Liz Cady: Saying no to hate means treating everyone as a person

This commentary is by Liz Cady, a member of the Essex-Westford School District Board.

My interest in World War II began in eighth grade, when I read and presented to my class “The Diary of Anne Frank.” I remember the difficulty in trying to articulate to my 14-year-old peers how ordinary people were part of the horrors of World War II, how a little girl and her family spent her final years hiding and then sent to a horrific death. Now, 25 years later, I would be able to describe far better what happened: fear was used and injected in society in order to allow hate to seem justified, and hate grows at an exponential rate.

Essex Westford School District Board member Liz Cady

People, understandably, become very combative and defensive when modern day situations are likened to what happened in World War II. People are often too quick to make the comparison, and the murder of millions is unfathomable. How did something so evil happen when there were good people around? Fear. Hate.

I have read many commentaries to VTDigger and comments on news stories (only conservative ones since our mainstream VT media no longer allows users to comment), and a theme I read over and over again is that the unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to clog up hospitals and that unvaccinated nurses and doctors should have to work in their own place where they can care for the unvaccinated.  Then, the vaccinated can attend regular medical facilities without worry or having to wait on the unvaccinated.  But, what if we changed the wording to this:

“the unvaccinated Jews shouldn’t be able to clog up hospitals, and unvaccinated Jewish nurses and doctors should have to work in their own place where they can care for the unvaccinatedJews. Then, the vaccinated Aryans can attend regular medical facilities without worry or having to wait on the unvaccinated Jews.”

This kind of rhetoric was used in the years leading to World War II and during. Religion and race were used instead of vaccination status. I am not comparing what is happening now to the horrific genocide that took place in World War II, but I do believe we need to acknowledge the comparison of how that hate started then and how it is happening now: separating people into a desired group versus an undesired one. Ordinary, every day people are being manipulated to allow hate in this modern-day situation of vaccinated versus unvaccinated through the use of fear.

Years of various vaccinations should be evident to every American that vaccinations are not to stop a spread, and breakthrough cases are a testament that these vaccinations are not eradicating Covid-19. Some will claim that this public health crisis makes this situation different, but we have two years of data detailing exactly what groups of people are at risk and two years of data showing the extremely high survival rate, including an extremely high survival rate prior to rollout of the vaccinations. Newscasts and stories focus upon Covid-19 cases, and our elected officials continually lambast the unvaccinated as the problem, despite the extremely high vaccination rate of our state. The case numbers in red and the rhetoric of our officials are very successful in promoting and continuing fear of this virus. And if we, the ordinary, every day people, allow this fear to justify hate, that hate will grow exponentially.

If the sign “This brave little state says no to hate” is true, then it starts with refusal to put people into separate categories, no matter what race, religion, ethnicity, creed, sex, or vaccination status.  Saying no to hate means treating everyone as a person deserving of love, respect, freedom and happiness.

As a transplant to Vermont, and someone who embraced this state and what I thought it stood for, I have been alarmed, disappointed and overwhelmingly saddened to see that many people in this state embrace fear and close their eyes to the hatred it creates.

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  1. 100% support your statements here. Apparently, people like Karen Dolan, Tanya Vyhovsky, Alyssa (for Vermont?…not brave enough to post her last name i guess) and Lori Houghton WANT to repeat history instead of studying it and learning from it. Ignorance is bliss (plus, if they support the federal narrative, they probably get kickbacks into their campaign funds…non-sensical, easily mis-lead and corrupt politicians every one of them).

    Another way to see this current situation: If the vaccinations were truly SAFE and EFFECTIVE, why would they need such huge incentive programs? No, the facts that I am seeing are that VAIDS is a real thing, children are dying from the shot, and stillborn and birth defects are at an all time high.

    If you believe otherwise, I will not shame you or criticize you for having taken the jab or given it to your children: it’s a virus we have no control over and your judgement isn’t any better or worse than mine.

  2. It’s disgusting what the VTDigger has done w/ this commentary! Completely twisted, unfair, and the reason why I dont support the digger. Why couldn’t the digger just print Liz’ commentary in it’’s original form?! Oh and there’s NO commenting on the digger articles, bc the readers often have more insight and knowledge than the writer,

    • It’s unfortunate that VT Digger not only writes blatant lies, which shows that perhaps the writer’s reading comprehension is quite lacking, but that so many, including the school district, blindly follow it. I have received threats already due to the Digger’s article. Journalistic integrity has gone amiss in Vermont. I appreciate the support from you and others greatly.

