New mask mandate will spur retail activity, Gov. Scott predicts

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott doesn’t think the universal mask mandate he announced Friday will make Vermonters less willing to patronize businesses in-person. The opposite will be true, he predicted.

Vermont Daily asked the governor at his press conference today: “The Times Argus reported yesterday that banks and retailers are running short of small change in part because people aren’t walking into stores as much. It was also reported yesterday that the Stowe Reporter and its affiliate papers have had to lay off their editor and several other key news staff due to continued declining advertising. Given these canaries in the coal mine, are you concerned that your mask mandate will drive consumers to buy even more online and less through in-person visits to small, Vermont-owned retail businesses? And has your administration discussed if this increased online buying could turn into a permanent consumer choice for more Vermonters?”

Guy Page

Gov. Scott replied: “I believe just the opposite. With the mask mandate, people will be more comforted [about going into stores]. I believe that this action that we are taking is proactive and will have the opposite effect.”

Vermonters concerned about health risks will have more confidence shopping, he said.

Today’s mandate requires universal wearing of masks in all indoor public places, and outdoors where social distancing cannot be practiced, by Aug. 1. There are exceptions, such as while eating, drinking and exercising, and for children under 2 and people with health considerations.

Vermont Daily also asked Health Department Commissioner Mark Levine: “Given the false positives on antigen testing in Manchester, as the state’s public health expert are you concerned that some of the increase in large scale positive tests nationwide could be significantly due to a problem with antigen testing?”

“That’s a great question,” Levine said. Only a third of the U.S. states require backup PCR testing to substantiate antigen testing results. He conceded that antigen testing is new. “I would hate to have this generalized across the country,” and his greater concern is that people will lose faith and confidence in antigen testing.

Investigations are ongoing and he is confident it will determine with “clarity and definition” why antigen and PCR testing of the same people produced such wildly different results in Manchester.

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Image courtesy of state of Vermont

76 thoughts on “New mask mandate will spur retail activity, Gov. Scott predicts

  1. Why do I need to go to any store in vt. I can have anything I want delivered to my door in a few days. AMAZON.

    • Shaws Walpole NH is requiring masks…ignored by me…successfully made purchase…if Shaws VT pulls anything…prepared to quietly walk out leaving items behind

  2. Twitter Locks Breitbart Account over Viral Videos of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Presser
    Twitter deleted Breitbart News’ Periscope livestream of a Washington D.C. press conference held on Monday by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.
    by Lucas Nolan 297

  3. Madding Mob at it again: Masked Mayhem-makers Edition

    Masked-mandaters losing marbles much?
    Signs on face mask safety to be posted
    July 23 12:14 am
    emphasis added
    “At a meeting of the Woodstock Board of Village Trustees, Jill Davies, Selectboard Vice Chair, said that ***20 signs measuring 12-by-18 inches and eight 24-by-18-inch signs*** have been made and should be “enough to do every access point.” ”

    • Maplefields Madding Mob boycotts over refusal to boot noncompliant ‘subjects’ – once again its the at FPF fools again:

      at Issue mask wearing
      Residents boycott Maplefields due to mask-less customers
      By Eric Blaisdell Staff Writer Jul 23, 2020 1

      “Moore said in an interview Thursday he reluctantly went to the store recently to pick something up when he noticed two customers not wearing masks. He said he pointed out the lack of masks to the store employee and she told him wearing masks isn’t mandatory.”

      Butthurt burns bigly lol

      • Store clerk account claims the guy was picking the fights:

        (1) comment

        localvore Jul 24, 2020 4:03pm
        “Uh, alright. I was the employee that was accosted while working the register at Maplefields. The quoted man did not ask for help, as he claims, he started yelling at me and other customers in the store, ranting about Fox News and calling people “covidiots.” He did a great job spinning his own behavior to make him seem like the victim in this scenario.”

        – An individual I know claimed a man started a fight w/him at the checkout at Walgreens in BF bc he was not wearing a mask – friend put items on counter and walked out. Mask-mandater chased him out of store into parking lot screaming at the top of lungs.

