Levine says most unvaccinated Vermonters still want the shot, national poll says otherwise

HOLDOUTS: About 20 percent of eligible Vermonters have chosen not to get COVID-19 shots, and a recent national poll suggests that most of them are unlikely to change their minds.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine says that Vermonters who have not taken their COVID-19 vaccines are largely still planning to. However, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll of unvaccinated Americans shows nearly three-quarters of them do not expect to get the shots.

“All of us have a part to play in reaching those who have yet to be vaccinated,” Levine said at a press conference Tuesday. “ … If you are a parent or a grandparent of someone who is not vaccinated … have a conversation with them. But don’t take your role as having to convince them — your role is to find out what is the reason that they remain unvaccinated and listen in an empathetic and non-judgmental way.”

Levine continued that the friend or family should try to find out what sources of information unvaccinated Vermonters are reading or listening to.

“See if they are relying on reliable sources of information. You can ask open-ended questions, and ask whether you can share what you consider to be more reliable sources of information with them. Or see if they’ve talked to a health care provider about concerns they’ve had,” he said.

state of Vermont

Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine

Levine said less than 5 percent of Vermonters are true skeptics about the COVID shots. That’s contrary to a new national poll that suggests most of the remaining unvaccinated Americans will likely remain so. Of the nearly 50 percent of Americans who have chosen to not get a COVID-19 shot, nearly three-quarters of them believe the shot is unnecessary given the risks.

“As health authorities sound the alarm on the dangers of the fast-spreading Delta COVID-19 variant, up to 73 percent of unvaccinated Americans said they believe the risk is being exaggerated, according to a new poll,” Newsweek’s Natalie Colarossi wrote.

Furthermore, 79 percent believe that the coronavirus overall poses little or no risk to their health.

COVID-associated deaths continue to be almost exclusively among the elderly, and those with multiple serious health complications.

Levine also cited the newly reported “Delta” variant of COVID-19 as the new culprit to monitor.

“And the majority of future cases in Vermont will be in groups of unvaccinated people,” Levine said. “So who are these Vermonters? We suspect from survey data, well under 5 percent of adults are truly vaccine resisters or vaccine skeptics.”

Levine suggested that most of them are still in the “wait and see” or “concerned to miss work” categories.

Department of Financial Regulation Commissioner Michael Pieciak, also speaking at the press conference, indicated that reported cases of the virus will go down for the rest of the summer.

“Taking a look at the most recent case forecast, we see that Vermont continues to follow the expected trend, and we continue to anticipate very low case counts into the month of August,” he said.

Megan Redshaw, writing for The Defender, summarized some of the latest data out of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System regarding reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines.

“VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 358,379 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 5,993 deaths and 29,871 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 11, 2021,” she wrote.

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10 thoughts on “Levine says most unvaccinated Vermonters still want the shot, national poll says otherwise

  1. Things I remember growing up in Vermont:
    Being told cigarettes were safe to smoke.
    Alcohol was fine if you were 16/18/21/18 yo.
    Measles and mumps sleepover parties.
    The Tuskeegee Experiment.
    The single gunman and birth of ‘conspiracy theory’ label.
    Poor white women should not breed.
    What happens at home, stays at home.
    No pain, no gain.
    Overcoming fear and risk to accomplish a higher goal.
    Live and let live.
    Not being sick much spanning 7 decades, now onto my 8th.

    • Who can forget, Spraying DDT in the suburbs with pedestrians present or the infamous “Love Canal”?

  2. Besides his taxpayer salary, I’m sure Levine is compensated greatly for being a corrupt bureaucrat taking large payments from big pharma and likely the CCP as well – the CCP was at the State House Feb 2019. The State is run by half-wits – but they know enough to steal every last nickel from your pocket and lie to your face every chance they get – evil rotten scoundrels

  3. Levine and Fauci (whose misdeeds are becoming increasingly known) are nearly indistinguishable. They ignore the data–such as nearly 7,000 VAERS-reported deaths–that doesn’t fit their narrative, and continue to push mass vaccination against a virus that poses a clear risk only to the frail elderly and other immuno-deficient people. They never discuss diet or Vitamin D or Ivermectin, all of which likely provide greater protection than an experimental gene therapy with zero long-term studies behind it.

    When cases skyrocket in the fall–blamed on a spooky “variant” for which the media is already priming the public–new lockdowns will follow. I have zero faith in our current “leaders” to actually lead us rationally out of what should be a manageable public health issue. They will more likely stumble blindly over the cliff, taking most of us with them, because they never cared or never dared to understand Covid-19 for what it actually is: a slightly-worse-than-flu virus that became a plague with the help of massive statistical manipulation and a 24/7 marketing campaign.

    • VAERS Wonder data system is down today…go figure. Can’t have those ‘sources’ contradict the medical technofascists.

  4. The question is, what do you consider a reliable source of information and why is he still pushing this narrative?

  5. I wonder if he has money invested in the pharmaceutical companies to lie about the truth.

  6. The worst plague today is technocracy, as represented by pencil-neck geeks like the health commissar.
    They went to school, were properly indoctrinated, and know they are so superior to the rest of us, that we can be fooled all the time. Some are true believers too, like the scare crow with a diploma to prove his intellimogence.
    These amoral psycho hypocrites practice little of what they preach, like that Ferguson guy in England, shagging his girlfriend when everybody else was in lockdown on his command, and likewise Levine’s sister/brother in Pennsylvania.
    Who elected them?
    Too many people are still fooled by the alleged edumacation of these freaks, and either believe them, or are afraid they might look stupid to dispute them. I think it’s wearing thin, though, and these tyrants might want to wear a kevlar turtleneck in public.

  7. In 2010 Harvard University was given $1 million from DHHS to study VAERS – was discovered less than 1% of injuries were being reported…when they asked CDC if they could create a more robust accurate reporting system they said no:
    Juxtapose that to the reports of families asking if or how vaccine events are reported they are met with radio silence or unhelpful responses. I think we can safely bet a**es the number is now lower than 1% reported as US numbers are dwarfed by the EU’s

    Perhaps “DR” Levine would care to comment on Micheal Yeadon – former VP of Pfizer and vaccine creator and vaccine entrepreneur also an MD, now warning the world that death will take place for Covid vaccinees w/in 2 years of first or second dose, and also the actual creator of the MRNA ‘vaccines’ Dr Robert Malone warning against it and having Wikipedia bio reportedly censored, er, ‘removed’ lol as well as YouTube account

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