Levine downplays heart disease accounts, says vaccine ‘extraordinarily safe’

By Guy Page

Vaccination and increased incidence of heart disease among young people are linked.

Compared to previous strains, the Omicron variant is both less deadly and more likely to be transmitted to, and by, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

With the Scott administration’s participation and approval, many Vermonters are being forced to choose between keeping their jobs and getting vaccinated against a less dangerous strain that breaks through vaccine protection with ease.

Guy Page

Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine

Forced job loss wreaks financial, mental and social havoc on individuals, families, the social safety net and the Vermont worker-starved economy.

With these four facts in mind, at the Dec. 28 press conference the Vermont Daily Chronicle took issue with Commissioner Mark Levine’s claim that “the time for thinking about [vaccination] is passed.”

We asked Gov. Scott:

“Commissioner Levine said of vaccination, ‘the time for thinking about it is passed.’ Some of my readers are thinking, ‘not so fast’ given some new developments. A 49 year old New York Times editor died on Dec. 18th of a heart attack, a day after he had a booster. Locally, a healthy vaccinated 19-year-old son of a friend of mine is now experiencing heart palpitations that he’s never had before. Also, experts are saying that Omicron is both less dangerous and more likely to result in breakthrough now.

“So my question is, if these developments are true and relevant, how is it still ethical to ‘incentivize’ Vermonters, to use a term you used a couple weeks ago, to vaccinate by taking away their livelihood?”

At Gov. Scott’s request, Commissioner Levine answered:

“I don’t know about these two cases you’ve mentioned. If they are related to the vaccine, it’s tragic. We certainly want to ascertain they were, but the reality is we now deal in hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine when we look at adverse effects and the data from millions, hundreds of millions of doses does not really support a policy that would say these are dangerous and shouldn’t be used. If anything it’s the complete opposite, that they’ve been extraordinarily safe for newly developed vaccines, and efficacious.

“I think your comment on Omicron was the fact that there will be more breakthrough cases, a term we don’t like to use, but you’re right and the reality is yes this is a more infectious variant, and even people who’ve been vaccinated can more easily get Omicron.

“But again that’s not what the vaccine was designed to do — prevent a case of Omicron. The vaccine was designed to prevent a case of Omicron from ever getting so serious that someone would end up in the hospital or God forbid die from it. And the data is backing that up throughout the pandemic with every variant strain that we’ve had.

“So again keep your eye on the right ball — the ball is vaccines are meant to prevent severe outcomes.  So just like you can get a cold from getting Omicron and most people who have been vaccinated who get ill get a cold or a mild flu-like illness, their lungs, which are the main place that this virus can do a lot of damage, are very protected. They’re not presenting to the same degree as others who are unvaccinated with shortness of breath, with the need to have x-rays for pneumonia, with ICU admission. So I do believe the data still supports the vaccine very well.”

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of Guy Page

17 thoughts on “Levine downplays heart disease accounts, says vaccine ‘extraordinarily safe’

  1. Reporters seem to be able to find better data than our leading health advisors…

    That’s because truth and science are consistent……


    Meanwhile Vermont lives in fear, kids are needlessly being forced to take experimental medicines…

    And where is our VTGOP? Praising how fiscally responsible they are going to be with the NWO kick backs……

    We need a massive cleansing, if you can’t see it……

  2. This is the same guy who says that “Racism is the greatest health crisis in Vermont.”

  3. Don’t see any VTGOP here either, do see some conxervatives in the commentary that would be great in the party. There are people carrying water for the New World Order, pictured, so are the Marxist pimps just going to rule the day without even a word from elected officials that say they uphold the constitution?

    Where is out VTGOP?

    What are they doing?

    I can guess their bank accounf.

  4. Saying the jab is safe when 20,000 deaths have been recorded on the Vare’s report
    which is a 10th of the actual number *determined by studies of previous vaccinations*. The real number would be 200,000 deaths by government collusion. Anyone promoting something KILLING 200K people as safe has no business being
    in charge of any government entity..
    Not only are there deaths but 100’s of thousands have disabilities caused by the
    jab, is that a safe consideration as well Levine? The money paid buy government Medicare/caid must be pretty good to risk so many lives to a lie that effecting millions of citizens, and to deny alternative meds that have been proven to work that are not controversial.. The swine flu vax was halted after 32 deaths….

  5. I am so impressed with the knowledge of the commenters! Thank goodness people are asking the right questions (thank you Guy) but get no proof back about what the govt claims! They only have talking points or fudged numbers. Dr. Malone’s 3 hour interview on Joe Rogan (JRE #1757) is very enlightening and now both of them are on GETTR and so are most of their followers. This is the only way to spread news, hear from other countries and get the real truth.
    Now the govt is pushing the ‘crazy spread’ of Omicron. More fear porn. The EUA for the jabs runs out in less than 2 weeks (Jan 15). They need to reissue that declaration, but you can bet it is for political reasons and not for their concern for our health! STOP the mandates and harmful jabs!