        Outbursts are taking place bc breathing in waste product of carbon dioxide is poisoning these ppl. Starving the brain of oxygen is dangerous imho.

      • If for no other reason these encounters serve as object lessons which show how mentally ill the collectivists are and how much they despise all who reject their flawed logic and willingness to force their will upon others as they do not want to be identified as the sick ppl they are.

        Every person who refuses to wear a mask is living proof of the abject failures of our live-and-let-live ethos and shared humanity they have turned out to be.

        Nazis may have been defeated but still alive and well.

        • Very well said. I believe Springfield has had 2 positive cases since June 1st . Ridiculous. If we were informed with accurate data we could make decisions. I see a very small risk in this area. Some see larger risk. We can make our own choices. At least we will make them based on what each of us feels is right. Not on political pressures. I go with a million brains thinking instead of one.

          • One daughter just informed me she will not be sending my grandchildren back to school. My 8th grade grandaughter had been depressed – following Wuhan scandemic has worsened and does not want to go back to school or even leave her room really. We are heartbroken.

            My daughter just informed me feels it’s best to educate her children using the ‘Remote Learning’ option. She is concerned if someone tests positive near her son – that it would open her and family to outside ‘checkers’, that her family would be forced to quarantine, meaning not go to work, have temps taken daily, and forced to give list of all contacts – one would be me. Anyone who comes to my home to ‘test me’ will be ordered to leave. Facing reality of being dragged from my home, forced to submit to a testing regimen which I will refuse to do.

            Biggest concern is all the false positives. I could be placed under house arrest? There was a local story of someone at a pool testing positive – however turned out to be a false positive?

            Looks like Alex Jones “Prison Planet” was a prophetic. Staring into the face of pure evil and feel quite comfortable rejecting any and all who are supporting the spread of the brain disease TDR, all of its cohorts and iterations. We know them by their masks.

      • ‘Masqueing’ continues:
        In other news – Dave Gram former so-called ‘journalist’ continuing the masquerade at WDEV rudely dismisses TNRs very own Guy Page by claiming he’s ‘not a journalist’ including litany of assorted insults – proving what a silly, sad and small person he has become.

        Dave Gram: Neutrality is not truth, nor is it equity
        By Commentary Jul 23 2020
        Personally beg to differ. The truth is the truth no matter what form it takes whether Mr. Gram likes it or not – he doesn’t get to make the rules – none of us do.

        Mr Page has a newsroom background, does a great job imo using several platforms keeping readers informed of the issues we need to know about – but not really the point here. This is yet another slash and burn flamejob by a mere media political hack and attempt to intimidate as the mob so wantonly does. Completely dismissing and disrespecting Citizen Journalism bc it’s just as dangerous to their totalitarian control as the comment platforms which they have shut down.

        And DG just plain makes stuff up when he is unable to make his points via the sophistry he uses to conjure patently ridiculous points. More from DGs flawed folly:
        “So just as they’ve latched onto the worst of postmodernism with their claim that facts don’t matter or that alternative facts are OK, many conservatives will steal a page from a reporter’s notebook and cry “neutrality” when progress is what’s needed.”

        Um – none of this ever happened – at least not here. And he’s mischaracterizing the one who made the statement who *is not* nor claims to be a journalist unlike DG. Is simply spouting same tin-foil hat conspiracy theories he and his ilk love to fuss about.

        To legitimize their foolish and flawed premises often quote the famous by attempting to place selves in same court – this time ‘quoting’ Dante lol. One mere opinion + another mere opinion = two mere opinions and nothing more. On its own – much ado about nothing and another epic fail.

        Mr Gram displays his hate-filled fuming rants each time he gets a chance primarily by Strawmanning his silly arguments. Personally pity the man – he’s destroyed whatever good will he may have had – clearly afflicted w/a bad case of brain-disease TDR prior to descent to abyss of leftwing lunacy. Hoping he gets well soon.

