Mark Shepard: Joe Biden has no path to victory

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Mark Shepard, a former Vermont state senator (2003-2006) in the Bennington District. He owns and operates an engineering business specializing in industrial control and test systems.

There is no path for a true Joe Biden victory. The reason has nothing to do with anyone who does not want him as president. But rather, has everything to do with decisions by Joe Biden and his supporters and their actions.

Wikimedia Commons/World Economic Forum

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Here is a list of some of the most obvious. The decision to run Joe Biden was itself a problem. For the entire campaign Joe Biden and others have affirmed that he might not last through a four-year term. We certainly saw a number of very concerning indicators during the few times Biden made public appearances.

Choosing to run only against Trump, or more accurately a narrative of Trump that Biden and his associates have greatly influenced with their four years of never-ending politically-motivated attacks and efforts to remove the president from office.

Choosing to run a non-campaign campaign, making it impossible for the American people to ask questions and know who Joe Biden is and what he might do as president. What a Biden presidency would look like is truly a question of who actually controls him. Will it be the far left or will it be more moderate Democrats? Nobody seems at all sure, likely even Joe Biden himself; it is just speculation even now.

But there’s more to this list:

• Refusing to answer important questions, like court packing.

• Answering the same question differently, depending on who he was speaking to, like fracking and tax increases.

• Being pampered and protected by most of the “press.”

• Big tech blocking information from voters.

• The push for mail-in ballots.

• The over-the-top state shutdowns, mostly by Democrat governors.

• The Democratic Party lawsuits to loosen up election laws.

• The overall Democratic Party opposition to voting laws that give greater confidence.
• The bias of the polling companies.

• The refusal to come clean on the millions of dollars that flowed into the Biden family from foreign entities for seemingly nothing of value … except Joe Biden’s influence in U.S. Policy.

• Joe Biden claiming he never had anything to do with his son Hunter’s foreign business deals when there is plenty of indisputable evidence to the contrary.

• Joe Biden using the cover of the media and others to claim his son Hunter’s laptop was from Russia, when he had to have known it was his son’s laptop.

All of the above, which is but a partial list, are decisions and actions that were by Joe Biden or people who helped his effort to win. And that list along with the four years of vicious efforts to undo an election is why the “election irregularities” this year so easily create suspicion of fraud at a level that could impact the outcome of the elections. Even the most mind-blowing claims of fraud by design in election machines with foreign influence, that in normal times would be almost entirely viewed as a fabricated conspiracy theory, has become believable to far beyond a small fringe portion of our nation.

So even if those pulling every stunt they can to get Joe Biden across the line mange to do so, Joe Biden is so damaged that he will never have any legitimacy. None. Zero. Biden has no mandate for anything because he did not campaign on anything, except getting across that line. Wisdom can put no hope in anything Joe Biden says, or that of anyone who helped design and carryout the Biden for President deceitful campaign strategy. Joe Biden’s word is truly meaningless and Joe Biden did that to himself. He has nobody to blame but himself.

Images courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr and Wikimedia Commons/World Economic Forum

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  1. December 1, 2020
    An ‘Enigma’ Theme Runs Through The 2020 Election By Steve Feinstein

    “The Democrats have been practicing for this election for a long time but, until this year, they had to keep relatively secret the fact that they had the code to make elections break in their direction. This year, they abandoned secrecy. Their conduct and the possible outcome are reminders of both the British “Enigma” dilemma and of Elgar’s Enigma funeral march.”

  2. Elections
    Looking Ahead to Trump’s Second Term
    — What should a second term for Trump look like? Rooting out “the swamp” is the only way to defeat this plot once and for all.
    By Nicholas L. Waddy November 30, 2020


    This is testimony to the Arizona legislature on election fraud by Giuliani and company. The money part starts at one hour and five minutes. Well worth a listen, and anyone who thinks that there’s nothing to see and that massive election fraud hasn’t taken place in the US, I daresay their minds will be changed after hearing a few minutes of this, after the money part starts. Absolutely unbelievable.

  4. Monday, November 30, 2020
    Links To Good Election Challenge Updates
    — It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on, so here are three worthwhile links (plus one, following). I selected these–all from TGP–because they point to significant issues that highlight the strong likelihood of fraud. The final link features a Georgia legal strategy quote from Shipwreckedcrew.

