Mother of three is appalled children asked to incriminate families

Editor’s Note: The author, a Chittenden County resident and mother of three, holds a Masters Degree in Public Health.

November 25, 2020

To Whom it May Concern and May it Concern You:

I am appalled that Governor Phil Scott would even consider directing schools to ask children if they joined other households for Thanksgiving. Governor Scott is not asking parents, he is asking children to incriminate their families. He is placing the burden of the parents’ decision on the children. This is how Hitler gained inside information through the Hitler Youth program and it should be clearly unacceptable in a free society, pandemic or not. While I believe the desire of the Governor is to keep the illness at bay and to protect those in our community who cannot protect themselves, putting children in the middle is not an option.

Imagine the embarrassment of the child who slips and says that they ate with Grandma and Grandpa. This child is now pulled from line at school to sit out for 2 weeks—yet these same Grandparents have been providing child care all along, but are not “part of the household.”  Imagine the fear of the kids whose parents chose to have a get-together but their ability to go to work hinges on the child lying.  Do children of divorced families who have 2 households have to lie because they changed households on Thanksgiving? This is unfair to the children and it too closely resembles other totalitarian efforts of using children to enforce the government’s desires. If you want to know if parents took their children to other households for Thanksgiving, then ask the parents directly.

One can argue that this is an extension of the daily questions already being asked, however, those questions were established and decided on before school started. At my children’s schools, parents were notified ahead of time that these questions would be asked. While I feel these questions are invasive enough, I was fully aware and agreed to send my children despite these questions.  Due to COVID weariness I doubt many parents have heard that schools will be asking this question. These same parents who are not aware might well be the ones who need to go to work the most!  Parents are not being made fully aware and that is one difference.  Yet, I feel strongly that this question should not be asked at all!

The logic behind this cancelled Thanksgiving assumes that Vermonters cannot assess the warnings and risks for themselves so the government must tell us how to behave to keep us “safe”.  We are told not to gather so that next year we can celebrate twice as much. However, in both 2017 and 2018 around 6,700 Vermonters died. If we wait until next Thanksgiving, there will be another estimated 6,700 people who will not share in our Thanksgiving dinner, not because of COVID but because time marches on. And now you, Governor Scott have decided for us that the 6,700 people who will not be with us next year are less important than the 64 we have lost to COVID. Every life does matter, but you are choosing which lives will get to celebrate.  I am a thinking woman and can decide that for myself and my children, thank you.

Lastly, let us keep perspective that, as of November 17, 2020, there had been 60 COVID deaths and 60 automobile related deaths this year.  Further, the automobile deaths have increased significantly in a pandemic year when there should be far fewer people driving compared to last year.  According to the Vermont State Police Website, “As of November 17th, there have been 60 fatalities on Vermont’s roads in 2020. There were 38 at this point in 2019, and the 10-year average for this date is 54.” While our road death rates are up 22% from last year, and one might argue the “epidemic proportions” of this, no one is asking us to stop driving or asking our children if someone drove them to school or to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving safely!

Today, I am thankful for my family and for all the work our public servants have done through this crazy year. Whether I agree with their methods or not I appreciate their time and do believe they are trying to do what is best. However, I am also thankful that I live in a country where my voice can be heard. I have the privilege and the responsibility to speak out and to let my elected official know when I disagree. Today, I am finally speaking out that I have had enough and our children are not pawns. Governor Scott, please continue to guide and share good information but let Vermonters make their own decisions, and do not bring our children into this debate.

Kendra Bowen, Mother of Three, Concerned Citizen, MSPH

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12 thoughts on “Mother of three is appalled children asked to incriminate families

  1. You are all waking up and it is not too late – whether you want to believe it or not a very powerful divine intervention is taking place – evil is being exposed – you are researching – you are questioning – you are speaking out and hitting the mark on exactly what is and has been wrong – keep this momentum going!

    Take Back Vermont and Vermont Strong rise again!

    There is power in numbers and when it dares to touch our children – it’s time to act…

  2. This tactic has been going on within our Vermont borders for decades…..

    1) Principle says something that doesn’t follow doctrine, fired.
    2) Bus Driver being harassed, lets those causing mayhem off the bus, threatened to be fired.
    3)School has issue between students on racial issue, rather than bring people together and show the young kids the error of their ways, principle and teachers publicly chastised and calls for firing.

    It’s been going on the national level for years against a conservative voice – ONLY

    What they do is wait for someone prominent and influential to say something stupid, which is inevitable, then they are fired and removed. Miraculously it only happens to conservatives.

    See those of us who have a back ground in Judeo Christian teachings know, that we are all terribly flawed, that’s the whole power of forgiveness and why it’s so needed and cherished.

    Knowing this, the rule book clearly lays out the plan on how to bring people down. The Rule Book is Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. It is the format for change in taking over countries to turn them socialist/communist. It is all about power and money, he so states. It is NEVER about solving problems and bringing people together.

    Romans would crucify people and hang them on the Apian way, which is a major trade route to keep people in line.

    Vermont Socialists/Communists/NWO pimps – Publicly fire you from one of the most prestigious jobs in the state, a school principle. Why? Because you questioned that burning, looting, shooting, vandalism, assaults and killings might not be the way to bring harmony. Aside from the fact that some organizations are a complete money laundering scheme and will do nothing for our brother and sisters of a different color.

    This is the plan.

    Divide Rich and Poor
    Divide Men and Women
    Divide Old and Young

    Sadly they are being more effective than I’d ever like to see.