  3. Thank you Liz Cady for this perspective.

    I have friends that are unvaccinated that I love and respect. I also have a sister who has worked as a Covid nurse and know the strain Covid patients, who are disproportionately unvaccinated, put on the system. With the latest strain of Covid-19 we are likely to see even more demands on our health system and delay of care for those in need.

    A proposal to set up a high quality field hospital for unvaccinated Covid-19 patients is not about shaming them or making them outcasts. It is in fact a way to allow these patients, some of whom believe in alternative treatments, the freedom to get whatever type of care they desire. Something not availabe in regular hospital settings.
    Allowing such a facility to be staffed with health care workers who have lost their jobs due to being unwilling to be vaccinated gives these people an employment option in their chosen field at a time when such employment is limited by their personal convictions.

    If you choose not to be vaccinated, being taken care of it a high quality specialized facitlity dedicated to your care that maximizes the choice of treatments and help prevent overwhleming of our hospital is not only a reasonable option to consider, but an option some who remain unvaccinated would find desirable.

    • John Freitage, so you’re in favor of preparing a separate facility for the unvaccinated? Wow, what a kind individual you must be. Will you be assisting us as we board the train, as well?

      • It is interesting these days how many go to the extreme and assume the worst. Seems like the defualt position, on the left or right, is to declare something or someone that you disagree with as being like a Nazi.

        To have a high quality field hospital for the unvaccinated where they could get the treatment they desired, possibly staffed by health professionals who had to give up their jobs due to their convictions, that would also take the pressure off our overwhelmed medical facilities is a modest practical proposal put forward with the best of intentions.

        Perhaps it is not in fashion these days, but I was always taught that with freedom came responsibility. I do believe individuals have the right to choose not to get vaccinated and chose their own treatment. However that choice, which puts others at more risk, has consequences. The minor inconviences like masking when required or if you are not vaccinated and a state worker, taking weekly Covid-19 tests, are not an undo burden during an ongoing pandemic.

        • Re: “To have a high quality field hospital for the unvaccinated where they could get the treatment they desired, possibly staffed by health professionals who had to give up their jobs due to their convictions, that would also take the pressure off our overwhelmed medical facilities is a modest practical proposal put forward with the best of intentions.”

          Be as euphemistic as you can be, Mr. Freitag. It’s discrimination by any measure. Will vaccinated people be turned away from these ‘field hospitals’ set up to service the unvaccinated?

          We know that patients coded as having Covid qualify the hospitals for significant financial subsidies. How many of these so-called Covid patients have comorbidities? Are they diabetic? Do the have COPD? Are they obese? Do they have cancer? Did they have a heart attack or a stroke? If coding patients as having Covid is so profitable for the hospital, why expect them to code a patient as having anything else? And I have yet to see any Vermont Covid patients being turned away, despite the signaled alarm.

          And, just as importantly, why are early onset therapeutics not being prescribed before people get so sick as to require hospitalization?

          The VT DOH has been demonstrating statistical bias in its weekly Covid reports. Much of the pertinent data isn’t being reported. At this point, I don’t believe the data any longer – and that is truly unfortunate. You can be categorized as a conspiracy theorist as often as the next guy. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to impose their point of view on anyone else.

          • Well, Mr. Eshelman you may be right.

            One of the reasons for this proposal wasI had thought that those who were unvaccinated might want the opportunity to use the experimental treatments they had found on the internet. As I am a believer in people having choice regarding their own health decisions, when they do not affect anybody else, and was looking for a way to help provide this type of thing not allowed in regular hospital settings.

            Just got off the phone with my sister who currently is working in an upstate New York hospital with Covid patients. She said that when the unvaccinated come in gasping for breath, they do not care what they get for treatement or what is in it. They want everything possible done to keep them alive and any questions about treatment goes out the window.

          • The proverbial false dichotomy, Mr. Freitag. It continues to be your go-to modus operandi.

            That your sister, the nurse, is seeing unvaccinated people coming to her hospital ‘gasping for breath’ is an interesting anecdotal observation with no data to support any conclusions.

            Meanwhile, you ‘conveniently’ ignore the prospect that the vaccinated people who came to your sister’s hospital, also ‘gasping for breath’, may have been equally concerned. Do you think the vaccinated people, who died of Covid here in Vermont over the last three months, who represent the majority of the State’s Covid deaths over that period, didn’t gasp for breath too?

            Then you characterize the therapeutic treatments prescribed to prevent hospitalization in the first place, before patients start ‘gasping for breath’, as mere ‘experimental treatments found on the internet’? Did you ‘conveniently’ forget that the current mRNA vaccines you’re pushing are just that – ‘experimental’ – under Emergency Use Authorization?