  5. Question:

    Will Molly Gray be our Lt. Governor?
    Will anyone in authority or government ask for a ruling from a Judge?
    Will anyone put up a lawsuit?
    Will anyone protest?
    Will any credible or not credible news organization investigate?

    In Vermont… say 70% lean left. 30% Voted for Trump
    In Washington D.C say 97% lean left 3% Voted for Trump

    Can you see how easy it is for people to get away with stuff in Vermont?
    Can you imagine what they will get away with in D.C.?

    The money wasted, stolen and misappropriated in Washington is unfathomable for the average person, it’s their way of life.

    Can we right our own little ship? Can we think national and act locally?

    It would be nice to hear from some Republicans, if they believe Molly meets the constitutional requirements and why.

    If nobody responds, it’s like watching a nation be taken over and not saying anything. Will anyone step up or say anything? If not this is foreshadowing of what could come nationally. It may not be “so easy”…….

    • Obviously there aren’t 97% democrats in Washington….yet they all voted for BIDEN!……

      They voted for the status quo….

      Will the same happen in Vermont? 97% going for our status quo?

  6. “This isn’t a smoking gun, it’s a smoking MOAB.

    “We are going through a crucible of history.”

    “It’s treason. It’s a coup’ de-tat”

    WATCH Lt General: US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured
    By Pamela Geller – on November 29, 2020

    “On Friday, a retired top Air Force intelligence analyst stated with certainty during an interview that special forces had secured a CIA-run facility in Germany that had computers showing election manipulation. If this report is real, we are witnessing the biggest coup attempt, sabotage, and treason in American history. No matter what, though, because this report is out there and comes from serious people, it deserves serious investigation.”

  7. — Breaking: Pennsylvania Trial Court rules 2020 Election”Unconstitutional”, Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors.
    By Pamela Geller – on November 28, 2020
    — “Thread: This is a huge deal. The PA court is saying Parnell has a viable complaint that mail in voting in PA was unconstitutional and that the Gov there rushed to certify the POTUS and VP to skirt around it. This is massive – a huge win for justice. Please read this.

    — Tracy Beanz (@tracybeanz) November 28, 2020″

  8. Here is a video of Biden bragging about his excellent VOTER FRAUD team.

    BTW is was not VOTER fraud, but ballot COUNTING fraud.

    STALIN: “I do not care who votes, I only care about who COUNTS the votes”. Just google.

    Biden, as well as many other top Dem/Progs, likely knew about the shenanigans the Dem/Progs were planning with UNIVERSAL MAIL-IN voting and COUNTING, in Democrat-run cities of SWING states, to ensure Biden would win those states, by hook and crook.

    However, regarding Pennsylvania, SCOTUS will rule in Trumps favor and Biden loses 20 electoral votes and Trump gains them, or the whole election gets voided.

    The same will happen in a few other SWING states, including Georgia, with 16 electoral votes.

    It is very fortunate Vermont is so poor and has old voting machines that merely TABULATE the votes.

    The Dominium machines, used in many US states and THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, are 100% programmable by evil-doers.

    The machines can be connected to the internet, so evil-doers, in the US, and ALL OVER THE WORLD, can

    1) Watch the COUNTING IN REAL-TIME, and

    When I learned of this, I could not believe it.

    Recently, GEORGIA spent $100 million to buy 30,000 of the DOMINIUM machines!!! Just google
    Such big contracts usually involve KICKBACKS to the main characters, just as with EB-5 in Vermont.

  9. Any American that is still denying that massive orchestrated fraud did not occur and singly swing those several states’ votes to Biden, either is ignorant or severe TDS demands they not see and not care. Oh, and thank you Mark for your great report.

  10. Breaking:
    Senator Doug Mastriano to Draft Resolution to Take Back Power over Pennsylvania’s Electors
    Election Wizard, November 27, 2020:
    BREAKING: While on Steve Bannon’s War Room, state Senator Doug Mastriano announces he will draft a joint resolution to take back power from Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State in the appointment of presidential electors.
    If resolution passes, it would give the Pennsylvania legislature significant control over determining their 20 electors, including the possibility of deeming the election fraudulent and only appointing Trump electors.

    Wizard’s Domino Theory:
    If one state falls to Trump, others will likely fall too. Getting the first state to flip is the biggest hurdle. Once one state goes, the other state legislatures will have sufficient cover to follow suit.