        • I listened to two of his shows, never went back. Another arrogant liberal playing to the choir by espousing his twisted opinion. WDEV has gone to hell just like WSNO, Fox 44, WCAX and WPTZ. Is there any wonder why the average uninvolved Vermonter has no idea how bad things are. But they can feel it in their lack of money and feel helpless when all they have to do is vote to stop it.

          Dealing with the press is an impossible issue due to 1st amendment laws, but what happens when the media lies, omits stories and invents their own through unconfirmed, anonymous sources. Is there a punishment for their violation of their public trust and the incitement of riots, wide spread destruction, death and chaos by picking a side, the left side? They are as guilty as those throwing rocks and burning things. This guy who thinks he’s a journalists hosts a slanted talk show, is a Never Trumper and has no more influence than a Danzerger scribble.

          • Interesting little Freudian blurb about eyesight. Glad he has his eyesight but still batblind. DG made a comment less than a year ago slamming Christians who demand their pov be taught in public achool – so 1980s! Personally do not agree with teaching of faith matters in public school as it’s not a church and if happening at all it’s rare.

            But apparently needed to find a venue to channel his hatred for faith community – another intellectually dishonest so-called ‘journalist’. And he’s got plenty of company.

      • Source:
        “Major Retailers Walk Back Mask Mandates That They Just Put In Place.”

        Why did they do it?
        To stop the confrontations that the customers and employees were having.
        You ready for that Vermont?
        Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, CVS and Walmart all said “Nooo, lets not go there afterall..”

        A did a quick Google search: “How many people in America have respiratory Illness?”
        Now wouldn’t you think it would be common sense for a state to do such a thing before ordering people to wear a mask- to kinda get an idea of the respiratory health of a state before they order something be stuck on their face over their air passages?

        It turned up a lot.
        “Currently more than 25 million people in the United States have asthma. Approximately 14.8 million adults have been diagnosed with COPD, and approximately 12 million people have not been diagnosed.”

        Thats 51.8 million people with just these named issues- not even getting into allergies or any other things.

        “1 out of 7 middle aged or older US Adults suffer from lung disease..”
        another one said.

        I find it SHOCKING that the state would issue this mandate given the respiratory health of the population.
        Have the Karens ever considered that maybe the person not wearing a mask has breathing issues? look at these numbers..

        Then lets consider the kids, go do some reading about what being deprived of oxygen does for a developing brain.

        It’s no wonder that so many people have ZERO Confidence in Goverment.
        Go look at the states data, how is this justified? there on one single diagnosed case of this in the hospital right now in the state.
        I’m really shaking my head here on this one.

  4. It’s no coincidence that in areas where the folks behave themselves by social distancing and wearing masks, the virus spreads considerably less. Wake up folks, Gov. Scott is on the correct side of this one. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!!

    • And what areas would those be? What studies support your statement? Officials often credit masks and social distancing for decreased case counts, but there is no way to prove it causatively.

      • Spoken like a good slave. Pls stay home Mike where your overlords have sentenced you by fiat, shut the windows, stay masked-up! And for Gods sake don’t think for yourself. Wrongthink is punishable by shaming from defacto mob rule!

        And remember the adage “There is no I in herd” Suggestion: tape it to bathroom mirror as a reminder – additionally to refrigerator if you find self entertaining the thot that maybe, just maybe you’re misguided lol 😉

        • I saw a Tweet this morning that was from the BBC.
          There were over 1000 applicants for a Receptionists job there in some area- this made their news.
          Are all of these irrationally scared people even thinking for one second about where people are going to work?
          The state was not exactly a Good Jobs Mecca before this even happened.
          Think of the NEK, I can see them being a very similar situation.
          People have got to have Jobs and there are not going to be any left.

