Naomi Wolf warns COVID police state ‘here’

“It is step 10, and that’s the suspension of the rule of law. That’s when you start to be a police state, and we’re here, there’s no way around it,” Naomi Wolf said.

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7 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf warns COVID police state ‘here’

  1. Tuesday, February 23, 2021
    We’re All Ten Steppers Now

    “Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed an unusual guest on–as he remarked to her, he’s sure she probably lost friends just for appearing on his show. That guest was Naomi Wolf, a long time liberal and feminist activist. However, since 2007 Wolf has been pushing her idea of the threat to American democracy, embodied in her Ten Step program by which democracies are transformed into totalitarian states. She sees these Ten Steps being implemented here in America, and the most recent iteration of her thesis appears in her new book: The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.”

  2. I think they saw C19 as an opportunity to destroy the economy and get rid of Trump, whom they could not control. Then they realized they liked the power and don’t want to give it up. And the really evil dicks are also using the lock downs to test the population to see if they will revolt when even more things are outlawed by decree.

  3. Funny how we used “the data”– lockdowns– that was first instituted by a totalitarian regime– China– and that this data was exported throughout the world with the blessing of the WHO. Of course, we can eliminate all infectious diseases if we stay in our homes and have necessities delivered by drones. Is this the “stay safe” world we want?

    Here it is almost a year into “a few weeks to flatten the curve” and instead of practicing the medical philosophy of “first do no harm,” we opted for massive destruction of the social fabric, of businesses, of livelihoods, and of a calm and reasoned perspective (instead of 24/7 news-induced panic). Who had the calm and reason? Sweden. Not us.

    Why did we choose “the data” that led to a police state? Don’t wear masks or else the AG will go after you. Gather in groups and the police will come. Why was it that only one small northern European country, Sweden, followed “the data” that dispensed with the services of a police state? Why didn’t we, the land of the free, do that? Was Sweden right? Well, we know one thing absolutely for certain: what Sweden did made little difference to the actual progress of Covid-19, whereas in the highly-restrictive UK and in NY State, they fared worse than Sweden did. Sweden preserved liberties. Sweden dispensed with the stupid, ridiculous, soul-destroying, ineffective practice of mask wearing. Amazingly, they live.

    We’ve gone insane. It’s time to stay free and not worry so very much about staying safe. We had paths we could’ve gone down that would’ve mitigated deaths and allowed for our freedoms– the path of focused protection and the use of cheap, safe, life-saving drugs– but instead of following the path of freedom, it seemed that everywhere roadblocks were put up in order to herd us in the direction of the path taken by a totalitarian regime, and none of us could have imagined that this would come to pass in the (supposed) land of liberty.

    Is this the land of liberty? Is this the land of self-determination, or of government dictates and petty tyrants?

    • Agreed! This should be a real wake-up call for every American. Do we have enough intestinal fortitude to do what it takes oppose and remove these petty tyrants or are we all ready to get on board the rail cars? There is a defining choice that needs to made by every American across the entire political spectrum. United we stand, divided we fall.

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