    — The Election Wizard (@Wizard_Predicts) November 27, 2020

    Senator Mastriano: PA State Senate “is going to “take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court”
    By Pamela Geller – on November 27, 2020

    • Don’t fugget – all Trump team has to do is merely yank Biden down to below 270 – will go to House whwer it will be decided by one rep from each state – there are more R-run states than D.

        • Same to you N’hampsh friend…was ovah in your state yesterday – felt like I was on hallowed ground and God’s acre 😀

          • Daughter and SIL had the ‘big’ bottle of Granite State vodka – remarked I’d never seen it? Said it was $6.99! NH is now the boozy-fuzzy state lol bottoms up Laura

            NH store has *everything* – clerk remarked that sales have skyrocket…VT stocks stores w/what they decide we should have being VSSR after all…and only the most expensive options and excessive excise plus tax. Soo VTers are streaming over the river and stocking up imho. I go a couple of times per mo.

        • Laura,

          I bet it would be easier to find “glitches” in NH, as it’s not considered pivotal for his reelection, but if you can demonstrate it…..the dam is broken.

          For some reason in Vermont, we can perform all government functions, but to do an audit….can’t covid issues.

          And he’ll get away with stating such a stupid reason, we can have the election, the first count…….but NOT the second count. Very convenient.

          Do you think the tax department will close, because of covid? NEVER….we are such nubes for believing that statement and giving him a pass.

    • And…if a Special Prosecuter is appointed he and giggling bar-fly veep will be impeached. Appointed her at behest of Bolshevik Bernie – she will be able to pick own veep much after he is hauled away by Jill to a comfy rocking or wheelchair if he even makes it that far. And good f-ing riddance.

  11. It is not easy to lose a tough fought contest and accept defeat. Why even Tom Brady these days is having a hard time shaking the hand of an opposing quarterback in some of the games he has lost.
    President Trump has had weeks now to bring before the courts any evidence of fraud and to date has not provided any of the proof needed. His own cybersecurity head has said that there were no problems, and Republican and Democratic election officials alike have said this was a free and fair election and there was no widespread fraud that could affect the outcome.

    Joe Biden, who clearly laid out his platform (which can still be found on his website), is proving to be exactly who he said he would be when he won both his party’s primary and the election. That is a centrist Democrat . One who has a history of working with members of the other party and who will seek whenever possible compromise for the good of our nation.

    One of the things that I have found most discouraging about our Democratic/Progressive legislature is their almost automatic dismissal of whatever Governor Scott proposes in his annual addresses. One can be an effective opposition without totally rejecting the executive chosen in the election. It is after all how our country can move forward even after difficult elections. Hopefully after the dust from this current election finally settles, we will see more listening and consideration of the other side both in Washington and in Montpelier. If anything is clear from this election it is that people are divided in their opinions. We need, for the good of American, not simply to reject but to pay attention and respect those with whom we disagree.

    • You need to keep up, John. Lawsuits have been filed in Georgia and Michigan alleging massive voter fraud.

      More lawsuits to come. I doubt people are just imaging things when they say that as ballot monitors they were denied access to view ballots, and others witnessed many irregularities in vote count. Then we have the mathematicians, computer scientists, and statisticians alleging that the way results came in (surges nearly 100% for Biden, for example) are either highly improbable or impossible. Then we have the problems with the voting machines themselves, problems which we were warned about by none other than Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar years earlier.

      The mainstream media continually says that the allegations of fraud are baseless but that doesn’t make it so.

      Yes, it can be hard to admit defeat. It can also be hard to admit that even in the US, we might have had, as Joe Biden himself put it in an apparent blunder, “the most massive voter fraud system in history.” So let’s stay tuned, acknowledge (and read) the lawsuits, and see how this pans out.

    • Fraud has been proven, just not the amount to overturn the vote in any state-yet. Three predominately conservative counties weren’t reported mysteriously and no one noticed?
      How long does a case take from filing to being litigated? It’s been 3 weeks and everything is supposed to be investigated and ready to argue in court? Only on TV.

      • On Friday President Trump’s latest case regarding the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania was dismissed by the U.S. Court of Appeals Third Circuit. Judge Sephanons Bibas, a Trump appointee, who oversaw the case began the ruling stating: ” Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”
        The other two judges hearing the appeal, both appointed by Republican presidents, agreed with Judge Bibas to dismiss the case.