      • OMG – we have a Karen and now we have a Mike!! Do the research Mike DO THE BLESSED RESEARCH ONE AND ALL so more wake up! From the get go it’s been a Red Herring so figure out why that is first and proceed from there. Virus has a measurement, bacteria has a measurement, the masks that 98% seem to think protects them DOES NOT for a virus! FACT. Research how many viruses have spawned from where (?) China over how many decades!! Does anyone recall a mask hysteria, stay at home order, quarantine order or the like for the multitude of “VIRUSES” in the past? Help yourselves Karens and Mikes and stop falling for the “pit one against the other” mentality being fostered by a VERY nefarious group playing too many for fools.

        PS – Leave out the one 1917 mishap too because this is 2020! Even then they realized the masks didn’t work – RESEARCH SO YOU SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. Just can’t tell people – SHOW THEM!!


    • That is NOT what the Swedish experiment demonstrates. We cannot stop the spread of this: it’s completely unrealistic because at some point we will be out and about and catching this unless we’re determined to either wear masks for the rest of our lives or get a vaccine, which may never come and many not be effective or safe. The whole thing is ridiculous.

      If the entire US had done what Sweden did with one exception: it had taken care of the elderly (which neither Sweden nor the US did– in fact NY State sent Covid victims to nursing homes and dictated that they must not be tested for Covid) then we wouldn’t have had to shut down and life would be pretty much normal right now, like it is in Sweden.

      In 1918, everyone knew someone who had died of the flu. In 2020, most of us don’t know anyone who has died of this, and as Sweden demonstrated this is not because of lockdown. The disease is overblown and has set a terrible precedent for future pandemics. Ferguson’s wild predictions scared everyone yet Ferguson had a terrible track record– why on earth was he paraded out in front of the media to scare everyone?

    • Per comrade Scott, the Virus appears to be well under control with voluntary mask wearing and now making it mandatory who will enforce this and for what purpose. Scott must have taken a poll and found that in socialist VT he could get away wtih this directive and even reap a few more votes.

    • Mr. Gilhooly has made it obvious that he merely pays lip service to being a Republican. He is, in fact, a socialist, seeking to convince us that we must accept servitude.

  5. More shopping on Amazon and eBay for me ..

    > From the New England Journal of Medicine
    > “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”

  6. Everyone was warned. And if you think Scott won’t issue more orders, you’re wrong. How much more will it take before people stand up and rebel against this totalitarian?

    • Second link provided is poorly done and does not really prove any of the points speaker is attempting to make, and no way to confirm much of the info. However much of it I agreed with if there is in fact any authenticity. It contained no proof that Trump is involved with child sex trafficking so calling bs on that one.

      First link was good so thanks for that.

      • I never said which side of the scheme Trump was on, did I? And I didn’t say who was trying to stop him.

        Thanks for paying attention.

        To be perfectly clear, that link points out the false narrative of the Central American migrants fleeing gangs and poverty, and turned back by tear gas at the border. The broader point of the entire series is that something very evil had been going on that involves Epstein and Maxwell and a whole bunch of other people in high places, and includes child sex trafficking across the border that Trump is working against (addressed briefly later in the video.) So Trump is indeed involved in (the effort to stop) child sex trafficking. My bad for being cryptic and confusing.

        What the heck does this have to do with Covid and masks? In my estimation, plenty, if you look at the big picture.

          • Nor do I endorse reset – was an eyeopener everyone should take a look at. Thanks again 🙂

        • Arbitrary wording is confusing:
          “You did know, didn’t you, that Trump is involved in a world-wide child trafficking scheme and he must be stopped?” [???] When I read comment was thinking ‘Thot I’d heard everything’
          Thanks for addressing. 🙂

  7. Perhaps the best route for Vermonters at this point is to support Rep.Louie Gohmert’s efforts..

    “Rep.Gohmert Introduces Resolution To Ban Democratic Party..”

    We can tear things down too that are associated with slavery.

    Source: The Western Journal

  8. Benedict Scott,liar,tyrant and past time to retire him.
    I’ve already voted in the primary and I don’t cast ballots for Leftist’s of either party, liars or tyrants and Scott has all three covered.

    • He’s a cow pie, sure. But he’s only doing what he needs to do to keep getting that 150K a year or so plus benefits. And to ensure the next payoff from Bloomberg. So, he’s every other vacillating politician with no backbone or morals.

