracy” – So true. We can’t afford to go through the 2020 (as yet to be resolved) clown show custard pie fight every election. Certifiable identification and an unbroken chain of custody for the votes is essential. Hired vote harvesters belong in some medieval comedy play, not our elections. Counting must be monitored, must be in the public eye. Preserved paper printouts are essential. And they can’t get “lost” or found in a ditch. The clear intent and wording of the Constitution is that the states run their own elections. The Constitution frustrates the Progressives terribly – it tells them what they CANNOT do. Progressivism is a fanatic religion. Dogma is their truth. They’ve been thwarted for the moment, but they will not give up. They are Fascists.

    • Verifying a ballot and Counting it should be MANUALLY done by a Democrat and Republican at each counting station, in all counting centers in the US.

      In case of a disputed ballot, the counting stops, until a third person adjudicates, then proceeds again.


      That will take longer, but it would be more accurate, and fair.

      No counting elsewhere

  4. If you watched Illegitimate Joe’s speech or lack there off, and if you could actually
    could follow this Senile old man babbling looking and acting like he needed a nap
    and making no sense half the rime, and this is the leader of the free world, the world
    was watching this feckless old man, and the world is laughing at us …….

    How Pathetic !!

  5. Funny when President Trump questioned the election results the Democrats called him crazy but now, before the 2022 elections, the Democrats are questioning the results ahead of time! Only in America can you have it both ways! Went to the PO today and they asked me for my ID before handing over my mail! Racist ??

    • If it weren’t for double standards, Joe Biden and the Democrat’s would have no standards at all.

      • Peter,
        Dem/Progs have flexible standards

        They keep producing ballots from anywhere, until they are ahead

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