MacDonald: Is ‘catastrophic climate change’ why Vermont had a record year for maple syrup?

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

The left offers up record-scratch sound bites depicting earth-ending terrors. They predict climactic soon-to-be-upon-us doomsday scenarios. They even promise the destruction of jobs or revenue due to climate change. Then they destroy them.

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Thanks to “climate change,” Vermont sugar houses set a state record. In 2022 Vermont produced more maple syrup than the next six states combined.

Remember all the doom and gloom they promised under Donald Trump. In the end, it was the Democrats who made all of that happen — riots, crashing stock market, economic collapse, joblessness, and even the threat of nuclear war.

We had the opposite under Trump, but the Democrats have brought their hyperbolic projections from political fantasy to real-world reality in just a historical shake of a lamb’s tail.

And so it is their climate catastrophe. The failed predictions are numerous; in every instance, they’ve either been wrong (nothing happened), or the opposite occurred. From declining tourism and skiing (they tried to kill both with COVID) to fewer apples or leaf-peepers, the promised warming either didn’t deliver or delivered the inverse.

That includes maple syrup. We have had good years, great years, and down years, but it’s been like that for years. Forever actually. But if the climate is getting warmer and climate change is here, and it is bad, then they should not be getting better.

Vermont just set a record year in 2022.

According to Vermont Public Radio, the state harvested more maple syrup in 2022 than in any previous year (and more than any other state). How much syrup is that? This year, Vermont produced 2.5 million gallons of the sweet stuff. Last year it was only 1.7 million.

Thanks to “climate change,” Vermont sugar houses set a state record. In 2022 Vermont produced more maple syrup than the next six states combined. Impossible if the cult’s dogma has any legs. But it wasn’t just Vermont. While 2021 was a down year, everyone except Pennsylvania produced more syrup per tap and in total than in 2020.

According to the worshipers of those Global Warming gods, this should not be happening. But there it is. And before you pretend it’s a ho-hum increase, 2020 set a global record for total production.

The secret was as many or more taps and a lot more tapping days in 2022 than in the down year of 2021 (or even 2020). More days, more syrup. Something that would be impossible if CO2-induced warming was, well — warming the northeast. We would have fewer and fewer tapping days, not more.

But the climate cult’s global warming era has been very good to the maple syrup folks. It’s the actual peddlers of the cult that have proven detrimental to mankind and the planet.

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18 thoughts on “MacDonald: Is ‘catastrophic climate change’ why Vermont had a record year for maple syrup?

  1. The real question that needs answering is how can a bunch of political hacks fix the climate by making us all broke???? Political hacks have never FIXED anything, only said they needed more money to fix it… I see no problem in warming, I’ve had enough cold for my 73 years and if maple crops are up and plants are growing wildly I’d say it’s win for all but the billionaires living on the coast… (i’m kind of skeptical of the ocean rising too with all the lying going on in the warmmongering community)

  2. The narrative is falling apart because the Truth always shines through – always. The puppet master strings are unravelling and the puppets are flailing and wailing. They won’t go down easy, but down they will all go. Hallelujah!

  3. Humans have always adapted and we will continue to do so. The climate has always changed, it also will continue to do so. Everything else is just speculation.

  4. INCREASED CO2 IS A WONDERFUL THING! Trees grow faster and presumably produce more sap.
    The Earth is some 25% greener (literally) from higher CO2 levels. Rejoice!

  5. Last year, Maine had such a bumper crop that they ran out of storage space for the spuds.
    They were storing them at Loring Air Force Base..
    This year is looking good too and I read they created more storage..

    So have some spuds with those pancakes !!

  6. I have no “ax to grind” in this debate. It is difficult to trust anyone anymore. But if temperatures are being reported truthfully, it appears that winters in Vermont are warming. Based anecdotally on my fifty years of living here, it is warmer than in the past. Why that might be I can’t say, but if true, it doesn’t bode well for syrup. It is my understanding that maple trees, of all the hardwoods, require the coldest winter temperatures of any tree to reproduce. If that is the case and if winters continue to warm, we should not gloat over one good maple syrup harvest when the future might not even include maple trees in Vermont at all. I hope this is all a temporary blip in temperatures; I hope it is an overblown, political hoax like many think. But a little humility (from both sides of this issue) seems more than prudent.

    • Then again, if we continue to cut down trees to make room for more solar panels and wind towers then the truth of less maple will be upon us.