      What’s more worrying is the people that support his authoritarian bent.

      If you really want to know what “real Vermonters” (who moved here in the last six months) really think of you if you’re outside of Chittenden County or don’t buy the fear mongering, go check out r/vermont (“Vermonting Vermonters”, what a joke) on Reddit.

      Specifically, click on the posts related to this latest dictat and read the comments.

      It’s quite frankly appalling. The vitriol is unbelievable. Everybody that doesn’t lap this stuff up is a “retarded redneck” (interesting how the word “retard” is kosher if you’re referring to somebody that does HVAC work and drives an F-250 and not a Prius) or an “idiot boomer”.

      These people both disgust me and frighten me.

  9. We have to wear masks because Neil Ferguson and Imperial College were way off base in their predictions of Covid-19 deaths; because the surge to overwhelm Vermont hospitals never came; because the predicted deaths in Vermont never came to be; because Sweden, which never locked down and doesn’t wear masks, isn’t suffering terribly and people act normally; and because the Governor wants people like me to shop in NH. Got it.

    Oh, and also because we want to distract attention from the pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein (dead under mysterious circumstance in prison) and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell (recently arrested in NH) who were involved in a nation-wide pedophile ring that touched the highest levels not only in America, but throughout the world. Make the people worry about the deadly Covid that’s killing everyone instead of worrying about some pesky little child abusers. Got it. Thanks, Governor, for playing your part in this disgusting charade. You’re quite a guy.

    • This is because Walpole has a bunch of scared Libs there- many of them are from outta state.
      Ken Burns brought the Fluffy crowd in with him.

      This is not going on over at the Tractor Supply in Hinsdale where more normal people live that don’t let the Fluffies in.
      The Walpole TS doesn’t even have the bathroom open!
      It’s not like this at the other one over there.
      The Hinsdale one is just over the bridge in Brattleboro- I’d say go to that one- besides that Runnings is a great store while you are over there, there is a Super Walmart too.

  10. In Burlington, where masks have been required for many weeks, I can say that I am LESS likely to patronize businesses–and I make necessary visits as brief as possible–because trying to breathe through a mask is tiresome. I don’t know how workers can stand wearing them all day. And I continue to be amazed by the absurd sight of solo drivers wearing them. Are they afraid they’ll catch the virus from their air conditioner?

    The mask debate is ultimately less important than the fact that Covid-19 has proven to be underwhelming in its actual impact. We’re talking about a virus that, according to the latest antibody studies, has a lethality rate of .2% to .3%, which is about the same as a bad flu. It is more contagious than the flu? Yes, it would seem. It is it more lethal if you do get it? That’s not what the data shows. (Vermont’s 56 fatalities thus far still track behind an average flu year, and the victims overwhelmingly are elderly with co-morbidities—just as with the flu.) And yet officials continue to treat this like it’s the Black Death, despite the fact that in no past pandemic has there ever been lockdowns, mask mandates, or social distancing.

  11. Personally can’t wear a mask bc I have asthma plus cracked ribs a few months ago and now have limited chest expansion making breathing even more difficult.

    If I walk into a store and pressed to wear a mask – I will leave. If I get to the register and there’s any bs – my items will stay, will quietly leave and not return.

    Plan to bypass issue and shop in NH where there’s no local mandate – Enfield has a very extreme mandate which is surprising tho sadly there’s lots of lefties there. A store has already been threatened w/a fine of $25,000 for not wearing a mask or mandating them.

    I don’t think Chairman Phil recognizes how averse those of us who are not collectivists are to this mandate. I will go as far as to order food from Prime Pantry if necessary however I would not wear a mask even if I did not have chronic condition.

    Democrat Party demanded this and he caved to keep their vote. Therby further isolating self from conservatives. If he had not created the health-condition loophole VT would lose even more business than we already have. I do not believe this would stand up to a constitutional challenge either.

