LinkedIn bans geologist Greg Wrightstone for climate change posts: ‘This content is not allowed’

Greg Wrightstone, a geologist and expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has posted content on LinkedIn for years. It would often spark discussions and debates among his followers—and the occasional trolls.

That changed last month. Wrightstone, who serves as executive director of the CO2 Coalition, says he was banned from LinkedIn for posting factual information related to climate change. His appeal was denied, leaving him without a voice on a platform where he had cultivated a significant following.

Having been stripped of his ability to communicate on LinkedIn, he’s now speaking out and sharing his story publicly with The Daily Signal. Wrightstone warns others about social media censorship and the consequences of limiting discussion and debate. Listen to the full interview.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Public domain

5 thoughts on “LinkedIn bans geologist Greg Wrightstone for climate change posts: ‘This content is not allowed’

  1. Remember the Nazi’s? And the book burnings?

    If we can allow fiction books, the national inquirer, etc….science has had many failed things that could only have been proven wrong with open ness and the questioning that is part of the scientific theory. To become law it has to pass the questioning????

    Nazi’s burn books because they can’t stand the truth. Other “religions” don’t allow to be questioned fo the same reason. Vermont has adopted the “Vermont Strong” religion, which is exuberant pride fueled by power and money.

    Nazi’s burn books not Americans.
    Fascists’ burn books.
    Totalitarians burn books.

    The modern day equivalent is……burning them off the web. The reasons are the same. They want complete control. They want all your money. They want you to be their slave, because you don’t have to pay slaves…..”YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY” this is the mantra of the New World Order….this is the mantra of slave owners too!

    This is the same poverty trap that Vermont and many other states have been doing to minority communities, trap them in “affordable housing”, dead end jobs, crappy education, while they get rich off the poverty they put you in

    And on a lighter note….fun video to watch.

    It is not Democrat vs Republican, that is the shell game the trap they want you to believe, fighting your neighbor for no stupid reason.

    It is

    Americans vs. NWO
    Americans vs. Corporate Globalists
    Americans vs. The Uniparty
    Americans vs. a completely corrupt cabal in Washington and Montpelier.
    Americans vs. propaganda
    Americans vs. censorship
    Americans vs corruption
    Americans vs stealing
    Americans vs. socialists, communists….this is all the same.

    • p.s. socialism and the redistribution of money will not stop climate change……3.5 Trillion dollars are looking to leave your pockets and it’s not going to climate change…it’s going to make our country socialist, then suddenly there will be no need for climate change!

      Just like when Joe Biden was elected, they stopped talking about Covid deaths! huh.

      All the nurses and educators that are being told, take the jab or lose your job? You are known by those trying to subvert our country as useful idiots, please prove them wrong. This is what dictators do…..when they get power…..some people are no longer useful to them. Ask Yuri Bezmanov…what do they do after “normalization”?

      • FJB! FJB! FJB! FJB! Too funny, seems to be ringing out in the land of the free and home of the brave.

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