Mel K interviews Nurse Erin about her experience on New York’s pandemic ‘war zone’

Nurse Erin, a registered nurse, mom and Army veteran, moved from Florida to New York City in April 2020 to help manage the pandemic. As a travel nurse who left her state to help battle the reported COVID crisis “epicenter,” she was startled to find that the “frontline war zone” at a hospital in Queens was more like a ghost town. In this video interview, she recounts her experience getting paid $10,000 per week to sit around and “hang out.” For the patients who were there, according to Erin, ventilators did more harm than good, and promising treatments were prohibited.

Watch full 1-hour video below.

2 thoughts on “Mel K interviews Nurse Erin about her experience on New York’s pandemic ‘war zone’

  1. Speaking of ‘mass formation’ (i.e., crowd psychology), what we must understand is that the advertising community (e.g., Madison Avenue) has been manipulating ‘the crowd’ ever since the advent of mass media – newspapers to some extent, then radio and tv, and the internet today. The movies and tv shows we watch are loaded with product placements. And I know this to be true because, as an advertising-management major in college back in the day, this is how we were educated to operate.

    And it’s not just mass media and the so-called ‘pandemic’. It’s our employers, government agencies, and, especially, our public schools. And when someone writes-off these concerns as ‘conspiracy theories’, know that the discussion is ‘over the sensitive target’.

    There’s no point in addressing the specific details of this manipulation (‘mass formation’) in this writing. This video should be a sufficient warning. It is important, however, that the average, trusting, citizen understands that virtually everything they hear and see (perhaps including this Mel K interview) is designed to manipulate them. Understanding this circumstance is step one to your survival. The second step is to always do your own research and make your own decision as to what you do. What we actually decide to do about this is the next story – to be continued.

    Watch this video. ‘Do what’s right and be brave’.

    Caveat emptor. Praemonitus praemunitus.

  2. Just as I thought, it was all a political sham. We were never in any real danger and our elected officials lied to all of us………………talk about an insurrection, our congress and senate and president should all be removed from power.

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