    • Here, here! You can count me in also. I live 30 miles from NH where there is everything I need to shop for. A weekly or bi-weekly trip will get me out of this nightmare for an afternoon or two and the cost of fuel will be worth the escape from the nanny state and it’s crazies.

      I wish I could pull my two previous votes back from the governor because he has abandoned those who initially put him in office. He is now sucking up to his liberal fans to keep him elected.

      Do you want more of the financial collapse for the next two years? It must be nice to have 3 million in the bank and to collect a nice salary while the rest of us normal people have had our jobs (I had 3 part time jobs) taken away with this insane lock down and hysteria that is destroying jobs businesses and lives across the state.

      Others are dieing for lack of medical treatment and hospitals have lost millions in revenue and may file bankruptcy along with hundreds of businesses. There is no medical emergency in Vermont. The governor knows this can’t be enforced, it’s all political. Please remember this on the August 11 republican primary. John Klar 2020!

      • Walpole has a Job Lot store, Shaws, NH DLC liquor store and a Tractor Supply that offers free masks but not enforcing – too many rednecks lol plus a nice fun ride

        • I can cross at Woodsville. Walmart, Shaw’s and NH liquor store. Why should I support a tax base where I have no say in anything other than my losing vote?

        • I live in NH.
          Of course the stores are forced to encourage mask wearing here.
          But if you choose to not wear one, this is fine too.
          And at a place big Globalist outift that panders to the Chinese like Walmart or Tractor Supply, you might need to speak to the manager if the kid at the door give ya some guff.
          Feel free to show them your copy of the Constitution and your phone that is recording the situation.
          We are not tolerating this baloney over here at all and we are still free and fearless enough to run our mouths.
          NH ain’t gonna go down so easily- lemme tell ya.
          #LiveFreeOrDie- it’s not a request.

          • Hey Laura, ours is freedom and unity. Guess what, that’s not working out so well here. There is limited unity and our freedom is being erased by a group of flatlanders and trustfunders.

        • I live in NH.
          Of course the stores are forced to encourage mask wearing here.
          But if you choose to not wear one, this is fine too.
          And at a place big Globalist outift that panders to the Chinese like Walmart or Tractor Supply, you might need to speak to the manager if the kid at the door give ya some guff.
          Feel free to show them your copy of the Constitution and your phone that is recording the situation.
          We are not tolerating this baloney over here at all and we are still free and fearless enough to run our mouths.
          NH ain’t gonna go down so easily- lemme tell ya.
          #LiveFreeOrDie- it’s not a request.

      • I’m kinda curious about what is going on with your schools Curricula now.
        What exactly is going to be left for the kids futures?
        I hope they are teaching them to live in Yurts and fish and hunt- this is the future that I see for the state.

  12. I live near the Connecticut River. Only business I will use in Vermont is owned by the Federal Government. The USPS. Everything thing else is bought in N.H. which will ultimately become my new state to reside in. No more 6% for the VCP.

    • Here’s a thought, If all Vermont conservatives move to NH maybe we can insure continued conservative governments there. So far NH democrats in are not yet as crazy as Vermont dem/progs. Since liberalism is a mental disorder maybe it hasn’t morphed into Vermont crazy yet, but it will if the Live Free or Die crowd does keep them in check!

      • There’s the Free State project that encourages ppl to come to NH…it’s my plan if I can get out from under my house,
        or open to Maine

        • Maine is not in a good way at all right now.
          Paul LePage is running again and hopefully he wins- or else the future of Maine looks really grim.

      • It’s a battle every day.. fighting back this deep Blue state Liberal Invasion here.
        It’s quite a mystery to us why people vote to destroy their state then flee that mess they made.. then move to a new state and vote to destroy that state too.
        At what point do people wake up?

        We’d love some real VT Conservatives here because there has got to be at least one normal state up here or we are all gonna be forced to move South Dakota.. which is kinda on the flat side but has a fabulous state motto.

        • Couldn’t agree more…whenever I cross into NH I feel happy-er…it’s like I’m on sacred ground

        • I hear you about South Dakota, and totally understand why people would move. But the Agenda ( a great video btw) will still be on going. The agenda, I’ll say big city social programs that have ruined so many cities and families, that is ruining Vermont is spreading.