            Apparently, these questions went ‘out the window’ for you too.

            Ask your sister what the long-term effects of these mRNA vaccines are on one’s natural immune system.…especially with regard to multiple injections on the immune system of our children? … children who are at such low risk in the first place? What does your sister say about that? Did you ask her?

            I’m only right about one thing, Mr. Freitag. Your persistent, self-righteous use of false dichotomies to obfuscate my otherwise serious questions.

          • The problem with “gasping for breath” is that we ignore early treatment. Let me explain.

            I’m unvaccinated and I got Covid. I have a doctor several states away, since my own local doctor only does what the CDC tells him (the massive corruption of the CDC is a story in itself.) This “real” doctor treated me as soon as I developed symptoms: I’ve over 65 and live with someone who tested positive (PCR.) I tested positive with a rapid test, and no doubt: I had Covid. I couldn’t even smell bacon cooking. I was bedridden for a week. A Covid Christmas.

            I learned some interesting things through my real doctor (I no longer consider my local doctor a real doctor and will fire him.) One thing I learned is that in the first 7-10 days, the virus is spreading and that’s when you need to tamp it down. Hence, ivermectin and fluvoxamine (which, as many readers may know, many hospitals refuse to give even with a doctor’s orders.) But get this, I had to get ivermectin from a pharmacy in NJ since the major pharmacies refuse to fill a prescription for ivermectin if it’s for Covid (can you spell “totalitarian medicine”?) I also had a statin (to help prevent long Covid) and aspirin, a prescription for monoclonal antibodies (which no one at a major Vermont hospital got back to me on– gee, thanks for trying to save lives!) and a prescription for budenoside for lung inflammation, which I did not need. I was also advised to take other supplements as recommended in the MATH+ protocol.

            But if I had not been treated, then what next? Then I end up gasping for breadth because after the virus replicates and dies down, then the real trouble begins: the inflammatory stage. Interesting that this doesn’t happen until after the virus is done replicating. So then people go to the hospital and it’s generally too late for monoclonal antibodies (these are to stop viral replication, which has already stopped) and it’s even too late for remdesivir, which is also to stop viral replication (and is highly toxic– just what you need!) but they’ll give it anyhow because ….? Next stop: ventilator maybe, and maybe a body bag.

            Is this an enlightened system, or what?

            Oh, and now I’m “vaccinated,” aren’t I? But the Nazis don’t want anything validated except what comes through a needle.

            I think John’s idea of field hospitals is a good one but one major problem: they do NOT want anyone to be treated alternatively, period. If they did, they’d allow it already instead of working so very, very hard to suppress it.

          • “… to use the experimental treatments they had found on the internet.”

            Yup. Because there are never any published papers on “the internet” and no one can ever find science on “the internet.”

            Only if the CDC is on “the internet” can we trust “the internet”?

            You know what? The CDC and FDA need to be dismantled and we need to start over. We need agencies with zero ties to financial interests and right now these agencies are so conflicted that it’s impossible to separate industry interests from honest public health. The CDC even boasts of its collaboration with industry– the so-called “public-private partnership” which really means that they’re doing whatever industry wants.

            That’s why all treatments for Covid-19 except for expensive vaccines and medicines that you and I are paying for through our tax dollars, are being ruthlessly and brutally suppressed. Because that’s “public health.” So our government is using our money to pay billions to make the drug companies rich and these companies have zero liability for harms from their experimental vaccines. No one has liabilities! These liabilities fall entirely on we, the people.

            Is this a great country, or what?

    • They should have these set ups for the regular cold, flu, pneumonia. It would beefit every one immensely, but you can’t make a ton of money that way.its all about the money, nothing about medicine.

      This is clearly demonstrated by the fact VERMONT doctors are unable to treat cOvid patients with all available medicines. Peole are needlessly dropping dead because of it.

    • What do you say to the World Council for Health and the Great Barrington Declaration? These are literally thousands of medical professionals calling not only for cautionary use of these vaccines but cease and desist recommendations. Does it not concern you that the proponents of these vaccines are the very groups that profit from their use? Is it not reasonable to be skeptical – despite your layperson opinion.

      World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines”

      Keep an eye on the children, ages 18 and below. For the first 20 months of the pandemic, this Vermont cohort (more than 100,000 kids) have been unvaccinated. Over the same period, only six have been hospitalized with Covid and none have died.