  6. The good Doctor has been crowing about the “vaccine” since November 2020. From a VT Digger article, May 18, 2021:
    “Levine said Vermont’s vaccine rate should help protect the state from the rise of variants. Maine recently reported its first case of B.1.617.2, a variant first uncovered in India.”

    “And if the virus does come into Vermont, even if it’s a variant, our high vaccination rates create a wall of immunity that stops it from spreading further,” Levine said.

    So, the good Doctor- along with Governor Scott, following the CDC talking points might just be painting Vermont and themselves into a corner. Levine’s statement above seemed accurate in May 2021, but now seems blatantly false in January 2022. Science, as I learned long ago is never “settled”.
    Apparently unless one likes the “science” settled on. As we are finding out, viruses do what viruses do and we are unable to control what viruses do. The cocksure idea that “vaccination” is the only way to handle this virus certainly isn’t working as planned. Natural Immunity is a non-starter, Why? Israel is beginning the fourth round of vaccines- expecting a different result? It is difficult not to correlate CDC policy with the profit motive for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Yet Scott and Levine continue the cry of “pandemic of the unvaccinated” despite seemingly obvious evidence otherwise. Levine’s words-
    “And if the virus does come into Vermont, even if it’s a variant, our high vaccination rates create a wall of immunity that stops it from spreading further” certainly proved inaccurate.
    It is apparent that the time is long past for Scott to abandon his platitudes and seek alternative courses of action. The “vaccine” is there and available for whomever wants it, but virtually no other treatment actions are available to Vermonters. Why? With no explanation forthcoming from the Scott Administration, we are left to speculate that the profit motive, coupled with obvious political corruption and financial incentives to states may well keep us mired in this false quagmire until different political leadership is chosen and assumes office- a full 12 months from now. How many lives will this cost, how low will the Vermont and national economy sink- simply because we assume “the science is settled?” How many will suffer through SARS-CoV-2 infections, following CDC guidance as their only source of information? We as individuals, are on our own. The grand government policies to “rescue” us from SARS-CoV-2 are not working, even when government doubles down on the failed policies.
    Should you be curious, there are easy ways to bolster your immune system, prior to infection- and perhaps even protect from infection. Just don’t look to a politician or bureaucrat for those answers. You’ll need to find the answers for yourself.
    As the truth comes out, don’t ask how we knew- ask yourself why you didn’t.

    • Let’s consider this. Maybe there’s an entity pushing all this, and this entity has de facto control over the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, the AMA, and most of the medical journals (and by extension, over the VT DOH.) They’re dead-set on one scenario: vaccines. From these vaccines they want the emergence of digital passports and eventually digital IDs and a whole new system of monitoring and managing the population, in an all-encompassing and efficient system aimed at what they consider to be the necessary greatest good for all stakeholders involved.

      At the mention of “stakeholders,” you might have gotten a clue about what I’m talking about: the WEF and the Great Reset folks. Because when these folks talk about “stakeholders” what they’re really talking about is the largest corporations on earth. They don’t mean you and me.

      The WEF is actually the world’s largest and richest lobbying and PR firm, with stakeholders who buy into their agenda spread all over the globe and into virtually every government on earth. What’s “build back better”? It’s the WEF motto for a new world reset after Covid (they hope) makes this reset necessary. Here’s an interesting little video that summarizes what the WEF is really up to behind the lofty (PR-provided) rhetoric: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOS21GL8ZPY&t=5s

      Is the WEF the entity that has de facto control over the CDC, FDA, WHO, and Fauci’s NIAID? Is Klaus Schwab, the director of the WEF, Dr. Fauci’s real boss? If the WEF aiming to get the US aligned with its own goals through a number of avenues that aim to break the hold that independent self-determination (“liberty”) has on our country? How does one explain Fauci’s (and actually, almost the entire medical community’s) complete disregard for safe and effective treatment for Covid-19 in the early stages that prevents the real killer: the later, inflammatory stage of Covid-19? Is this because the vaccines and the vaccine passports/digital IDs are the real end-game of Covid-19? After all, Schwab literally wrote the book: “Covid-19: The Great Reset.”

      • Check out” event 201″. This was likely all orchestrated long before any of us had heard of Covid-19

  7. Here’s the doctor who wrote CORONA FALSE ALARM, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (co-authored with Dr. Karina Reiss), in 2020, talking about the autopsies of those who died ‘with Covid-19’ sounding the alarm, once again, recorded in an interview, this past week, of RECENT autopsies – trigger warning because its shocking in its detail – but please… watch and pass on, and do not take the vaccine or the booster:


  8. Don’t know if readers can access this substack post (generally have to be a subscriber) but here it is: https://tinyurl.com/2u5jwtcu

    The gist of it is that an Indiana life insurance company says that deaths among 18-64 year olds are up 40% in 2021 versus pre-pandemic levels, and these aren’t Covid deaths. This is a huge anomaly.