  3. All the comments I fully agree with. Scott’s action is plain as day a Hitler copy. They did this to school children, asking them to spy on their parents, Grandparents, friends, and neighbors. Stopping people from going to church, staying in their homes, not talking/meeting with families/.friends. This is how Hilter started. It’s been happening for yrs. Banning books, schools and businesses started this long ago. Our history has been taken away from us for yrs. Look at these so-called “peaceful” protests. the beatings, the fires, the shooting, the destructions, they weren’t stopped. Even here in Vt these bused-in protestors broke the laws many times and nothing happened to them. They didn’t even wear masks unless the media was watching. They were in large groups. Yet Vt citizens are threatened by the governor using our children. I’m not afraid to say this is a sign of communism. Our state government is full of Communists,.and getting away with it.!!!!

    • These people are Terrorists. Think about what a Terrorist IS and tell me that is not exactly what Anthony Fauci is doing. He’s gets up there to that podium and proceeds to do nothing but spread fear, doom and gloom. And all these elected people are right on this bandwagon along with him..eating this stuff up like pigs at the trough. This is nothing but panic porn and then they crack down if we don’t drink that koolaid.. this is really f*cked up stuff they are now doing. Phil Scott included, what he’s doing right now, in years past this man would have been removed from office immediately.

      Think about this.
      Think about what George Bush said to us after 9/11, that we were NOT going to live our lives in fear of Muslim Terrorism, and then look at what then happened so that we would not.
      (The Patriot Act).

      Consider the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into our government.
      They are using these same fear tactics to manipulate the population that they use in the Middle East. Then consider the infiltration of the Chinese into our government, and they do this same thing!
      Why was it that we are not supposed to live in fear of those attacks, but yet we are all supposed to fear a virus with a 99.8% Recovery Rate? A virus that the average age of the people it kills is age 81 !!
      Fear is Fear.. putting fear on to the population IS Putting FEAR onto the population, whether it’s about bombs or bugs.. it’s all the same thing, the same methods to attempt to manipulate us and control us.
      When one government does it, that’s bad, but yet when our government does it- that is okay?
      People need to stop looking at this virus and look at what this greater thing is that is going on here.
      I’m in NH, there are tons of people over here that never did a damn thing, business owners, people that came in close contact with large amounts of people and guess what, no one is sick, no one got anything.
      This is not the contagion that we are being told that it is or we would have have off the charts numbers and we don’t. There is really very little about what they are telling us that is the truth.. and people have got to wake the heck up and see what is really going on.
      This virus is nothing but a vehicle to roll in this Great Reset.. it’s about power and control..
      AND the only way we are going to fight this is if the people understand what is going on right now and we all work together.. it is NOT what they are telling us it is.
      Take off those stupid masks and stop submitting to this tyranny.

  4. Kendra great letter
    you should Know your kids are being indoctrinated to the full extent in the public school. They are learning that all of this is “normal” and because they don’t teach history, the kids can’t discern right/wrong.
    This is just what they’ve decided to make public.
    We live in chitt cty town with nationally ranked schools. We bailed a few years ago to private. Best choice we made. The academics are far superior and none of this stuff goes on at all!

  5. The point is – if our government and the public school monopoly are aloowed to ask this question of our children today, what questions might they ask in the future?

    “Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed—no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull.” Orwell – 1984

      • It is already as bad as you can imagine. My children suffered reprisals from their teachers in their public school when I served on a school board. When my wife served on our local board, at one point, she received a certified letter from the teacher’s union trying to stop her from discussing our children’s educational circumstances in board meetings. That was more than 20 years ago. And we’ve been lobbying for School Choice ever since.


      ^^^^Read This…
      We have got to get off this track that we are on..

      I’m listening to this man covering for Rush today.
      He just said that they did some testing in Fairfax County VA and this remote learning has been a disaster for a good many kids. The special needs kids are in big trouble.
      They handed out many more Fs. He said that a good many kids are not learning and in fact have atrophied. Many will need to stay back even two years now at this point.
      He said that over 2 million mothers have now been driven out of the workforce because of this and working mothers have fallen to 1988 levels.
      These families, that didn’t have a plan to live this way are now often falling into deep poverty.
      He’s also making the point that the Democrats are supposedly the party of Women and Children and yet, they are hellbent on keeping us in this disaster for women and children.

      We are in an emergency and the emergency is NOT Covid.. it’s the disaster that these dummies have caused in their reaction to a virus with a 99.8% Recovery Rate.
      (Which has really been nothing but a vehicle to drive in The Great Reset)

    • Jay,

      UNIVERSAL Mail-in Voting, a la CONDOS, is all about creating chaos, to cover all sorts of shenanigans, before, during and after COUNTING the ballots.

      The US and VT Media are aiding and abetting the un-American, SOCIALISTIC hooligans.

      I am sure folks like Leahy, Sanders, and other insiders, knew the election scam was in place. They were laughing in their fists. We got him!!

      Biden even bragged about having the best voter fraud detection team.

      But it was not the VOTER who was at fault.
      It was the VOTE COUNTERS and BALLOT STUFFERS in Dem/Prog-machine-controlled cities of swing states, who were at fault.

      All that to gain the power of command/control to REMAKE AMERICA, AS THEY WANT IT TO BE!!!

      Schumer: “If we get Georgia’s Senators, and command/control over the US Senate, we can remake America”.

      The more GOP folks unite, the more Dem/Progs will lose seats in the Vermont legislature.

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