          If we leave, just like everybody fled certain cities than guess what we are not only giving up a city, but an entire state. Vermont matters, terribly so.

          Do we want to be the first colony of the United Nations? We’re defensible, we aren’t too big, say like California. Education is desperately needed within our state.

          Vermont holds the key to healing our nation. If we can get it figured out here, than it can be used to heal our entire nation. We only need to work together. We must change our tactics, a frontal assault will only leave candidates on voting booth floor this November.

          We need to know their game plans, weaknesses and strategies, inside and out. Only then can we make progress for defense of our Republic.

          • Height of arrogance to think VT has the key to anything – this is what the Democrat Party and those who vote under the “Brave Little State” bs banner believe and of which I for one am diametrically opposed. We are and have always been a backwater. Corruption under one-party rule is now baked in.

            If John Klar gets in – I believe he will do big things that could cause ppl to come here as it would be an antiglobalist undertaking – those who wish to escape could consider VT a refuge.

            I refuse to live under onerous gun control, forced masking, a media which dutifully buries the truth and has a Pravda-like control and a school system which is basically a mass indoctrination program. All of the above are evidence of the same machine politics in big cities such as Daley’s Chicago – VT is Tamany.

            The GWSA will reduce us all to poverty. No one ever knows when the VT legislature parasytes will enact another ruinous statute – they are afflicted with an incurably contagious malignant disease which is killing our state.

            Have been attempting to start a business for years, with each effort another ton of bricks is piled on – we are facing a statewide and nationwide assault on small private business.

            Everywhere I go there are once prosperous businesses closed and no one is reopening them bc VT policies, rules and regulations are radioactive to business. Add to those a far leftwing parasytical government that extracts every dime possible , has access to our tax returns, and knows how much we have.

            This enables them to practice confiscatory taxation and enact continual revenue-sucking policies – few can get ahead in VT – Chairman of the VT Communist Party Phil Scott has made things considerably worse to say the least. These links help explain why we are perpetually up sh** creek:
            John Klar:

        • As of 2016 5000 ppl left VT in a decade – wondering how many in this last 1/2 decade…

          • Everyone should read that article by John Klar from October 2019. The government Bull must stop.

          • Myself and my family are in that cohort that left, best financial decision we ever made. I now reside in a solid red state and have no worries of the progressive borg ever taking control here. It’s a relief no longer having a huge “tax me” target on my back. VT in the rear view mirror has been nothing short of a blessing

          • Soo…from 2006-2016 – 5000 fled VT? And according to this story from 2010-2018…10,000 fled? Tho there’s an overlap in the dates – an additional 5000 fled in an even shorter timeframe – huge eyeopener.

            Put another way – approximately 12,000 escaped in a 12 year period so 1000 per year – 83 per month? If accurate a staggering number and my bet is that from 2018-2020 would top out at hundreds nore?
            People are leaving VT in droves. Where are they going?
            By Erin Petenko
            Sep 13 2019

          • The writing has been on the wall for years. My wife was from VT I moved to BTV in the early 90’s to attend college. Really enjoyed it there as a young man. Lived in VT until 2016 except for a short sting where work took my wife and I away for 3 years. Moved back to start our family. Once we started making real money we quickly learned that VT offered no value for the cost of living there. This was after I built our house. We were sitting targets for the progressive borg looking to raise revenue. Not having any of that we put our house up for sale and packed up ship. Cost of living has been reduced 20%-40% while our income went up 10%. No brainer. Only being in our 40’s we are now eyeing early retirement something that would of been a pipe dream in VT, especially with 3 kids under the age of 12. When my kids ask why we left Vermont I make it abundantly clear that we were forced out by the out of control spending and taxes imposed by the far left democrats and progressives that now run the state. We still have family in VT, trapped by the high property taxes. Some day they will hopefully get out from under the dark blanket cast over Vermont.

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