John Klar: ‘Mayday on May Day’ event to discuss Covid-related trampling of Vermonters’ rights

Vermonters’ liberties have been compromised in numerous ways because of COVID: mask mandates, business and school closures, freedom of worship, assembly, speech, and travel — and now a vaccination identification card? Vermonters will gather May 1 at the Vermont State House to discuss these many encroachments on freedom.

6 thoughts on “John Klar: ‘Mayday on May Day’ event to discuss Covid-related trampling of Vermonters’ rights

  1. Our founding fathers considered all sorts of scenarios wherein individual rights and self-determination might be infringed, in order to counter these with appropriate legislative measures. They could never have imagined some of what’s happened since then, and they probably couldn’t imagine the possibility that a powerful entity– I’m here engaging in speculation– might orchestrate a police state through the mechanism of medical necessity brought on by a (largely fabricated) disease. Or, maybe they could imagine this, and maybe this is what the Constitution is all about.

    A bigger danger is that a global police state is, in fact, already being promoted, although in the form of a “soft” or subtle police state of the Great Reset, and ostensibly for a good cause: to save the planet and ensure justice for all. This isn’t speculation.

    The real mechanism behind this is the pseudoscience of global warming: this is the bludgeon to beat in a global police state. It’ll be “necessary,” every bit as necessary as lockdowns were. It’s medical necessity writ large: for the planet. This isn’t conspiracy theory, this isn’t speculation. They’re telling us right up front what they intend to do, and anyone can look up “Great Reset” and get an earful from the horse’s mouth.

    I don’t think there’s much hope in fighting against global warming pseudoscience since the censors and propagandists have the upper hand– at least for now. But what we can do, and what people are starting to do, is say: no more police state. Not for any disease, not for global warming, not for anything. Ever. Calling BS and rising up is what scares the proponents of a global police state the most.

    We can thank Texas and Florida and other states for leading the way. May they grow and prosper. And may we turn back the beast.

  2. Hospitals are mandating visitors of patients be vaccinated…still heavy-handed imo. So must be mandating other hospital personnel? Was recently in ER and said I did not want the vaccine but also was not offered it.

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