    • Newsflash: Fat lady hasn’t sung yet much…VP Gore brought suit which was not decided for 37 days – c’mon back and bitch after 37 days lol. Ah and tried to have it resolved by counting Democrat-machine counties in FL – we got plenty of time.

      Oh the howls when Gore lost fair and square. Cannot wait for the haughty hosses a*swhooping about to befall you and your deeply corrupt Democrat Party – no offense to the hosses..

      How numb is your skull sir…cannot wait to see you back with the hat in hand you demand telling us all how easy it is to accept the defeat of the century and demise of your party when the election once again is decided for DJ lol.

    • Hope this doesnt post twice:
      Newsflash: Fat lady hasn’t sung yet much…VP Gore brought suit which was not decided for 37 days – c’mon back and b**ch after 37 days lol. Ah and tried to have it resolved by counting Democrat-machine counties in FL – we got plenty of time.

      Oh the howls when Gore lost fair and square. Cannot wait for the haughty hosses a*swhooping about to befall you and your deeply corrupt Democrat Party – no offense to the hosses..

      How numb is your skull sir…cannot wait to see you back with the hat in hand you demand when the election once again is decided for DJ lol.

    • Freitag: “If anything is clear from this election it is that people are divided in their opinions. We need, for the good of American, not simply to reject but to pay attention and respect those with whom we disagree.”

      Pre-emptive diktat much? Kindly shove it sir. As Mark Levin so generously put it “they can all go to h***” And no – I don’t hafta do anything bc you and your fellow communist apologists demand it. And for never accepting DJT – I for one would never accept a Beijing Biden. Voted for and initially accepted Hussein.

      Reminder: You are on a conservative platform – *not* a politically open forum tho anyone can comment here if following TNR guidelines. If it weren’t for TNR gracious non-censor policy you would not be here – as we can see from lefty websites here in the VSSR.

      Continue to display abject hatred of conservatives but demand respect for ‘those we disagree’ – while you and rest of your evil party clearly disrespect conservative values and voices. So you the rest of fetid rot and majority-occupied w/waste of skin in Democrat Party deserve none. We reap as we sow – pray to your version of deity , if any – for a crop failure.

    • Re: “President Trump has had weeks now to bring before the courts any evidence of fraud and to date has not provided any of the proof needed.”

      Mr. Freitag, yet again, can’t help himself. This falsehood is no exception. For example, while Trump has had “weeks now” (24 days to be exact) to ‘bring evidence’, Freitag conveniently ignores the fact that the last election to be contested in this way was when democrat candidate Al Gore did so for 37 days in 2000.

      Never mind that serious evidence has already been presented, and (speaking of ‘automatic dismissal’) that due process and procedural discovery is being denied by judges choosing to ignore dozens of sworn affidavits by election officials testifying to witnessed fraud and illegal voting procedures.

      After all, with regard to voting by mail, Trump supporters should follow this guidance published on VT Digger this last May:
      “…we need to seriously question the assumption that making [voting] as easy as possible in order to get the most votes results in the best outcomes.”

      And this published last August:
      “Never give up. Despite setbacks and flaws in our system, it is what we have to deal with and far better than most either currently or historically. It is critically important for us to take advantage and use this incredible gift of choosing our own leaders and debating the future direction of our state and nation.”

      And who do you think provided this sage advice? None other than John Freitag.

      Trump supporters may, very well, have to accept defeat… for now at least. But Trump supporters don’t have to compromise their personal integrity in doing so, just because hypocrites like John Freitag say they should.

      • While the occasional comments I make on True North seem to cause some angst, rest assured that my questioning of cherished assumptions of my more liberal friends cause just as much, or in some cases even more, grief.

        I have indeed written over the years a number of published commentaries on VTDigger including one on why I left the Democratic party. If anyone is interested they probably can find them all on their website. I believe they are an accurate reflection of my views. While not ideologically correct from either the more extreme left or right, they have a consistency in a desire to help find the best way forward for our state and nation in a responsible way. My advocacy for requiring requests for an absentee ballot is one example.

        In my writing, including on this site, I try to avoid personal attacks and to concentrate on the issues ( though I admit the shenanigans of Paul Burns of VPIRG do test my patience). I may not always come across as successfully as I had hoped, but if one reviews my comments either here or in any other publication, I am sure you will not find any intended disrespect or questioning of someone’s personal integrity simply because we have different opinions.