    No one is looking for vaccine-related adverse events. We know this from numerous whistleblower reports. Not only are they not looking, but people who should be looking are in denial. This is understandable: everyone wants the pandemic to end and doctors and nurses don’t want to see that what they thought would be the answer is potentially causing more problems than it solves. So they simply pretend that what they’re seeing isn’t related to the vaccines. Nothing criminal about this; it’s human nature. Nevertheless, it’s fundamentally dishonest.

    We see the hypocrisy in all this when we’re told over and over that everyone is following the data, yet it’s blindingly clear that there are significant data that those who are supposedly “following the data” don’t want to see.

    Now we’re seeing an insurance company speak up. Something isn’t right. The many physicians and scientists, none of whom were previously “anti-vax” but who’ve been speaking up, may be right after all. These are, after all, completely experimental drugs and not one of them in use in the US is approved by the FDA. The Pfizer Cominarty is FDA approved, but we aren’t giving anyone the Pfizer Cominarty vaccine. Not even our children. How many Vermonters understand this?

    • And insurance companies are actually hand in hand with Big Pharma mafia writing policy — but perhaps they weren’t invited to that last Mafia meeting, as this is a departure from the script.

      Vermonters need to read up on the Nuremberg Code as NO VACCINE for COVID19 has been approved. And, there are no viruses – none has EVER been isolated. Experimenting in medical experiments on children is outlawed; and coercion and uninformed consent are verboten for medical procedures.

      Good on Guy for asking the questions – but I would be asking the real question:

      Do you have any credible data that proves the existence of even one virus?
      If Levine and Scott can’t come up with the data…they don’t know what they are talking about… and are weaponizing medicine against Vermonters.

      Mortality is rising, and now kids immune systems are being compromised FOR LIFE.

      And this is benevolent? The cure worse than the disease?



  9. I would like to suggest something. I have written the governor and got no response other than a thank you for writing to the office of the governor.
    Im not anti-vax, I do believe that vulnerable individuals should get any protection they can.
    Im not ant-natural immunity either, if you’ve had and survived covid the stats and newly released studies show that you are better protected and less likely to get reinfection than from the vax.
    With that said my suggestion is that shouldn’t people who have natural immunity be under the same status or actually a higher status as a vaxed person?

    How can we get a chance to ask questions to Levine or Scott as they only takes questions from the press?
    What studies has the state done on natural immunity?
    The cdc website even says natural immune people rarely get reinfection.

    Studies show as they have from the beginning a .02% reinfection rate for those who have had covid and recovered.

    I had covid back in march of 2020 and survived. I am not vaccinated. My wife is vaxed and got covid a few weeks ago. She quarantined at home and never got it. I was also in contact with the same person she got it from. This only confirmed what I have been reading about natural immunity.

  10. Re: “But again that’s not what the vaccine was designed to do — prevent a case of Omicron. The vaccine was designed to prevent a case of Omicron from ever getting so serious that someone would end up in the hospital or God forbid die from it. And the data is backing that up throughout the pandemic with every variant strain that we’ve had.”

    This continual ‘moving of the goal posts’ is disconcerting at best. At the very least, Dr. Levine’s memory is now in question. Does he not remember Dr. Jerome Adams’, the U.S. surgeon general in March 2020, and his “15 days to flatten the curve” rhetoric? And now preventing a case of Omicron is “…not what the vaccine was designed to do”?

    I’m not going to reiterate here the long list of changing positions and recommendations by Dr. Levine and the VT Dept. of Health. Suffice it to say, there are many. And the number of medical professionals who disagree with these assessments is significant, from those signing the Great Barrington Declaration, those on the World Council for Health, and various individual medical experts like Dr. Peter McCullough.

    I’m more concerned with our children at this point. For 20 months, from the beginning of the pandemic until November of 2021, the more than 100,000 Vermont children 18 years of age and under were not vaccinated. According to the VT DOH Dashboard, fewer than 10 were ever hospitalized with Covid over that time period – and none died. But starting in November 2021, a concerted effort to vaccinate these kids has been underway and, curiously, the VT DOH Dashboard has stopped reporting hospitalizations and deaths for this age group.

    I can only hope that the parents who have trusted the VT DOH’s recommendations haven’t been misled. Unfortunately, I’m less confident than ever that Dr. Levine, the VT DOH, and the CDC/NIH administrators they follow, are certain that these vaccines are safe and effective. How can anyone be confident when they change the definition of what ‘safe and effective’ means at every turn in the road.

  11. Why are non covid hospitalizations and deaths so high here and around the globe, primarily in heavily vaccinated areas? A lack in regular healthcare screenings? I think not.

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