      Beginning sometime in November this year, the move to vaccinate children has hit full steam. According to the VT DOH, 81% of kids ages 12-17, and 53% ages 5-11, have been vaccinated within the last month.

      Of course, the data is suspect. I note that the DOH says 100% of Vermonters 70-74 have been vaccinated… which I know for a fact is incorrect. And I know the ‘dashboard’ data has been ‘cherry picked’ from the get-go, requiring much reading between the lines.

      Again, it’s more important than ever that we see:
      – Vaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
      – Unvaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
      – Vaccinated Deaths per capita by age group
      – Unvaccinated Deaths per capita by age group

      “Thou shalt not distort, delay, or withhold information.”
      ― Meadows. Donella, Thinking in Systems: A Primer

      • The possibility now becomes more apparent, according to these WCH and Great Barrington reports, that vaccinated people may be those presenting the greatest danger to society.

        What then? A Scarlet Letter V?

    • The premis has merit, change is difficult. Having been in the hospital all too frequently, I notice wings for maternity, cancer, ICU, etc. all separated from another.

      They should have cold clinic in general, getting people in and out quickly for simple things, much like going to jiffy lube for an oil change. They could also treat COvid. Simple input, here is your math + protocol….be on your way, if you don’t have improvement within 24 hours come back and see the doctor.

      Change or new ideas are difficult.your idea has merit. Thanks for bringing it up.

    • Consider how you’ll feel John when it’s the Right suggesting that we put you into a field hospital.

      What should we spend building these “Field Hospitals” ? since money just grows on trees and building medical care facilities is so cheap -why not? Lets just build one in every town in this Fantasyland you imagine.

      We can’t staff one medical system today and now you want to build another one?
      How is your idea any different than people using two separate water fountains or sitting at the back of the bus?
      But I’m sure you’d think that was all okay too.
      You demonstrate so clearly what the problems are today.

    • ummm, John, in case you missed the aftermath of Nazism and Fascism, there is only ONE issue at play here – informed consent .read the Nurenberg Code.

      So if you build a nice “” high quality field hospital for unvaccinated Covid-19 patients””, it MUST stay empty until you can get their ‘consent’.

      Because, fascism.

      No.1 COVID is a military biological weapon.
      Spend some time on that.

      No.2 – It is only approved for an experimental “Emergency Use (Authorization)” – which automatically EXCLUDES a mandate and forced execution of the VAX.
      Think the FDA or CDC will come to OUR protection ?? LOL

      No. 3 – Amazing how so many Vermontians so readily embrace the self-preservation state-nationalism strategy and tactics of Nazis in order to keep their Vermontian race …… pure.

      No. Vermont will never be the same.
      With or without COVID’s “high quality field hospital”.

      Thank you Liz Cady.

  4. What is really burning me up right now is that so many of these Pro-Vax people that are being openly hostile to unvaxinated people is that the Pro-Vaxxers are woefully uninformed.. then they have the audacity to be rotten to people.

    Has is not occurred to them that there are millions of people that have pre-existing medical conditions that perhaps already are causing the same issues that the vaccines are causing?
    How on earth do people that already have issues with blood clots or heart issues or autoimmune diseases get a vaccine? Do you think that people with this stuff want to step right up and possibly drop dead from this experimental shot?
    What if they are the head of the household or a single mother? What if they are a doctor themselves? do you think they want to risk their lives?
    Do these obnoxious blind followers understand how many seniors DID get vaccinated and DID have serious side effects and were told by their doctors NOT to vaccinate with *anything* anymore and no more boosters.
    I happen to know 3 people myself in this place right now.
    They tried to do the vaccine, they had serious side effects, they were told not to get more, and now they are treated like crap from a bunch of busy body, arrogant, control freaks that are saying they should be sent of to camps and treated in field hospitals. I mean gimme a break.

    Eliquis is a blood thinning drug that is actually being rationed right now because SO MANY PEOPLE are needing it because that many people now have Blood Clots from the vaccine!!
    If you are then put on this, do you think you are going to continue to get boosted for crying out loud?
    If the drug is being rationed, that is A LOT of people we are talking about that are now on it.
    All these Karens are NOT Doctors, they are not RNs, most of them have no idea what on earth they are blathering on about.
    If ever there was a time for them to be quiet and mind their own business- it would be right now.
    What do they want to do– shun all the seniors and people with issues from society because they can’t get vaccinated?

