Sen. Lindsey Graham to launch investigation of McCabe, Rosenstein ‘bureaucratic coup’ against US president

By Chuck Ross

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham pledged Sunday to hold a hearing to determine whether top Justice Department and FBI official discussed a “bureaucratic coup” to remove President Donald Trump from office.

Graham said in an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he is willing to subpoena Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to answer questions about an alleged discussion to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

U.S. Department of Justice

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, left, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

McCabe claims that Rosenstein brought up the idea of using the Constitution to remove Trump during a meeting of FBI and Justice Department officials on May 16, 2017, around a week after Trump fired James Comey as FBI director.

The 25th Amendment allows a majority of cabinet members to remove a sitting president.

“We’re a democracy. People enforce the law — can’t take it into their own hands. And was this an attempted bureaucratic coup? I don’t know,” said Graham.

“So I promise your viewers the following: that we will have a hearing about who’s telling the truth, what actually happened,” the South Carolina Republican added, noting that McCabe was fired from the FBI for making false statements about leaks he authorized to the media.

McCabe is reportedly under grand jury investigation in the matter.

Rosenstein has denied McCabe’s claims, which McCabe lays out in a “60 Minutes” interview that airs Sunday night. The Justice Department has said through anonymous officials that Rosenstein was joking when he broached the idea of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. The Justice Department has also disputed another McCabe allegation: that Rosenstein offered to wear a wire during meetings with Trump. Rosenstein has said he was being sarcastic when he made that offer.

“I don’t know who’s telling the truth. I know Rosenstein vehemently denied it but we’re going to get to the bottom of it,” said Graham.

Roseinstein, who is expected to soon leave the Justice Department, has rebuffed Congress’ requests for him to testify about the allegations regarding Trump.

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4 thoughts on “Sen. Lindsey Graham to launch investigation of McCabe, Rosenstein ‘bureaucratic coup’ against US president

  1. McCabe, Rosenstein,Comey,Strzok,Page,Ohr&wife are the tip of the iceberg in the illegal use of American government entities. While the 7th floor of the FIB was busy, in conjunction with the Obola
    administration of trying to undermine a duly elected President while protecting a criminal wanna be pres. corrupted past, allowed the criminal kid cruz to do as he publicly stated “killing students”.

    This isn’t even the first such incident in recent times. Boston Bombers, yep they knew about them,
    mateen in orlando, yep they knew about him,omar pulse shooting, yep again, simpson draw moohamud, yep again, santiago fla airport,yeppers on him, hasan ft hood, yep again, and not last but I’m getting tired of typing but will do 2 more, pre 911 knew about many pisslamic wanna be pilots taining, and the Vegas shooter which has been pretty much blown over. DO WE NEED A NEW FBI?

    YES WE DO…

  2. The Swamp & Deep State are still pretty murky, we won’t live long enough to get to the
    bottom of either………………………Crooks in the Highest Order !!

    • I watched McCabe and his wife on 60 Minutes. I wouldn’t trust them any further than I can throw them. The FBI and Justice Department are rotten to the core.

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