Mayors meet in Massachusetts to push transgender bathrooms, ignore safety concerns

By Grace Carr

Hundreds of U.S. mayors came together Sunday to endorse Massachusetts’ protections for transgender persons, insisting that the protections are necessary to continue the state’s dedication to inclusion.

Leaders gathered in Boston at a four-day U.S. Conference of Mayors to call on voters to reaffirm Massachusetts’ law that provides transgender people with special protections. They designated the meeting as the bipartisan “Mayors for Freedom Coalition of the Freedom for All Massachusetts” campaign, NBC10 reports.

A majority of Massachusetts voters don’t want to repeal a 2016 law that gives transgender persons greater public accommodation protections, according to a WBUR May poll. Fifty-two percent of voters want to keep the law, while 38 percent want to repeal it.

“This law has been in place in Massachusetts for two years with no issues, and a similar local ordinance has been in place in Boston for more than a decade,” Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said Sunday, NBC10 reports. “In that time, we have become a more welcoming and inclusive city for our transgender friends and neighbors.”

The Sunday conference comes after “Keep MA Safe” — a group dedicated to repealing Massachusetts’ 2016 bill that allows transgenders to use the restroom according to their preferred gender — started a petition to repeal the law. The petition received more than 34,200 signatures, where 32,375 signatures were needed to ensure that the issue would appear on the state ballot in November 2018.

Massachusetts voters will determine whether the 2016 law remains in place in November.

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4 thoughts on “Mayors meet in Massachusetts to push transgender bathrooms, ignore safety concerns

  1. Woohoo just what people voted for taxpayer funded demagoguery by Big Govt loving leftists trying to force their goals & agenda through Govt policy, code or laws, by using vulnerable people who need help serious help with parental involvement especially for minors, and I don’t mean they need non sense help like art therapy in a “Safe-Space”, or the new one my favorite a “crying closet”. These people need actual meaningful help not the continued encouragement or a somewhat silent implicit approval of their all around no benefit at all, destructive & sometimes suicidal behavior/ lifestyle. Anyone with serious Mental Problems or other serious issues & problems obviously detrimental to the person & their families should not have the ability to use the girls bathroom today because they’re feeling feminine. I voted for actual Hope & Change not continuing in any way this divisive Socialist, Secretive, full of lies, un-openness, & telling people you didn’t build this. Actual History I believe will not look kindly upon Obama’s 2 term administration, he will be scrutinized for his anti American hateful divisive distracting well expressed & verbalized lies, lectures, and propaganda. I voted for stemming and ultimately stopping our march towards Socialism. The pace America was heading towards a truly murderous & disgusting ideology that is completely in conflict with what America stands for, is, has been, and will be as a Freedom loving, Patriotic Nation. Most Leftist ideologies are without argument undeniably, based on history & facts, their own published papers & stated policies, goals, plans, & Statements are inherently oppressive, hateful, divisive, always bringing up race & putting people into groups to divide, these ideologies are ultimately against any Freedoms & Rights for individual people, leftists are anti American anti USA & Vermont Constitutions to the core. Dissent & disagreement towards leftists especially ones in power will earn you censure, & attempts to silence you through lies & unfounded accusations & allegations, destroying or possibly bankrupting, or forcing one to be fired from employment through press contacts, intimidation, or an abuse of power malfeasance laced politically motivated law enforcement action meant to smear & embarrass with the goal to distract everyone else at the same time discrediting you stop telling the truth. Its a bathroom everyone just go where your supposed to go handle your business and move on.

  2. Yeah lets make special considerations for the mentally defective .5% of the population and make the other 99% uncomfortable. Lunacy

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