        • What a tangled web much *facepalm*

          With due disrespect decietful defenses reveal FOS fraud imho. And it never stops – words and worldview reveal who we are – so the rest of longwinded missives designed to distract w routine chucanery mere steaming pile.

          Each supposed act of integrity are oh-so self serving – quintessential charlatan weaving tangled web of carefully curated patently pathological lies – get a grip sir – as of yet fool no one and can be read like a roadmap.

          As dyed in wool Dem if ya left party it was to keep finger on legilative pie, run as Indy to avoid primary – then skulking off to claim you’re a write in after dog ate your ballot before it was ‘sent’. Wash – rinse – spin- repeat

          • Have revealed self as having no integrity – period. Opinions and comments reveal and are the tell. Bat-blindness is caused by refusal to honor and accept truth hence lack of self awareness.

        • John,

          You’re right. You’ve stating your views fairly and decently.
          Given that, some of us believe this is all much, much bigger than meets the eye, and we should be especially on guard.

          In the case of the Michigan and Georgia lawsuits demanding a seizure of security cameras and voting machines: if these demands aren’t met, it’ll be akin to a murder weapon hidden from investigation because the accused can’t possibly be guilty, so there’s no need to investigate. If there’s nothing to see, then let’s see for ourselves that there’s nothing to see: allow an examination of evidence (cameras, machines) which could support, or refute, the numerous sworn affidavits attesting to serious election irregularities.

          Video, 43 minute mark. Worth a listen.

          • I for one do not engage in ‘civil debate’ with sockpuppet accounts. A careful comparison of Mr Freitag and your comment history reveal twin brothers or in fact one and the same – “Jim” being the sleeper cell.

        • I’m with you, John. You’ve expressed yourself as a gentleman, and although I don’t agree with everything you say, you have said it fairly and without malice.

          Although I do agree with some of the more radical voices here (you know who you are!) I don’t agree with the cut-throat tone. I’ve been guilty of this myself in calling Governor Scott a fool. He’s doing the best he can, but he’s listening to the wrong people.

          People, my own wife thinks I’m nuts! She’s a good person. She simply doesn’t have access to everything I have access to and believes the mainstream media: a huge, huge mistake, but understandable.

          It’s hard to grasp what’s really going on– no one should be blamed for failing to catch the ball, in my opinion. It really is so huge, so unbelievable, that those who can’t believe it aren’t to blame.

          We need to work on them slowly and surely, but I suspect that they’re going to see for themselves in the coming weeks what’s really going on. Some still won’t be able to accept it.

          • Yes sir – cutthroats come in many forms – as Mr Freitag has diplayed self as wolf in sheeps clothes -ya now id’d self as a in same ilk as our friendly wolf – has displayed self as patholigical peacock and you support him – ya have a right to own opinion but not own facts lol Thankful and grateful for the patriots who will not climb into bed w our self-declared enemies – hang head in shame sir

          • Stardust

            Now, that really is impressive!

            Why don’t you just list the dictates that must be adhered to before you’ll agree to engage in civil debate?

            Trust me, I’m certainly not trying to deceive anyone about where I stand, and I could care less if you approve.

            You yourself have shown your true colors– congratulations!

          • Astonishing level of chicanery – I am not fooled. This behavior is a feature of of comment platforms – happens when one wishes to congratulate or defend oneself – typical of trolls and goes back decades.

    • Just re-read for the umpteenth time — enough to conclude that there’s still room for chicanery and deal making.
      Thanks for doing your part to increase sales of Tums.

  12. Joe Biden is nothing more than a puppet that can be easily manipulated, and yes he’s
    also bought and paid for almost ” 47 ” years ……

    The democrats knew their candidate was flawed, this senile fool can’t talk for two minutes
    with out putting his foot in his mouth and the only way they could get him into the WH was
    with corruption, with the old way of winning an election ” stuffing the ballot box ” but they
    got caught……..major ballot dump !!.

    They underestimated the deplorable’s turnout, even the high-tech giants and all there hate
    for Trump and all the shenanigans ” data manipulation” to drag sleepy across the finish line
    has failed, the narrative was he won, just wishful thinking !!

    All the states will need to verify and certify and this is not going to happen ” Fraud ” is all
    over this ” CF “, this will go to the house and Queen Nancy will swear DJT into his second
    term…………….. Karma… got to love it !!

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