Milne reels in four more Dem endorsements

By Guy Page

GOP candidate for lieutenant governor Scott Milne has received four more endorsements from Democratic leaders.

Former St. Albans Mayor Marty Manahan, former Rep. Dick Allard (D-St. Albans), former Rep. Stephen Allard (D-St. Albans), and former St. Albans City Alderman Dan Luneau join the seven other prominent Democrats and independents who have stepped across the aisle to endorse Milne, including:

Senator Debbie Ingram (D-Chittenden County), former Senator Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington County), Rep. Linda Joy Sullivan (D-Dorset, Peru, Landgrove, Mt. Tabor, Danby), Rep. Chris Bates (D-Bennington), Rep. Terry Norris (I-Shoreham, Orwell, Whiting, Benson), former Rep. Michael Reese (D-Pomfret, Barnard, Hartford), and Jim Salisgiver of Dorset (Member Dorset Selectboard, Vermont School Board Association, Bennington Rutland Supervisory Union, and the Taconic and Green Regional School Board).

“In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we need someone with real business experience in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office,” said Manahan, according to a Milne campaign press release. “Scott Milne is the right person at the right time to partner with Governor Scott, help us tackle COVID-19, and use his business experience so we can emerge from the current crisis more resilient than ever.”

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One thought on “Milne reels in four more Dem endorsements

  1. Milne reels in four more Dem endorsements !!

    Wow, maybe the few remaining blue color Democrats in Vermont are finally
    seeing what has happend to there party………… the cancer from with in !!

    To any and all BC Democrats, you are always welcome to the conservative side
    as must have finally realized, your ” liberal ” counter parts are destroying the state
    with all there foolishness when it comes to legislation……….

    If you want a livable Vermont, vote the Liberal fools out

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