John Klar: Resurrecting Sunday school in Vermont? The quest to ‘church’ Vermont children

It is no secret that Vermont is one of the least-churched states in America, and generally proud of it. Today’s leftist extremism seeks to morph established religious freedoms such that “separation of church and state” means not a government tolerance, but elimination, of all religions (particularly Christianity) from all public spaces. Sunday schools in Christian churches are indeed growing under the realizations sown by COVID. But Sunday school for the new left-wing secular cult is alive and well — taught five days a week, all day long, in public schools.

John Klar

When Roe v Wade became the law of the land in 1973, public schools taught that “abortion is legal,” not (as now) “abortion is good.” The first statement (one of fact) has been displaced by a moral absolute, by the secular majority that holds as an absolute truth that morality is “relative” and that there is no absolute truth. This circuitous fallacy appears lost on Vermont’s public school system, which has launched a devilish inculcation of its bizarre and unscientific “New Morality” on very young children — without conferring with parents.

Similarly, gay marriage was made the law of the land, and now children are taught not that ‘gay marriage is legal’ but that ‘homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality.’ As if that didn’t sufficiently incur into the moral realm, Vermont schools are now saying gender itself is ‘fluid,’ that there are perhaps a hundred genders to choose from, and all children will be taught — five days a week, at whatever age, and whether or not parents approve — that they can ‘pick’ a gender that differs from their anatomical biology. More, that gender can change hourly, and everyone had better give them attention as they choose, moment by moment, how they feel genderifically.

There is no settled science on this shift — nor is there settled law. Transgenderism, drag queens, sexual awareness of ‘the biological primacy of the sexual act,’ instruction about various sexual practices — these are all the stuff of the novel, expressly moral, molding of children in Vermont schools now.

Let us not forget the instruction that all white people are racist (but no black people can be), and that today’s children must atone for the unproven (because it is patently false) “systemic racism” for which they and their parents have been condemned. History is being re-written: Vermont farmers pushed blacks off their lands using sharecropping laws, according to a statute introduced this year. Statistics are perverted to justify the new moral cause — anti-racism.

But this ‘social justice racism’ is just a new supremacy, and eugenics-like DNA determinant, packaged in fancy-sounding yet delusional jargon. In eliminating the Judeo-Christian creed of equality, personal responsibility, and the rule of law, social justice substitutes an endless tribal (racist) warfare that seeks endless retribution and punishment — not repentance and forgiveness. It is not logical: it rejects logic itself in favor of feelings.

This is the opposite of rationalism, and it is certainly not scientific. It is a cult, creating its sacred texts as it goes along, discarding them in favor of new power-enabling rationalizations when those serve to impose a new totalitarian religion, in grotesque violation of the United States Constitution it desires to eliminate.

Freedom of religion means one faith (including the Social Justice Cult) should not be imposed on others’ children using government structures (such as schools). Imagine the howls of fury in Vermont if MAGA flags (which affirm the Constitution and Judeo-Christian creed) were displayed at public schools, and on public buildings. Might the left argue that was partisan?

Children are not just being ‘taught’: they are being ‘activated’ for the militant (and patently unjust) work of anti-racist agitation and attacks on others. So much for “agree to disagree.” There can only be one creed, one media, one Party, one cult: that is visibly before us. This is indeed a watershed moment for our state and nation — but non-adherents to the new religion are not permitted to question its edicts.

In his book “Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice,” Scott David Allen describes what Vermonters witness unfolding in their schools:

Ideological social justice is a highly moral movement. Some have even described the movement as “puritanical.” It has a finely defined sense of right and wrong, and its followers relish the righteousness and moral purity the ideology affords them. What does this “morality” look like? It certainly doesn’t involve what historically were considered virtues – things like honesty, kindness, charity, patience, forgiveness, marital fidelity, modesty, or civility. No, it means one thing: overturning oppressive systems and liberating marginalized groups. (p. 118)

That our children are being oppressively enslaved and marginalized for whiteness is evident. I was raised liberal but have shifted through study to conservatism — but I would never want my children indoctrinated into a solely conservative worldview. More, this toxic cult hates the liberal values it seeks to destroy — tolerance, freedom of thought and expression, desegregation, Martin Luther King. This is not about liberals versus conservatives: this is about social justice warriors against everybody else.

