Just the facts: List of people murdered in Vermont, and list of Vermonters killed by police

By Guy Page

Vermonters are grappling with emotionally-charged issues of policing and racial justice. Sometimes it helps to step back and examine the raw data.

In just over a year, how many Vermonters have died at the hands of police? Who were they? In a separate list, how many Vermonters have been murdered? Who were they, and how did they die? And — a sadly important consideration these days — what was the racial identity of both groups?

The murder victim data was compiled with the assistance of Adam Silverman, Public Information Officer of the Vermont State Police. The list of people dying at the hands of Vermont police was drawn primarily from a February, 2020 database prepared by VTDigger and Allen Gilbert, former director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont.

Links to photos and more information about the slain are included in this spreadsheet. Despite efforts to be thorough, oversights are always possible. Details of killings are as reported by police and media.

Vermonters murder victims since April 19, 2019

  1. 4/19/19, in Burlington, Benzel Hampton (black) was shot (according to police, media reports) in a drug-trafficking related dispute.
  2. 7/11/19 , in Hinesburg, David Auclair (white) was shot by stepson, an alleged marijuana dealer, who was prompted by the victim’s wife.
  3. 7/31/19, in an apartment on Pearl St. in St. Johnsbury, Neftaly Martinez (hispanic) of Connecticut was shot by unknown person(s) who fled and have not been apprehended.
  4. 10/8/19, in Salisbury, Nicholas Louras (white) was shot by cousin Chris Louras of Rutland.
  5. 11/1/19, in Rockingham, delivery truck driver Roberto Fonseca-Rivera (hispanic) was shot by person(s) unknown. The victim had a drug crime history and circumstances have led to speculation the killing may have been an act of revenge.
  6. 11/3/19 , in Winooski, Hannah Keyes (white) died of compression to the neck and chest. A “person of interest” to police was her fiance, who is presumed dead after jumping to his death into the Winooski River.
  7. 12/2/19, in Bristol, Candice Guilmette (white) was shot by husband, who was suffering from mental illness; he then killed himself.
  8. Shot on 3/24/19 in Burlington and dying 12-30-19, Khyann Jones (black) was shot by an acquaintance after commenting about his romantic life.
  9. 3/3/20, in Cambridge, Michael Haines (white) was shot by Philadelphia man in dispute over heroin.
  10. 3/14/20, in Bolton, Cameron Faling (white) had his throat slit by a girlfriend who later said he was abusive.
  11. 3/17/20, in Royalton, George Sun (white) was shot by his ex-girlfriend’s son.
  12. 4/26/20, in Burlington, Steven Martin (black) was shot after two men entered his home.One suspect has a violent criminal record.
  13. 5/4/20, in Newport, Kevin Atkins (white) was shot by father-in-law.
  14. 6/5/20, in Swanton, Kyle LaBelle (white) was shot by a Swanton man after LaBelle told him not to pet his dog.

Vermonters killed by police:

  1. 10/1/2019, in Rutland, Chris Louras (white) was shot by Rutland PD shortly after firing into a police station. He was the son of the former mayor and cousin of murder victim Nick Louras. He had known drug problems.
  2. 8/9/2019, in Montpelier, Mark Johnson (white) was shot by Montpelier police during a standoff in which he carried a pellet gun. He had mental health problems known to police.
  3. 5/11/2019, in Bethel, Jeremy Potwin (white) was shot by Vermont State Police after taking his pregnant girlfriend hostage with a firearm.
  4. 3/13/2019, in Burlington, Douglas Kilburn (white) died at the hospital after initiating a fistfight with a Burlington police officer.

In each of the four cases of Vermonters killed by police, investigations were conducted and police were cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

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7 thoughts on “Just the facts: List of people murdered in Vermont, and list of Vermonters killed by police

  1. Guy, if the old saying of “don’t bather me with facts, my mind’s made up” applies anywhere, it is certainly true here. This whole hysteria about police brutality in Vermont is misguided and totally WRONG!!! The agitators are doing nothing but trying to stir up trouble. Can’t help but wonder how many of them are true VERMONTERS!!!

  2. These statistics represent a simple truth. The police are color blind and rest rest o fvtge perpetrators aren’t particularly choosy. Wonder why the main stream press haven’tpicked on this. One simple reason the numbers don’t fit their narrative.

  3. It seems the dates on Chris Louras are mixed up as states he shot his cousin on Nov 8th then he came back in time to be a threat only to be shot and killed by police Nov 1st.
    Unless missed something,,?
    Our Police are human and protect the citizens although 1% of bad apples get power tripped’ in the process to ruin it for the many great officers! A “tweak in training” country wide should suffice along with other cops recognizing that bad apple plus able to report anonymously by saying something” to get rid of them quickly. Tough job and salute the 99% as can get tense like military.

    • Most people scan!
      You got the details!
      Nice observation.
      The police could use your skills.

  4. Ummm – maybe we need a police “brutality” march on Montpelier – White Lives Matter ?? Nah. Silly – Social Justice Warriors can’t be bothered with facts.

    • We need a WLM march around the country. Then we need to paint WLM in front of every State house. Do you think they would say we were racists? Probably, but at this point, I don’t care.

      My ninety year old aunt told me she always believed that everyone should be treated equally and she never had a racist bone in her body…until now. BLM is bringing out racism in people. How could it not when they are causing such destruction to our country. Them and Bernie Sander’s ANTIFA terrorists. You always have to watch the politician that is as quiet as a mouse when there is a major problem going on. The politician that is usually vocal. Pelosi has been a little mouse too. With this being an election year and their hatred for President Trump, the puzzle pieces fit perfectly.

  5. With all the hype about Police Shootings and the gaggle of fools protesting
    here in Vermont and the “Four ” killed by police….. is pretty dismal results.

    It’s all hype and talking points ” all police officers are bad ” pure BS, are there
    bad cops? Yes. are there are bad people? Yes.

    What I see from all these altercations with police, is ” No Respect ” for the men
    and women in blue…….who you going to call when there not around ?????

    I was taught to have respect for the police, even when wrong …. my take is if you’re
    running & fighting with the police, you’re running from something, maybe things
    like ” Outstanding ” warrants, Drugs, Illegal firearms be it if your white or black !!

    It sucks to be dead, try using your head !! and do the police need better training,
    probable ………….

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