Mount Ascutney School Board gets cautious, says ‘unwise to rush into any decision’ on Riley

Wikimedia Commons/Djmaschek

Windsor School

By Guy Page

The Mount Ascutney School Board seems to be moving slowly on deciding how — or even whether — to further discipline Windsor School Principal Tiffany Riley for expressing some skepticism about Black Lives Matter.

The board placed Riley on administrative leave June 12, saying her comments were “ignorant” and “prejudiced.” Since then its decision has been supported by some local residents and officials, but also has been criticized by Windsor residents, Gov. Phil Scott, and national legal expert Jonathan Turley.

The board issued this statement Thursday:

“The Mount Ascutney School Board is very aware of the recent controversy surrounding their decision to place Principal Riley on paid leave. We want to make sure that all decisions going forward are consistent with the district’s support for leadership behavior, equality and inclusion.  We now must determine how best to proceed.

“We believe it is unwise to rush into any decision regarding a plan moving forward. While the Principal is on paid administrative leave, we are working together to evaluate what is best for our students, our school and our community. Then, after careful consideration of all the information, we will make a decision regarding next steps.”

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Images courtesy of Tiffany Riley Facebook page and Wikimedia Commons/Djmaschek

9 thoughts on “Mount Ascutney School Board gets cautious, says ‘unwise to rush into any decision’ on Riley

  1. I sincerely hope Tiffany Riley gets an attorney and sues the ass off the school board and state. This is a violation of the first amendment. Maybe we should set up a go fund me page for legal fees.

  2. Supporting someone who criticized Black Lives Matter doesn’t sound very anti-racist. Is Governor Scott already changing his position on racism?

    • I saw no ‘criticism’ of BLM in her personal post, only support for the rest of humanity and law enforcement personnel as well. Most of us assume the 1st Amendment still applies in Vermont.

  3. Ms. Rily, your right to free speech has been impinged. If this school board continues down this slippery slope, who know where it will end. Today the trend toward political correctness has gone so far that anyone or any governing body have become so fearful of an unpopula truth, they take the safest route by folding and sticking their heads in the sand hoping the issue will evaporate. Time to stand up for truth and justice.

  4. The big public education monopoly is all about tolerance and freedom, as long as you agree with their agenda and indoctrination policies. School choice is the best way for children to learn to think for themselves. The big public education monopoly and the mainstream media are creating a large population of puppets. I hope Mrs. Riley wins the battle and I hope the school board sheep are voted out at minimum.

  5. Give that woman a raise and promotion, she knows the difference between indoctrination and education. She understands critical thinking vs. how to become a lemming. She’s not ignorant but there are many people who are.

    • Sounds as though the School Board might have received something special in the mail from a very competent law firm. Either that or they received a brief on the intricacies of the First Amendment.

      Now they’re trying to find a way out without looking completely incompetent, which is impossible at this point.

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