Social Justice acolytes are willing to brainwash other people’s children, even using artificial intelligence, computer programs that create addiction or anxiety, and algorithms that will track social and emotional behaviors so selected children can be “reprogrammed.”

Says Scott David Allen:

The movement is also very aggressive in its efforts to impose its morality on others. It obsesses over maintaining a sense of moral purity, not only within its own ranks, but also imposing it on everyone else, not only through social media shaming and mobbing, but increasingly by leveraging private and public authorities to impose rules and regulations and to levy punishments on evildoers…. If you are part of the oppressor group, expect your transgressions to be highlighted. Even the slightest offense or “microaggression” will be “called out” and held against you. If you are a member of a victim group, your transgressions (and the victims of your transgressions) will be largely ignored. (pp. 118, 119)

The new cult is revealing its multiple hideous heads to Vermont parents, who have been compelled to finance this radical experimentation and “incultation” of their children. As parents ‘wake’ to what is already in place, they may reconsider enrolling their kids in this five-day-a-week Secular Sunday School.

One need not be a Christian to oppose this harmful cult — the tenets of CRT do not accord any better with those of Jews, Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus. It cannot coexist: like all religions, it insists that it’s path is the only way to a new perfect world. We can see that terrible world unfolding in street riots, assaults, cancelling, firing, discriminating — hating.

Five days a week.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “John Klar: Resurrecting Sunday school in Vermont? The quest to ‘church’ Vermont children

  1. Thank you, John. This website provides kids some online Sunday School stories and songs, but ideally it needs a setting where children can interact and ask questions about it. There is legal provision for 30 min. of release time for religious education in Vermont. could be a starting point for virtual learners.
    What if some legal minds helped pastors and Sunday school teachers trying to find a way to make use of this. What if teachers were to imbed lessons on Biblical understandings of respecting people through a lense that says whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things instead of their skin color.

  2. Very good article, John! I believe the Vermont Constitution states that children should be given classes in morality. This nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian values… which have been under attack for decades…and “anything goes” is the new, perverted abnormal. “Where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is liberty.” 2 Cor. 3:17 KJV Freedom and morality go hand in hand. I’m all for churching the children!

  3. I find it funny that the virus mostly kills the generation that remembers saying the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance before the start of every school day, the people who respected women and were taught that women had to be protected. After this generation is gone what will be left are generations of rude, crude secular vipers.

  4. Excellent article John. So much truth it actually hurts to read it and know it.
    Parents need to engage and redirect the taxpayer paid schools. Every week Vermont dips to a new low….CRT, Prop 5, legalizing prostitution, non citizen voting etc. All on top of the purposefully confusing messages from politicians about Covid.

  5. Is this out in paperback yet John ? Another extensive list of complaints about what we already know.
    The question is. What is to be done? I would guess that you will run for governor again. And lose again. You stay busy beating the same drum and singing the same old song to the same people. New ideas, a new beat and a new song to new people may help change the very things that need changing.

    • What is to be done is educate parents about just how far-reaching, and expanding, is the student indoctrination — the purpose of the article. You have funny guesses, and have no clue what I stay busy doing. 🙂 However, I do have new ideas that I believe will change things up for the better, and I hope you will give them a fair shake.

    • Rich,
      You’re just a snarky advocate for the kind of socialism that John is attempting to educate and warn of. Go back and crawl under your rock.

  6. In the local paper a few years ago the editor praised the youth for their openness about sexuality and how it would be great for the elders to follow suit.

    Had to chuckle.

    They have invented nothing new with their sexuality.
    Sex is extremely powerful, nothing new here.
    Children leading elderly, who were not many years before soiling themselves and helpless.

    See the 10 commandments are useful!

    They broke at least 3. Here!

    We all might learn something in Sunday school.

  7. The facts and opinion in this article are dead on correct. the premise of everything that CRT is based on is communism, as are its leaders.

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