    There are a whole lot of people that have lost their minds over all of this.
    When are we going to start talking about THAT?
    Our country and our states are being destroyed because people that are either scared or bought and sold out are running the show- right into the ground.
    Well guess what, we are not supposed to be a nation of scared people.
    We are supposed to be Land of the Free and Home of the Brave..
    It’s the scared people that should be staying home so that the rest of that are not paralyzed with fear can attempt to solve some problems by getting back to work and back to life before the whole thing really does crash and burn.
    Afterall, it’s not the scared people out there picking up the pieces.

    • 30% had it and never even knew it…..natural immunity.

      Another 30% thought they had a cold, headache,flu, recovered…..natural immunity.

      These were known facts going into every one of the “plandemics”

      Now suddenly it never existed? People are so full of pride (I’m right) and fear. People in power know this and know how easily people can be manipulated through tv, Internet and their smart phone feeds, probably the greatest propaganda device ever invented. Propaganda sent to directly, the only way it could be better is a hard wire to your brain.

      • 53,795,407 CASES. …..
        of which 820,355 have died…….

        Leaving right around 53 Million Americans with wholesome natural immunity.
        Plus ALL THOSE who had it, and never tested (like me).

        Anyone celebrating that bunch.??

        The Naturally COVID immune will inherit the earth.

  5. There is great wisdom in what Liz has to say!

    We choose to forfeit our focus on humanity when we insist on delegating it away to a two party system of governance.
    This division is the first step taken away from common law, it merely takes advantage of two ideologies to manipulate around universal laws by seeking compromise.

    Sadly the structure of our governance is not designed to seek a true humanitarian goal, it is only structured to manipulate for its own collective advantage, and that is usually at the expense of Humanity.

    Such is the root cause of our problem!

    Thank you Liz

  6. I always get a kick out of the virtue signaling yard signs that indicate that “hate has no home here” and “silence = violence” and are accompanied by the raised, clenched fist of anger. Maybe a peace sign would be a better choice of imagery if they really wanted to convey a massage of tolerance? Liz, we are all waiting with bated breath to hear you announce your candidacy for statewide office. You are an excellent spokesperson for revealing the blatant hypocrisies of the Vermont left.

    • That’s a great idea……she could run for governor, Vickie Stromg for lt gov, or visa versa……..they would both make great senators, get few more good people in the senate and have a decent road block against the craziness. Throw in John Klar and Keith Stern for senate and huh, you’d have something then.

      Put all the resources and effort toward that than the governor or lt and you’d have an effective body to get things done or at least stop the Marxist March we seem to be on.

      A coordinated team effort might have a chance.

  7. From a Wilmington VT doctor, Dr. Peebles, channeled here, by Summer Bacon (because the words are truth):

    “The Three Principles

    Loving Allowance for all things to be, in their own time and place, starting with yourself.

    Increase Communication with ALL of life, with respect.

    Self Responsibility for your life as a creative adventure, for, through your choices and perceptions
    you do, indeed, create your own reality.

    My dear friends, you have come to this school called planet earth to discover and dissolve the illusions of separation within self and between life. Certainly it is your labor of love to diminish these very same illusions, wherein you will discover that never in your eternal soul have you been the victim, but always the creator. God bless you, indeed!”

    —Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

  8. Thank you, Liz.

    I don’t believe that what is happening today is so remote from what happened during the Third Reich: there are many parallels. Purging the hospitals of the “unclean” is one of them. In Hitler’s Germany, Jews were purged from the hospitals and the medical profession; today, the unvaccinated are being purged from the system, although as medical professionals one would think that their reasons for refusal would be medically sound.

    Many people can’t see this dangerous parallel with Nazism. We will all be OK if we stand up for liberty and tolerance and allow others their own views, and especially if we allow doctors to treat as they see fit. Instead we have widespread censorship of medical opinions– and treatments– that differ from the authoritarian consensus, and we have an active campaign to demonize the unvaccinated and call them out as the source of the failure of the authoritarian policy to tame Covid-19.

  9. Love thy neighbor has no qualifications.
    It goes further…… love thy enemy.

    Pride is the root of all arguments.

    Pride is the main problem in VERMONT, pride is the simple idea that I’m right and you are wrong. Pride is the simple thought that I know more than others. Pride does not seek the truth, it seeks only to prove “I’m right!” So investigation usually stops as soon as one gets agreement with their argument.

    VERMONT is so prideful we put it on our license plates, “Vermont strong!”

    Their is no respect or fear of God, we are Godless. We reap what we sow.

    We could all use more Sunday school. If you don’t have peace, it demonstrates who rule your heart.

  10. A good motto is: Love, and serve others as you like to be served, and tell the truth

    Why is there no auto-fill of name and email, as on many other sites?

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