    • I thnk it is you who need humilty. Mother Nature does NOT WORK on your political schedule. Climate has widely changed for centuries and millennia WITHOUT ANY MAN MADE INFLUENCE. You have solar sun spots and solar activity, weak or strong. Weak makes cold, sun spota make warmer. You have massive ocean currents that create WEATHER CHANGING El Nino and El nina….you have above ground volcanoes and ocean botton fissures and volcanoes. NOTHINg you can do about Volcanic C02. Go back to 1970s’s and ALL LIBERAL HEADINES were of the threatening GLOBAL COOLING. seach it! You are a total fool if you think Mother Nature runs on 2, 3, 5, 10 20 year political cycles. The last GLOBAL COOLING cycle, natural caused… was 1970….50 years ago….which is EXACTLY WHEN YOU SAW MORE SNOW IN VT!

      • The earth is 4.5 billion years old or more. This guy thinks 50 years is a good measurement for proof of climate warming. You are so correct, we can’t fix stupid. 1961, I was 12 years old. My father gave me a baseball glove for Christmas and we went outside to play catch, there was no snow and it was fairly warm for December 25th. That was right here in central Vermont. That was 61 years ago. The climate cult is supported by deep pockets to buy the propaganda to keep the scam going. They have destroyed ridge lines, plastered our green fields with cheap Chinese solar panels, tore down our nuclear power plant and have strangled our energy supply so it costs more to stay warm in the winters that have not gotten warmer. The media cult and the enviros benefit from all the government money supplied by democratic and progressive politicians who in return get fat donations to continue the indoctrination. Jim Jones would be proud of these climate cultists.

    • After years of researching climate debate in some detail my conclusion is that it’s bad science masquerading as irrefutable truth, able to survive only because of uncritical acceptance by media outlets like NPR and VT Digger, which apply zero rigor to their analysis of the climate debate.

      And ‘debate’ it is even though the media pretends that there’s no debate and the science is settled. Simply those assertion, by themselves, should raise suspicions about the integrity of this so-called ‘science.’

      Historical records show us that Vermont had periods of “brown winters”– unusually warm– in the past. In the 1970s we then had the global cooling scare and I’ve argued with a group that said “no, that was just the newspapers saying that” until I pointed out an article by the National Academy of Sciences. But still, folks just can’t break through the massive one-sided propaganda of climate catastrophe. Every weather event, every heat wave and flood, are supposedly “proof” and are broadcast as such by NPR, which is the new Ministry of Truth. We supposed that the Ministry might be gray-clad people yelling dictates to us, but it turns out they look like normal educated folk and tend to coo at us.


  7. This just isn’t fair. I was banking on having beachfront property by now, and sitting under an umbrella with a mixed drink. But it’s just getting colder, and the river is where it was years ago.
    Bob Dylan was right, it don’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    • I’ve waited a long time to get an answer from any Democrat… why “Climate Politics Fraud $$$$$ Kings” – Obama & John Kerry …combined…own about $30,000,000 of beach front property in Martha’s Vineyard…and Obama has probably another $20-$25 million in his SECOND oceanfront home in Hawaii.

      It astounds me….”You can’t fix Stupid”…. all Democrats thinks these two Bozos walk on water – and know the future! THEY KNOW THE FUTURE….and oceans aren’t rising as claimed.

      If you are a Democrat & you worship Kerry & Obama…you’re a dope waiting to be plucked :)…. as PT Barnum said: “There’s a sucker born every minute” ….I also suggest going back and reading the story of: “The Emperor Has No Clothes”….

  8. Yes, and I had a record raspberry crop in 2022.
    Increased CO2 is helping out!

    My pickers gathered 15 lbs on Friday, 14 October, and 15 lbs on Saturday, 15 October
    It was all sold on Saturday and Sunday

    All this gloom and doom about a few decrees F, warmer is totally misplaced.
    It should be welcomed!

    If there were global cooling, crops would be less and heating bills would be higher.

  9. I like to share FACTUAL lists of the insane “predictions” by Climate Alarmists (and Libs in general). Not any of them were true, yet the brainwashed masses keep believinging it (and wasting TRILLIONS of $$). They say a broken clock is right “twice a day”….but Liberal Alarmists can’t even manage that! :)…’s a worthy piece from a couple years ago – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ‘Earth Day”…..

    .“The prophets of doom were not simply wrong, but spectacularly wrong. Here are 18 examples of the spectacularly wrong predictions made around 1970 when the “green holy day” (aka Earth Day) started:


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